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Projects Abroad is a global organization formed around the need for gap year programs abroad designed for students taking a break from studying. Since its inception, Projects Abroad has expanded to offer high school volunteer programs, and a vast variety of programs geared towards those taking a gap year or a career break. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more details on volunteer, teach, study and internship programs abroad.

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  • Jacob
    Age: 19-24
    Nashville, TN
    Belmont University
    Helping Women in Need

    The three month microfinance project that I worked on through Project's Abroad not only deepened my knowledge and understanding of micro lending , but it also provided me with a hands on, multi-cultural experience. From the day that I landed in Tanzania, Project's Abroad was very intentional about making sure that my volunteer experience was top notch. After my second day in Arusha, Tanzania I began working on my microfinance project. Through this project I received a lot of experience on how to do business counseling to poor and illiterate small business owners. As a team we worked with nearly 50 women in order to help them further their livelihoods and better their businesses. I was able to help and educate these women in need. Through my three months that I spent on my project I felt like I was able to make a lasting impact on the women who we served.

    Another aspect of this organization that I really thought was beneficial to the whole experience was staying at the host family. The host family that I stayed with was incredible! They treated me as if I had been their son from the day that I got there. They were able to help me with any questions/concern that I had not only with my project, but also with the culture in general. My experience would not have been the same if I had not stayed at a host family's home. This opportunity also gave me the chance to meet other volunteers that were staying at the family with me. In the short time that I was there I was able to make some of my best friends through Project's Abroad. I would highly recommend Project's Abroad to anyone.

    How could this program be improved?

    If this program interests you I would recommend going at least for 6 weeks. When I worked on the program we had a few volunteers who stayed for 3 or 4 weeks and that was just not enough time to get the whole experience that every volunteer deserves. Since it is a very hands on project I would recommend going for a longer period of time.

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  • Zuleyma
    Age: 19-24
    New York
    4 Weeks In Costa Rica

    I volunteered with Projects Abroad with a position as a teacher in Costa Rica for four weeks. Those four weeks I spent in Costa Rica were remarkable! To elaborate, this trip was the most significant trip I have taken thus far. Spending four weeks in a public school where I had the opportunity to teach English and Math to 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders was an experience that I encourage all future Educators to pursue. Being able to see the difference between the Education system in Costa Rica and the United States, seeing the difference between student's eagerness in school, and the extracurricular activities offered in the schools was an eye opener.

    At my placement in Escuela Cubujuqui I got so much support from the teachers I was working with as well as from the Project's Abroad Program staff. Whenever I needed something or had questions there was always someone communicating with me in a prompt-timely manner. I also got weekly visit from the Project Abroad Staff at my placement, which I really enjoyed because they were able to address and answer any concerns I had at that moment. Furthermore, the staff always asked me how was everything and if I was enjoying and learning at my placement which showed their concerns about my comfortability and learning.

    As for housing accommodations, I was fortunate enough to be hosted by an incredible family who lived in San Joaquin de Flores. My host family was very welcoming and attentive to all of the volunteers. My host family took me out to their dinners, took me to the activities they participated in such as cooking class, bible talk, and hosted a potluck for all of the volunteers in Costa Rica. Living with a host family granted me the opportunity to really learn more about the Costa Rican culture and experience it firsthand.

    How could this program be improved?

    The program was very expensive and I did not see exactly where all the money was going to. Perhaps provide more of an insight of where the money is going to.

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  • Sofia
    Age: 19-24
    Chicago, Illinois
    University of Illinois- Chicago
    Physical Therapy in Pediatric Burn unit

    Over the summer I worked in a burn unit with kids in Bolivia doing physical therapy. It was an experience I will never forget. I was able to get hands on experience with the kids right away even though I am still an undergrad in the US! It was amazing being able to stretch and massage the burns while also being able to get to know the kids and their stories. These kids were the happiest, sweetest kids I could have hoped to work for.

