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Hopeland Volunteer Program

By Hopeland Volunteers   Reviews (1)   100% Rating

Our volunteer program is centered around providing hope to the women and children we serve in Uganda. We partner with YOFAFO (Youth Focus Africa Foundation), a non profit organization that operates three schools and a micro-finance program in Southern Uganda. When you travel to Uganda with Hopeland Volunteers, you can serve the people there using your unique talents. YOFAFO places volunteers as teachers, social workers, builders, social media interns, health workers, business interns, and basically any other title you can think of! Whatever gifts and talents you have to offer, YOFAFO needs them! You will work with Hopeland Volunteers staff to decide what area you would like to focus on, and we will coordinate with YOFAFO to place you in the perfect role within their organization. Maybe you will spend all day surrounded by students, or out at the various projects taking photos. Possibilities for volunteers are endless. Contact us today and we can to turn your passion into hope in Uganda

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Program fee includes your living quarters, food, transportation to your project, and whichever recreational package you choose. Program fee does not include airfare.
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26 years old
Charlotte, NC
Appalachian State University

Hopeland Teaching Experience

Overall 10

I traveled to Uganda to teach at a YOFAFO school (Hopeland Primary School) in 2013. I stayed in the volunteer quarters in Lugazi, with Valence (founder of YOFAFO) and his family staying at their home right beside us. I traveled alone, but met two other volunteers and we quickly bonded and spent weekends traveling together and some evenings walking to the market to eat local snacks like rolexes. Valence coordinated my time at Hopeland Primary School, and we decided that I would work there Monday- Thursday and have Friday as a day for testing or traveling. I taught students in primary 5-7 (equivalent to 6th-8th grade in the US). My experience with the students was one of the most memorable of my life. I brought my laptop, and for most students it was their first time touching a computer. We studied, learned new material, talked, made music videos, sang under the trees outside the school, played soccer in the cow pasture; it was like a wonderful dream. At risk of sounding cliche, I left Uganda as a very different person - more full of life and appreciative of every experience I am offered. I was able to bring so much to my classroom in America and I feel like a different, and better teacher. I returned to stay with Valence with my husband after we were married, and after three years the students called my name when I came back to their classrooms - it was so emotional and I carry their faces in my memory always!

How can this program be improved?
I think it would be great if a safari or other recreational activity was included or linked to the program, and I hear they are working on that!
Hopeland Teaching Experience

About The Provider

We are a volunteer organization based in Uganda, focused on providing hope to women and children. We welcome volunteers of all ages and walks of life to use their unique talents to bring hope to those who need it! We partner with a nonprofit organization in Lugazi, Uganda that operates three schools and a micro-finance program. With the help of volunteers we have endless opportunities to expand our programs D and reach more lives. Whatever your passion - education, business, music, banking, healthcare, construction, social work, social media, leadership, art - Hopeland Volunteers NEEDS you to continue our mission to fill Uganda with hope!

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