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Programme cost includes accommodation, meals, return transfers from Harare and activities while on Imire. Excursions, drinks, travel insurance and flights are extra.
Apr 29, 2019
Apr 06, 2018
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Contribute to a long term, sustainable conservation programme focusing on the ongoing protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife, especially the black rhino. Volunteers will be involved with a variety of conservation projects including; working with our black rhinos and elephants, studying and learning about their behaviour; assisting in the daily activities required to run a game park and undertaking anti-poaching patrols to ensure the continued safety of the animals.

This is a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at life on a 10,000 acre privately owned game reserve, experiencing all its challenges and joys, and live amongst African animals in the heart of the Zimbabwe bush. We have four of Africa’s Big 5 game - lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalos and a huge range of plains game including sable, kudu, waterbuck, wildebeest, crocodile, hippo, giraffes and zebra. With 150 species of bird plus numerous snakes and lizards, Imire is truly an animal-lovers paradise.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Imire is Magical

Imire is absolutely, unequivocally magical. I participated in the volunteer program for 3 weeks and it was a life-changing experience. Whether working with the community (and especially the local schools), interacting with the animals or just contributing to this amazing conservation project, the work is so rewarding and presents an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself, the world around you, and most importantly, what unites all people. You work hard, you play hard, and you make memories that will last a lifetime. I've visited over 40 countries in my life and this is one of the most special places on earth. Imire is incredible beyond words.

What would you improve about this program?
If you're headed down there, some supplies are hard to get in Zimbabwe. The school always needs new laptops and educational material, while the volunteer lodge could use some board games, a few badminton rackets, and a kitchen knife sharpener. I'm sure everyone would really appreciate you bringing a few things down! :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Imire is my favorite experience out of 35+ countries

The volunteer program at Imire has been my favorite experience out of the 35+ countries I have traveled. Better than any safari. Every morning on my walk, I was accompanied by either African elephants or Black rhinos. I got to feed them, pet them, care for them, and bathe the elephants in the lake. The volunteer house was beyond expectations and is located right on the lake with beautiful views, good food, and an accommodating staff. At night you can hear Mumbo the lion roar.

What would you improve about this program?
I would not have changed a thing. It is a good program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly a bit of heaven...

Going to Imire was a life altering experience. It is breathtakingly beautiful and manned by generous and extraordinary people who lovingly watch over and provide for the animals in their care. Being with the wise and gentle elephants and the naughty and treat-loving rhinos is beyond amazing and such a privilege.

If there is anyplace in the world where hope for the future lives, that place is Imire!

When I started travelling in Africa I told myself I would never go back to the same place twice. I was at Imire in Oct. 2014 and I'm going back in Aug. 2016. How could I not return to that little bit of heaven on earth?

What would you improve about this program?
There was not one moment of one day that I would change.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Imire Volunteer Program

I loved this program. Spending time with local people, working and being with the elephants and Rhinos was amazing. The program is sort of a cross between a resort and a volunteer experience: Rooms are dorm style but there's a pool, delicious meals and laundry service. They limit the group to 10 people so you get a lot of hands on contact. There is some hard work (eg cutting trees with machetes) but not more than 1-2 hours a day. One of the ways that the program really serves the community is by providing jobs for 15 or so local families.

What would you improve about this program?
The time spent at the local school could have been organized better. But overall the program was great including the school visits.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Imire

What an amazing holiday, We did something different everyday, from horse riding in the early morning sun to walking with the rhino. from riding magnificent elephant to watching local cattle being dipped.
Then there was the time we spent at the schools, an unforgettable experience. the children were inspirational and showed their pleasure in seeing us by singing to us and giving us wonderful hugs and smiles.
3 or 4 of us had taken an extra suitcase each of toys, pencils, paper and clothing which we distributed amongst the younger children, they were so thrilled, not a dry eye in the house......
our farmhouse style accommodation was basic but more than adequate, we spent most of our waking moments outside anyway.
The solar heated outdoor showers were just the best! and a pool to splash around in at the end of the day was perfect.
Meals were cooked for us, again basic but very tasty and more than enough to eat. We even had a local lady come to the house to show us how to cook Shona style, roasted peanuts a speciality.
On a less positive note, please remember there are bugs and creepy crawlies in Africa. one of our team got very upset about this, but although not fan of them,I just forgot about them and didn't let them bother me. The whole experience was too much fun to let bugs bother me. My best holiday ever......

