Meet the World - Volunteer in Morocco starting from 250€ for a month.

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people having their presentation
people having their presentation


“Meet the World” is a cultural and language exchange program through which you can work as a volunteer in Morocco. The volunteers will stay with their host families as language tutors helping them improve their language, meanwhile, the volunteers are expected to engage with the Moroccan society by working at local youth centers, orphanage, student centers as well as taking part in MasterPeace Morocco activities.

Giving conversational or spoken language lessons for four hours per day to the host family and doing social work allow our volunteers to have better understanding of the Moroccan lifestyle and their culture in addition to having free weekends that give you a chance to go around and see the diverse Moroccan cities and make local friends.

This is a unique opportunity to develop both professional and personal experiences since no teaching experience is required.

  • Cultural and language exchange
  • Voluntary work
  • Teach your language
  • Develop both your personal and professional skills
  • Explore the beauty of Moroccan cities

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