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This includes the following :
- Accommodation.
- Day trips to refugee camps in Hebron and Bethlehem.
- City tours in the city of Hebron.
- 3 hours of Arabic classes a week.
- Daily Palestinian breakfast.
- Certificate of participation, and a recommendation letter.
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Feb 01, 2021
Feb 17, 2024
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About Program

Embark on a life-changing experience with our Teach English in Palestine program - not only will you have the opportunity to teach conversational English to Palestinian children and adults, but you'll also be fully immersed in Palestinian culture. Immerse yourself in history as you visit historical sites, live with a Palestinian host family, and interact with community members.

By participating in this program, you'll be making a positive impact on the Palestinian community, while also developing your own teaching skills. Choose the target group you want to work with - children, adults or community members - and help them learn how to navigate everyday situations, answer questions and master the most important words in a variety of subjects. Enrich your own life and the lives of others with Teach English in Palestine.

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Program Highlights

  • Teach conversational English to Palestinian children and adults, while studying Arabic.
  • Improve Palestinian English skills and learn about their culture with our one-on-one classes - make a difference today.
  • 3 hours of lessons per week, spread across three classes of 1.5 hours each. Learn from experienced instructors and immerse yourself in the Arabic language with ease.
  • Expand your horizons with our eye-opening day trips to refugee camps in Hebron and Bethlehem, as well as politically significant areas.
  • Experience Palestine like a local with our carefully curated accommodation options - stay with a welcoming host family or at our comfortable 8th-floor apartment.

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If you are unable to come to Palestine for any reason, but you still want to help Palestinians by teaching English online, then Teach English & Learn Arabic ONLINE is your suitable choice. It enables you to teach English online to Palestinian students individually and at the same time learn Arabic through one of our qualified teachers.

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  • Support 4.7
  • Fun 4.7
  • Facilities 4.7
  • Safety 4.7
  • Impact 4.9
  • Support 5
  • Fun 4.9
  • Value 4.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Palestinian Adventure: Beyond Expectations

I'm Linda, a 24-year-old from the USA, and I want to share my recent trip to Palestine, where things are tough due to the Gaza war. Before going, I had some ideas from what I saw on TV, but being there changed everything.

I joined the Teach English in Palestine program at Go Palestine for two weeks, and it was eye-opening. Despite the challenges, Palestine is a beautiful place with stunning landscapes and incredibly friendly people.

I taught English to young adults, and they were super eager to learn, even with everything going on. Ms. Manar and the staff at the Palestinian center were amazing, providing support during tough times.The center became a hub for making friends from around the world. It also connected me with locals trying to build an understanding of the ongoing conflict.

Learning Arabic during this time felt even more special, connecting me to the culture of Palestine. My teacher, Mohammad (Ostaz in Arabic), was excellent and assisted me in enhancing my Arabic skills.

I'm thankful for this trip, as it showed me a different side of Palestine beyond what I initially thought. This experience made me appreciate the strength and resilience of the people in Palestine.

I just hope for a future where there's peace and better times for everyone in the region. I'll definitely come back for a longer time.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Arrive with an open mind and heart, and make an effort to understand the Palestinian culture.
  • Gaining insight into the Palestinian situation
  • Great Staff & Volunteers
  • Indescribable teaching experience
  • Occupation
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go Palestine

The Go Palestine center truly stands out as a beacon of learning and cultural exchange in Khalil. Their dedication to providing volunteers with a well-rounded experience is commendable. The center facilitates meaningful interactions with knowledgeable locals, offering deep insights into the region's history and current dynamics. Their ability to connect volunteers with a range of perspectives, from local families to university chancellors, enriches the volunteer experience significantly. Moreover, the personal connections formed with the students at the center are incredibly rewarding. The center doesn't just offer volunteer opportunities; it fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Palestinian culture and resilience, making every moment spent there a valuable and enriching experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Incredible Experience in a Warm Community

