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    Although Canada draws a large number of tourists and is a wealthy country, there are still plenty of opportunities for volunteers. In a country known for a strong sense of national volunteerism, local Canadian organizations also welcome foreign volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to explore Canada's diverse culture, landscapes, and history.

    Canada may not be the most obvious volunteer destination, but there are still plenty of ways to give back to the local community. Travel to this unique and wonderful country for a diverse experience like you've never had before! Volunteer with one of the many well-established local organizations to truly live like a Canadian.

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    Professional Development

    Because Canada is such a developed nation, unlike some volunteer destinations, this is a great place to to add international development volunteer work to your resume.

    Work with Children

    Canada is a great place to get experience in child care. Education laws vary by province but generally school is required until age 16 or 18 and run by a private board of education. From general support and empowerment to teaching to nursing infants, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities with children. Volunteer to support education in schools, day care centers, orphanages, and more.


    Canada has a wide range of forests, mountains, and wildlife. Wildlife and national parks are important for Canada's tourism industry. Recently, the negative impacts of human development on Canada's environment and wildlife have been growing. Several animals, including caribou, are on the edge of extinction.

  • Health & Safety

    There is very little violent crime to worry about in Canada. Unsurprisingly, heavily touristed areas are sometimes featured in the news for the crime that does happen. Heavy storms in the winter and wildfires in the summer are sometimes problems so always be aware of current weather conditions when traveling to Canada. Since Canada is a Western, industrialized nation, health issues aren't usually a concern for travelers.

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  • A volunteer and a Blandings turtle
    Animal Experience International
    This busy trauma centre admits over 650 turtles each year, repairing shell injuries, managing wounds, incubating and raising...
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  • Volunteers in Canada
    Volunteers for Peace
    Reviewer Verified
    Volunteers For Peace is a non-profit organization, founded in 1982, that offers placement in over 3000 voluntary service...
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    Alumni Interviews
  • The Otesha Project
    Picture yourself cycling across a stretch of Canada as part of a sustainable mobile community, offering performances and...
    5 reviews
    This program has been rated exceedingly fun by 5+ reviewers.
  • