Volunteer in Taiwan

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Volunteer Programs in Taiwan

Volunteer in Taiwan


The island nation of Taiwan, part of the Republic of China, has many great opportunities for foreign volunteers. With a diversity of landscapes and a mix of ancient and modern cultures throughout the country, there are many different types of available volunteer projects. Whether you’re interested in exploring the capital city of Taipei or volunteering in a rural area, there’s plenty of work for volunteers in Taiwan.

Project Types

Teach English

While Asia is one of the best people for those looking to teach English abroad, Taiwan itself is known for its teaching positions for foreigners. No experience is required to teach English, just an open-minded attitude! Learning English is especially important in Asia, a place where the global economy is ever-present. Any Taiwanese citizen who knows English is sure to have a brighter future.

Community Development

Although Taiwan isn’t necessarily a poor country compared to others, it’s one of the most densely populated places where there is a large gap between the rich and the poor. Volunteers are needed to help improve the lives of the rural and underprivileged Taiwanese population. Lend a hand in any type of community development project from cultural understanding work, arts, and community support.

Planning Your Trip

Best Places to Volunteer

Experience the heart of Taiwan in the capital city of Taipei. The numerous temples and museums here offer great opportunities for volunteers to get involved in restoration, historical and cultural education, and more.

NGOs in Taiwan

There are many local grassroots organizations to volunteer with directly for the more experienced travelers. From well-known groups like WWOOF and the Make a Wish Foundation to smaller local ones that work with women’s empowerment and supporting democracy, there’s sure to be worthwhile NGOs in every industry. Check out WANGO for a full list of NGOs in Taiwan.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Taiwan:

There is little crime in Taiwan and tourists don’t have much to worry about besides common theft. Being careful on the road is much more important for travelers. Taiwanese drivers are known for being rude and reckless.

Natural disasters and wildlife are other safety issues to be aware of. MD Travel Health recommends some common vaccinations like typhoid, hepatitis, and yellow fever. Packing basic diarrhetic and stomach medicines are also recommended.

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