Where do I begin. What an incredible two weeks spent in Hebron with the Go Palestine center. I arrived to Hebron late on a Friday night; much later than intended, as my sherut ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to Hebron was delayed. I was a bit concerned - as any traveler might be - about arriving so late at night, alone, in a place very foreign to me. How wrong I was about my reception and safety into Hebron. One of the program directors Mr Tammimi, was waiting for me with a warm hug and a strong welcome. He had waited 4 hours for me, with no real word on my whereabouts, as my phone was only functional when connected to wifi at the airport. He had faith that I would show up, and I was extremely grateful to have received such a warm welcome in the middle of the night. This moment would be reflective of the rest of my experience at the center, and in Hebron. The hospitality within this community is unrivaled. I have had the privilege to live and work in many countries on many continents, and I do believe the level of community care and brotherhood/sisterhood here is unmatched. Not only for foreign travelers, but also between everyday Palestinians.
I believe that for the first 3-4 days I paid for only one or two meals. It was impossible to pay for my own food. Everywhere I went, whether alone or with a local friend, someone was paying the bill before I could figure out how to ask for it. I was told I was not allowed to pay because I am "a guest". I had to actively invite friends out to meals later in my trip, to make sure I was reciprocating the generosity. I think this community norm, leads to great bond building between friends, neighbors, strangers even - gatherings over food, coffee, prayer, and conversation are a major priority. Strangers know strangers and the bonds of friendship represent those of shared blood. This energy is contagious, and spreads like wildfire. The warmth is inescapable.
Within the program specifically, I was elated to learn that the scheduling style and curriculum was strong, while being flexible. I was given my schedule at the start of each week; each day mapped out with great care. I knew where and when to be, and how long each lesson or class would be. I have taught at other schools in other countries and have found that these organizational opportunities are often overlooked, leaving teachers unorganized, stressed out, and unprepared for lessons. The structure was great - and also left room for last minute changes. The flexibility was of great importance to me - and should be for any traveler here. In a place like Hebron, you must expect and prepare for anything at any time. On my walk to and from the center everyday, I would without fail, be stopped by a local shop owner, student, or merchant, who wanted to shake my hand, welcome me to Palestine, and invite me to their home for lunch or dinner. These opportunities should never be passed up; therefore there were many times where I asked the program directors to re arrange my schedule in order for me to meet a new friend for lunch or dinner; or to take a last minute trip to another city etc. The flexibility is key for anyone interested in truly diving headfirst into the beautiful street life and culture of everyday Palestinians. The world is truly at your fingertips here. The program is supportive of your adventures and wants you to explore independently, while also providing a strong backbone; class schedules, great students, Arabic lessons, great sleeping accommodations, breakfast, tea, taxi services; tour guides upon request, and a network of kind Palestinians ready to help you learn, teach, write, photograph, and capture your experience.

Two weeks was incredible, but I wish I had more time here. Inshallah I will return!

What was your funniest moment?
One of my funniest memories in Hebron was an incredible lesson I had with two english students, while sitting around a table eating traditional Palestinian Maqluba. Most of my english lessons and conversation sessions were held in classrooms, but one day, as we were finishing a meal with a few other teachers, two of my students walked in early. We invited them to sit with us; and two hours flew by. Our english lesson was held at that table, as we just engaged in basic natural conversation between native and non native speakers - 6 people in total - working together to communicate with different levels of english and Arabic speaking. I wanted to challenge these students not only linguistically, but philosophically - so we asked a set of siblings - a brother and a sister - to each come up with a few questions they have always wanted to ask their sibling, but have never had the courage, or space to ask. I love getting deep with english conversation topics because when we tip toe into philosophy, religion, love, geopolitics etc; all of the concerns over grammar go out the window. It was safe to say both students asked and answered some incredible questions between each other - but i was pretty hilarious to watch them squirm at the thought of a “family therapy” style moment, in a foreign language, in front of 5 strangers. They knocked it out of the park.
  • Great flexibility with scheduling, freedom to make changes, travel, opt out when needed.
  • Great breakfast every morning, warm, fresh, filling, a great stat to the day.
  • Incredible staff; Manar, Mr Tammimmi, Mrs Tammimmi; all extremely kind, professional, prompt, and happy to serve the teachers and volunteers as if they were guests in a home. Thank You.
  • The only con was the war. I think my experience may be hard to compare with other teachers - because it seems there were fewer students participating in the program due to the war - but this was not a major problem. It also gave me more time to explore.
  • Two weeks is not enough.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time despite the situation

Hi, I'm Naurin. I helped volunteer here for a very short time in my eyes, because it really passed by so quick. But I loved every single bit. I was already here for a week in Palestine so I got to know Hebron very well before. But one thing about being here is that I was able to have amazing conversations with some of the younger people here who are going to school. It was really eye opening getting to know their day to day life and it was eye opening for these students to even know about my life and where I grew up, and for them to understand not only the American culture I came from, but also the Bangladeshi culture I came from. It was really amazing getting to know one-on-one with these students. I feel like I truly personally connected with them and I really hope to continue to keep in touch even when I have to leave here. Overall in general, despite the situation going on, the occupation, going through checkpoints and seeing soldiers with machine guns and tactical gear walking around, I really loved being here. I LOVE the sense of community here and I really rarely see that even in the US. I love how everyone helps everyone out no matter what. In terms of safety, as a foreigner, especially as a woman, I did feel very safe. I've walked around at night time by myself and it hasn't been a problem. I don't recommend it in general tbh lol, but just to show that indeed I did feel safe even when I was walking around myself. Truly great experience!

What was your funniest moment?
Trying to push a car up a hill because the roads were very steep.
  • Community
  • Friendly
  • Amazing food
  • Checkpoint
  • Soldiers with machine
  • Seeing the occupation in front of your eyes
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go Palestine!

I had a wonderful time in Palestine. The experience was amazing and the teachers are easy going and make sure you’re comfortable each step of the way.

