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Helping those who don’t have a voice and contributing to the protection and conservation of domesticated as well as wild animals – this is what you can do as an animal welfare volunteer!

Volunteering with animals gives you the chance to work with a lot of different species, becoming involved in manifold areas. Taking care of dogs, cats or horses, researching whale sharks or wolves and conserving turtles, elephants and other wildlife – amidst incomparable natural landscapes you can experience fascinating creatures from up close and gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Join our committed animal welfare projects to help and protect animals that suffer from exploitation, neglect or illness. Participating in an animal welfare project is a once-in a-lifetime-experience from which you surely will benefit for the rest of your life. Realizing the animals are starting to regain confidence and strength is an unbelievable feeling! Volunteer with animals and experience a rewarding time abroad!

  • Make an active contribution to the well-being of those who don’t have a voice.
  • Work together with different animal species.
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Get to know impressive places.
  • Give and get – experience a rewarding, life-enhancing time abroad.

Natucate Conservation Scholarship 2020

You want to become active in conservation work abroad and broaden your hands-on conservation know-how? You would like to volunteer and would benefit greatly from financial assistance? Then apply for a Natucate Conservation Scholarship! This way you can expand your academic knowledge and receive fundings for your educational volunteer experience! Natucate awards three 500 US$ scholarships each year. Learn more about our 2020 scholarship options

Popular Programs

Whale shark swimming close to a research boat in the Maldives

This project gives you the opportunity to make a contribution to species conservation work as a voluntary helper and devote yourself to vulnerable whale sharks in the Maldives. You will get a unique insight into the natural paradise of the Maldives as part of a team of international volunteers and are bound to have an unforgettable experience. Take this opportunity to contribute to this special project in one of the most outstanding places on earth. Learn more

Wolf on the grounds of the rescue center in Portugal

Travel to magnificent Portugal and actively contribute to preserving the rare Iberian wolf as a volunteer! Based on the grounds of a wolf sanctuary near Lisbon, you and your international volunteer team assist with forest maintenance on the sanctuary grounds, feeding the wolves, performing monitoring activities and maintaining the shelter’s infrastructure. Learn more about your volunteer adventure in southwest Europe.

Cat in the animal rescue centre on Ko Lanta, Thailand

This project unfolds its work on the island of Ko Lanta: As a volunteer in an animal shelter, you will help take care of street dogs and cats which are desperately in need of a new home. You will assist in the daily care, health checks and maintenance work. Another important task: spending time with the animals, playing with them and taking them out for a walk. Travel to beautiful Ko Lanta and experience a rewarding time as an animal welfare volunteer! Learn more

Lemur in the animal rescue project in Florida

Take part this animal welfare project as a volunteer and help wild animals in need. Throughout your time as a volunteer you will help take care of wild animals that have been freed from abusive situations. By cleaning and maintaining their enclosures, feeding them and assisting in veterinary care, you will give them a loving new home. At the same time, you get the chance to discover beautiful Florida from up close.

Volunteer and mustang on the horse rescue ranch in Florida

Become involved in animal welfare in the USA and help protect mustangs in need on a horse ranch in Florida. The animals have been freed from abusive situations and are now taken care of at a horse rescue centre near Orlando. As a volunteer, you will help the dedicated team on site with daily tasks – from feeding the horses to cleaning their stables. Furthermore, you might be given the chance to explore the surrounding region on horseback, an unforgettable experience!

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