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Volunteering Solutions, in association with conservation organizations in New Zealand, has taken up the noble endeavor to save the flora & fauna of the beautiful islands. If you share an innate love for the endangered species and for Mother Nature in general, then the Conservation Program in New Zealand would be the perfect choice for you. It’s through these programs that you’ll get the opportunity to see the real wild nature of New Zealand’s environment, and by helping out with track cutting, pest control, and animal monitoring, you’ll make a lasting contribution to conserving these places and the creatures that live there for years to come. Some of the most popular sites include Long Gully Bush Reserve and Pigeon Bush Reserve.

Whether it’s tree planting in the winter, tree releasing in the spring and summer, or preparing the ground for planting during the autumn, you’ll have lots of fun and always find something new to learn during your volunteering journey in New Zealand.

  • Incredible opportunity to work with professional environmentalists.
  • Learn more about the flora & fauna of the country while volunteering.
  • Explore the amazing cities of New Zealand and their extravagant lifestyle, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua etc.
  • Spend adequate time amidst nature and add the much-needed freshness to your life.
  • Meet some amazing like-minded travelers from the different part of the world.


Make a difference to the environment.

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