The schedule is very easy work with. You get to the Centre for 10am and they provide you breakfast. Traditional Palestinian breakfast. Hummus with olive oil and zataar. Falafels are also provided. The English classes are helpful to the students as it gives them the opportunity to speak English. They may be uncomfortable at first but after the a few sessions, they become a lot more confident. When they get to know you, they even invite you over for dinner! As for the Arabic classes, the teachers are very friendly and polite and make it easy for you to learn the language. They go at a pace which you find comfortable. Any questions you have, they will answer.

Outside of the Centre, the people of the city are very kind and considerate. They invite you to talk with them as well as invite you to eat. They are also helpful with giving directions, asking questions as well as giving a history review of Hebron.

I say it is a must to come to Palestine and give the people the opportunity to learn. Everyone is fantastic and extremely considerate of you. You’ll definitely enjoy your time. I really want to come again and spend more time with families, making new friends as well as learning more about the culture.

  • The people
  • Arabic lessons
  • Making new friends
  • The english classes should be limited to an hour
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go Palestine - Teaching English

Coming here was somewhat scary yet exciting. My fear came from all I saw and read in the media which was a mistake. From my journey here to now, the entire process has been relaxing and made me feel at ease. I felt safer here than I did in my home city. I learnt a lot about the Palestinian culture and even learnt to make Maqlouba, Rawaq Alainab (stuffed grape leaves) and Koshray (Egyptian dish). I will not be able to get hummus from Tesco in London after tasting the hummus here. The hummus in Palestine is very smooth and creamy. I am surprised that I went my entire stay here with healthy food consisting, black olives, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, labneh, hummus and bread. Palestinians are kind and welcoming in nature and they have a heart of gold. I have not experience this level of hospitality anywhere else. Growing up as a Muslim, it is eye opening to witness locations on the holy land such as Masjid Al Aqsa and Ibrahimi Mosque. I am the only one in my entire family generation to visit Al Aqsa mosque and I feel privilege to be able to do so. It is the third holiest site in Islam. The experience has reaffirmed me in my beliefs. This experience has changed me as a person. I am never going to be the same person again. I have become more empathetic and open minded and understanding towards Palestine, the cultural differences and its' people.

  • Feeling safe welcomed. People are very nice and kind and always welcome you with a drink and a treat. I felt safer here than i did in my home city.
  • Food. It is rich in flavour, you willnot missed food from your home country.
  • No day is the same. You learn new things everyday.
  • Not being able to use google maps as much for directions.
  • Public transport is via word of mouth i.e. using Sherut.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience Like No Other

I volunteered to teach English at the Go Palestine centre for a month from December 2022 to January 2023, and my experience was overwhelmingly positive.

My time at the centre was spent teaching English twice a day, with each class about 90 minutes long, and taking Arabic classes twice a week. Fridays and Saturdays are the weekend, and there is always something to do, whether it's visiting a different Palestinian city, or a social engagement with someone in Hebron, who will be very happy to show you around.

On Mondays, the centre will travel to a location of historical or political importance in or near Hebron. These were often refugee camps or Hebron's famous old city. These visits will show you the uniqueness of Palestine's situation, and allow Palestinians to tell their stories.

The Palestinians I met were all extremely friendly, and very happy to invite me over for dinner, go bowling, show me the old city, or any number of activities. I was worried that Palestine would be too traditional for me, but this was not the case. Everyone I met was accommodating towards our cultural differences, including on matters of religion.

importantly, my experience of Hebron was also completely safe. I never once felt in any danger, contrary to what I had heard prior to my visit.

I would absolutely recommend people interested in the program to take part, and see Palestine for yourself!

  • Visiting sites of historical and political importance
  • Hebron has very good food
  • Seeing a contemporary political issue firsthand
  • Hebron is not a "touristy" city
  • Public transport is inconsistent
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Yes, I recommend this program

An indescribable experience in Hebron that I didn't expect

I really don't know from where to begin. I spent the most wonderful month in Palestine and it was the best experience of all. My name is Ashley from Britain. I came to Palestine to participate in the teaching in Palestine Program, where I was able to teach many Palestinians of all ages, as I taught school students and university students. My students were very friendly and very eager to learn :))

One of the best thing I had there was staying with a lovely Palestinian family, I felt home with them and learned a lot about the culture and their daily life as Palestinians. It was defenitly an eye opening for me as I found everything here different from what we usually see in the media. Palestine is completely safe, and I never once felt unsafe.

The center also organised day trips to refugees camps in Hebron and Bethlehem, where I had the chance to know about refugees' living conditions and listened to many stories. I also had the opportunity to learn the Arabic language with my amazing teacher Mohammad, who has a distinctive and wonderful style, and I really improved my Arabic. "Momtaz" was my favourt word btw as my teacher used to say it to me every time I say or write something correctly.

My volunteer journey was an amazing experience that will remain in my memory forever thanks to all the people at Go Palestine who helped me and was there when I needed them. I highly recommend traveling to Palestine and joining the Go Palestine's fabulous programs. Don't think twice :)

  • Eye-opening experiance
  • Learn Palestinian Arabic (Lahga Falastiniyaa)
  • Learn about the culture of Palestinians
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