What would you improve about this program?
The beds and chairs could be comfier, but I honestly cant think of anything else I would want to change .
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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible Moments at Imire

I am Zimbabwean and this was an incredible experience for me who lives there. Everything from the hot tea and walking with rhinos in the early misty mornings to viewing the sunset from balancing rocks and enjoying a couple of cold ones. The days are filled with incredible experiences. We visited the local school to help create awareness that wildlife needs to be protected and can be a source of income instead of them turning to poaching as they grow older. We went on long bush walks with the elephants and learnt about the animals on the reserve. The elephant and rhino handlers are very knowledgeable and are such happy and wonderful people it was sad for us to say goodbye. Home-cooked meals were made even better after a busy day, and the outside-shower view of the dam was priceless. I could only afford one week but would have loved to stay longer.

What would you improve about this program?
I honestly cannot find anything I would change. I truly loved every part of this program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to do the off the beaten track scene and Imire elephant and rhino is the place. I was so amazed how all of the animals in the park are so cared for and so loved. the park Is amazing. the owners of the park John and Judy Travers are the most genuine people you will ever meet.
the work is hard but so worth it. such a nice feeling when you help do cleaning up in the park. all nice and clean. so work out at the gym before you go and be prepared to see what conservation is all about and a place that is genuine in their mission. I missed the baby rhino being born by 3 weeks so I will definitely love to go back :)

every day was different and so many animals to see all the time.

What would you improve about this program?
I was under the assumption that I would be horseback riding a lot there. but it was only once. there was a equestrian program . but I didn't notice it when I signed up so maybe it was my mistake.

the volunteer place has two bathrooms but truthfully needs 3. and I know they are on top of that as a priority. these people bend over backwards to make sure you are happy
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Yes, I recommend this program

get ready to fall in love.

this experience was more than you could ever expect. working with elephants and rhinos on a daily basis is incredible enough, but everyone there makes it even more amazing. the love and devotion that these people have towards these animals and conservation is truly inspiring.

this was my first time volunteering for any program, so i didn't entirely know what to expect, but i wasn't disappointed for a second. i also got to meet a lot of people who have done plenty of volunteering at other projects, but this was the first one that they would love to return to in a heartbeat.

some helpful tips:
- as someone who was there for a couple months, i got to go into the city a few times, and not once was a scared for my safety.
- i was there during the rainy season, and mosquitos weren't a problem at all. (i personally brought malaria pills, but didn't really take them, as i didn't need them)
- the food was fantastic. during my stay, none of the volunteers had an issue handling the food.
- some days there is power on all day, but most of the time, it cuts out. it's not a big deal at all, just don't be glued to your electronics.
- if you are a coffee drinker, you may want to bring your own. most of the coffee in zim is instant, and it is trying, especially during your early mornings
- if you want a little sneak peak into how amazing this place and family is, check out the documentary "there's a rhino in my house"
-honestly, you're going to want to go for more than 2 weeks. everyone i met there who only stayed for the two weeks, regretted it. i couldn't imagine only being there for such a short period of time.

i absolutely fell in love with Imire, and have wanted nothing but to come back. assuming that you are open to new experiences, adventurous, and well aware that there are some differences between africa and the western world, i can guarantee that you will not regret your stay at imire.

please, if you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact me.

thank you

What would you improve about this program?
i was honestly very happy with my stay. there is honestly nothing that NEEDS to be changed, but sometimes the wifi was really frustrating, even just to do small things like send emails... this was when the wifi was on, which was obviously when the power was on. so if you're going to go and need a daily fix of the internet, you're going to have a bad time.
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