Lofdal Volunteer Projects Cape Town, South Africa
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Lofdal Volunteer Projects Cape Town, South Africa

Nestled in the mountain slopes of the fairest cape you will find Kraaifontein. Kraaifontein is one of the Northern suburbs of Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa. The name of the Care Point which accommodates most of the projects is better known as Lofdal Park.

Since 1994 we have seen this community expand, from a mere 85.000 people to more than 200.000 people, most of them relocated from provinces and foreign countries in search of a better future.

Many of them were not successful in this quest and had to settle for a minimum wage, day to day employment and low cost housing. Due to insufficient income, because of an unemployment rate of 45% in South Africa, issues like poverty, child neglect and alcohol abuse are the order of the day. Great numbers of people staying in vicinity of Lofdal are treated for TB and HIV/Aids related illnesses. The successes of these treatments are often delayed due to malnutrition or the lack of food.

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Costs will cover the following:
• Personal collection upon arrival from the airport
• Transport to and from the projects from the accommodation
• Accommodation: Dormitory style room sleeps 4
• Breakfast
• Guidance and supervision during your stay

• 1 week R 3000
• 2 weeks R 5000
• 3 weeks R 6800
• 4 weeks R 8000
• All extra weeks will be charged R 1500 per week.

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24 years old
University of Dundee



I really enjoyed my time at Lofdal centre, despite becoming rather ill on the projects as it was winter.
I was not informed that during my visit to Lofdal, I would be the only volunteer, meaning after 4pm the only thing I was able to do was sit in my room and read my book, having no other form of entertainment with me!

How can this program be improved?

I found there was a language barrier as everyone was used to speaking Afrikaans all the time, I found that I was never really part of the conversation.

Response from Khaya Volunteer

We are sorry to hear that you felt lonely, unfortunately we at Khaya can not guarantee that there are other volunteers present at the project at any time, but we do try our best to inform you before hand on what to expect.

Language barriers are always a challenge, but also a realistic part of working in another country.

We will use you feedback to improve our services, thanks you

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42 years old
Charlotte NC

True Authentic experience


What an amazing experience! I was scared, nervous, and excited about my trip to South Africa. This experience allowed me to truly experience the authentic life of South Africa. In just two short weeks, I was able to capture all the cultures of the land. Diversity at its best. I helped in the day-to-day activities in the community. It was great as every day was different and I was able to truly feel as though I was making a difference in their lives as I was working to understand more about them, a true give/take relationship. Thank you so much for what you gave me and I hope I was able to give back in return.

About The Provider


Khaya offers unique and affordable volunteer projects in South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania working directly with local partners and projects. Khaya is proud to have a clear focus on ethical and responsible volunteering and works closely with the projects they run or set up themselves.