Travel, Serve, and Learn in Mexico
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Travel, Serve, and Learn in Mexico

ISL’s Baja Mexico program is an on-going humanitarian project that takes place in Puerto Peñasco, situated along the beautiful Sea of Cortez. We work with global health agencies, local health ministries, and other NGOs to help provide health and medical services to communities in need. Baja Teams typically have the lowest program fees. You'll start by flying into Phoenix, AZ, and an ISL staff member will drive you and your fellow team members to the service site.

ISL Programs in Mexico:
- Global Health
- Dental
- Nursing
- Optometry
- Pharmacy
- Physical Therapy
- Veterinary
- Community Enrichment
- Ecology

In addition to program options, Mexico teams have many different recreations options to choose from, including horseback riding, parasailing, and kayaking.

ISL Baja Teams work hard and play hard. Join a team now!

  • ISL has over 20 years of experience providing volunteers opportunities in 12 different countries
  • Our programs are always coordinated by our in-country employees, who are locals and know the area and culture well
  • We work under the direction of the local government Ministries of Health, and students are only involved to the extent that these officials approve
  • We treat acute conditions only and maintain contact with, and in most cases, re-visit work sites again and again to ensure a lasting relationship
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Price includes a customized itinerary and pre-travel planning, airport pick up/drop off, lodging, ground transportation, 2 meals per day, 24/7 ISL staff accompaniment, local medical professionals, learning seminars and project supplies.

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Program Reviews (4)

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34 years old
Bethany, West Virginia
Bethany College

Great Educational and Rewarding Experience


In January, I took five students to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a Global Health Medical Service Learning Experience. This experience was educational and very rewarding for all that attended. While reviews of other programs (not ISL) said they spent more time vacationing than volunteering, this was not the case with ISL. While yes, we did have free time, the majority of our time was dedicated to service work as I had hoped for. The first two days, we spent learning how to take vital signs and learning the medical culture of Mexico. We spent three days walking the streets of Mexico performing in home visits, taking vitals and inviting people to our free clinic we held on the last two days. We also visited a phase one and phase two hospital, which was extremely educational, comparing the Mexico medical system to that of America. This was a great, eye-widening experience for all and I was very grateful to have this opportunity. The overall experience also helped remove fears and stereotypes of the Mexico society.

How can this program be improved?

Overall the experience was great. The only improvement would involve communication leading up to the trip. The information provided was vague and as a novice traveler, I did go in to the trip with many hesitancies. Once in Mexico, however, everything was great.

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53 years old
College Station, TX
Texas A&M University

PTAs in Mexico!


The whole experience was wonderful! It made us reach beyond ourselves and our comfort zone, to help those that were truly in need. In one of our home visits, we reached out to a lady who had suffered a fractured hand and was also dealing with the death of numerous family members and having to live by herself. She was very grateful for anything that we did . . . starting with praying with her and providing her a rosary. We interacted with her several times and she was so much happier by the time we left. What a wonderful gift and blessing it is to be able to make a difference in someone's life!

20 years old
Fort Collins, Colorado
University of California- Santa Barbara

An amazing learning experience


Going into my ISL trip, I was unsure what the experience was going to be like. I only really knew that I was going to Mexico with likeminded people to do medical work in the local community. Little did I know that, that was only the surface. What I found in the ISL experience was not only incredible hands on work, but also great immersion into the Mexican culture. The staff was wonderful and the accommodations were far beyond than my expectations. Everything about this opportunity was exceptional. If you want to do real hands on medical work and see the difference you can make in others' lives than this is the program for you. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you ISL!

How can this program be improved?

There could be more variety in where we worked

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59 years old
Sioux City, IA 51106
Morningside College

International Service Learning in the Baja


Our team of college nursing and pre-med students experienced a fabulous holistic healthcare and community service immersion! We had busy days working in the community by building gardens, painting schools, visiting a prison, playing soccer with the children, and attending church. Our healthcare work spanned community and home visits, a free neighborhood clinic, completing health assessments in the primary care clinic and providing patient care in the hospital. The leaders kept us highly engaged in serving the Baja population while improving our Spanish speaking and professional nursing skills. We had ample free time to enjoy the beach and do some tourist activities. We all returned to Iowa with a broader appreciation of diverse community needs.

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International Service Learning (ISL) is a volunteer organization offering global health, education, and community enrichment opportunities in twelve different countries. Our mission is to support cultural awareness, service-based learning, and sustainable development projects through experiential and responsible travel.

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