    Outside of work I was able to travel with other volunteers during the weekend. I'm so glad Projects Abroad organized events every Thursday so that throughout my stay I was continuously meeting new volunteers from around the world. I think one of the best nights Projects Abroad organized was learning salsa because a week later I went to a salsa club and was able to use what I learned!

    My host family from the very beginning was extremely welcoming. They showed me where they shopped, prepared different traditional Bolivian meals everyday and always was ready to share a story with me. The family helped make the transition to the Bolivian lifestyle very smooth because they knew when all the events were happening around the city and had great advice to give me when I traveled.

    How could this program be improved?

    Provide more group programs through the organization

    In La Cancha, the worlds largest market in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This is the section where you could buy a meal
    On trip to el Salar de Uyuni in El cemetario del trenes
    In La Paz, Bolivia, right before we did the Death Road, the worlds most dangerous road you can bike down.
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  • Amanda
    Age: 25-30
    Amazing Experience in Peru!

    What an amazing experience it was travelling and volunteering in Peru through Projects Abroad! The staff members of the organization were truly wonderful and supportive before applying and during the placement, always ready to give advice and answer any questions. This past June, I travelled to Peru for four weeks on the teaching placement. I was both nervous and excited during my travels and once I arrived at my destination; however, the Projects Abroad staff, my host family and the volunteers all made the transition into this new and beautiful culture much easier! It was truly amazing to live with a host family during my stay in the town of Urubamba. They were so welcoming from the day I arrived. I loved learning and speaking a little bit of Spanish with them, while also learning more about the Peruvian culture.
    My teaching placement took place in a secondary school in the town of Ollantaytambo. I will always remember the bus ride to the school, seeing the beautiful mountains surrounding the towns we passed through! It was a challenging, but rewarding experience having the opportunity to teach the students conversational English. The moments I will always cherish was seeing the growth in the students' learning after a lesson and how grateful they were for my help. On my last day, the students in my classes sang songs in their native tongue as a thank you for the time I spent working with them. No matter the duration of your stay, you will always make a difference in the lives of the students you have the opportunity to teach! Having had the opportunity to live in Peru was very different from home, but is an opportunity I am so grateful to have experienced. I loved the feeling of learning about and adapting to a new culture and environment and meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world. During my weekends, I always enjoyed meeting with the other volunteers and travelling to Cusco, and the other towns seeing the many different ruins. The four weeks I was there definitely didn't feel long enough to see and experience the beauty this country has to offer, so next time I would definitely go for a longer duration. Having had the opportunity to travel to a new country and be a part of a culture so unlike my own was a true blessing and continues to remind me of how lucky we are. I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity and am so happy I chose to experience it through Projects Abroad. Thank you Projects Abroad for the amazing memories!

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  • Lauren
    Age: 19-24
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Calvin College
    Veterinary Volunteer

    Although there were many wonderful experiences I had while in India, I would like to highlight the time I spent with the veterinarian I volunteered with while I was there. this particular veterinarian was a livestock specialist, and prior to my visit to India, I had no experience at all in the world of livestock. Despite my lack of experience with his area of expertise, he was extremely patient with me and allowed me observe and then practice the skills he showed me. Things I was taught while there included different kinds of injections and where to give them on the cows, how to do a pregnancy exam, in vitro fertilization, etc. Later I found out how unique this was since most volunteer experiences abroad in the medical and veterinary realms consist of mostly observing rather than practicing the skills. All the credit goes to Projects Abroad for my placement with a vet who wanted me to learn as much as I could while I was there. I certainly learned much more about livestock than I ever thought possible in only a month. The veterinarian I worked with also allowed me to accompany him on farm visits with him when he had sick animals to attend to, an invitation he did not have to extend but was gracious enough to do. I had a wonderful time volunteering with Projects Abroad in India and will most certainly go through this organization again when I volunteer abroad in the future. They have my highest recommendation!

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