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Nov 15, 2019
Sep 09, 2013
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Not far from the beautiful coast of Tanzania you will find the magical island of Zanzibar, where time seems to have stand still and people still live traditional lives. Zanzibar has been the entrance of eastern Africa for centuries and it was here that most slaves were sold and Indian, Chinese and Arabic merchants would arrive to trade their fares and buy spices, ivory and slaves. The history of Zanzibar has created a unique mixture of Indian, African and Arabic influences which can be seem in its people, food, culture and building styles.

Stone Town is a labyrinth of alleys and walkways and takes you back to centuries gone. Stone Town and the surrounding villages offer volunteers the unique opportunity to enjoy the white beaches, clear blue water, coconut palm trees and the unique Zanzibar culture and food. The island is a popular backpacker’s destination and has a variety of small beach villages within 30 minutes travel to enjoy long weekends under the palmtrees.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Disorganised and poor value

the volunteer experience was misrepresented a the "family experience" was not what was promised (ie 9 volunteers in a home is a hostel experience not a family one).
The food provided was very poor usually stale bread and jam for 2 meals of the day. very basic with little variety or fresh fruit and vegetables for the other meal.
The security of belongings was poor with very little support and recourse when money was stolen from volunteers by house staff.
The support for activities outside of volunteering was poor and expensive (compared with what was available by organising things yourself).
The experience of being a volunteer teacher was more like child minding so that the teachers could have time out. to put a volunteer in charge of a class of 50 children whose english skills are very low with no language support is beyond disorganised.

generally I paid a lot of money with the positive intention of giving something to the country rather than just taking in a touristic fashion. I was very disapointed and would welcome the chance to give my feed back and suggestions to you in another form.

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Response from Khaya Volunteer

We regret to read this review and get such poor feedback on this project. We take this very seriously and will take action to improve our services if needed.
Our coordinator on Zanzibar has been innformed and was shocked to hear this feedback and has taken steps by changing the staff and new accommodationn for the volunteers.
As with every organization things can go wrong and it is all about what you do to change this if this go wrong. Unfortunately we only received this feedback long after this volunteer left and could not make any changes during her stay.
Luckily we have many very positive experiences and we will use this feedback to grow further and make changes for the better to keep all volunteers happy for the very affordable (compare and find any cheaper program on Zanzibar if you can) rates we offer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best time ever

I've been in Zanzibar last year and 8 had the best time ever. I made great friends with the locals and other volunteers of this program and it motivated me to keep doing this kind of work. The faces of the children make it possible to do this work for a longer time. You won't even miss your own home, this will be your new home.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It is an awesome experience

So i woke up in the morning and prepared myself for school. I often translated some vocabularies in suaheli. Sometimes i just spent time with my hostfamily. We went with the public transport to school called dala dala. It is wondrous how many people can take place in it. At school i was teaching and in the breaks spending time with the teachers and the students. After school me and Celine often went to Stonetown to buy some stuff or we just went to the beach to relax.When we arrived home we played some games with our hostchildren. It was really amazing to spend time with the children, they make you so happy.
Our hostfather Philemoni always kept us on the hop. Every weekend he planed an excursions for us. With a boot we went to Prison Island to see the famous Zanzibar Turtles and the beautiful beach. We drove to Kizimkazi to swim with dolphins and two times we were snorkling. Zanzibar is very famous for its spices so we also made a spice tour. Furthermore we went to a very beautiful beach called Nungwi in north of Zanzibar. We often visited a famous Music Band in Zanzibar called Coconut Band. They had their perfomances in different bars and hotels and they sang very nice multicultural songs.
There are alot of things we did like going to nightmarket or Stonetown with our hostfamily. I never got bored because there was always something to do and to explore.

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Unfortunately we do not have opportunities for in country volunteers. We cater for international visitors who need accommodation, transport etc so if you live in the country you are much better off contacting organizations directly Good luck!