Film-maker Internships - South Africa 2014
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Film-maker Internships - South Africa 2014

By reinvented volunteer tourism and combining it with exciting internships, The EXPEDITION Project will be taking you on a road trip like no other.

Static and mobile projects offer volunteers and interns access to a far greater scope of projects and a large variety of cultures and landscapes. It contributes to the sustainability of the organisation through the funds it generates, but it also contributes valuable skills to the team.

Volunteers and interns are directly involved in project assessments and practical project support and assist with expedition research, which is a significant aspect of the organisation’s work.

Most important to the project - we are in search of trained/qualified/experienced interns who will assist with the creation and publication of visual and print media material that gives all project participants and partners excellent exposure and networking opportunities. If you have an exciting and fresh style, this is for you.

Ordinary need not apply!

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We appeal to the very nature of volunteerism and therefore our internships are free*, provided you can offer your expertise and services to the project. Comfortable shared accommodation (B&B’s, guest houses, hotels, lodge, tented camps and camping), certain some meals, project transport, airport transfers* and project co-ordination will be provided. Certain activities and reserve entrances will also be covered.
Insurance cover and air travel as well as certain accommodation and meals are not included.
* In return for a place on our team all material created will become property of The EXPEDITION Project.

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24 years old
South Africa

down to earth


My time with The Expedition Project - although brief was amazing. Down to earth people, we spent time in a local village meeting and eating with the locals. Roger and Maddy were friendly, and great to chat to. Knowledgeable on sustainable development in SA as well as interested in how the country has, is and was changing. To spend time with people who appreciate outdoors and nature, to enjoy the evening together around the fire, to visit a local village school and plant trees. Our time together was memorable and something I highly recommend!

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24 years old
London, UK
University of Birmingham

3 months on The EXPEDITION Project 2012


It has been 3 months of volunteering with The EXPEDITION Project and in that time i have visited 4 South African provinces (states) and stayed over in 48 towns. Anyone reading this may think "what is the point in visiting so many towns over such a short period of time, there is no way you can make an impact in that time" and you would not be wrong in thinking that, however The EXPEDITION Project's 2012 agenda is to identify projects throughout South Africa in order to develop working partnerships with them for the years to come. While doing this identification process i have had the ability to see loads of places and meet so many people. This way it has given me a broader perspective on the country and its issues. Working on The EXPEDITION Project this was gives you a chance to see exactly what type of project you can spend longer periods of time with in the future.

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The EXPEDITION Project connects inspiring, sustainable projects with each other and with the resources they need, and it shares their stories with the world.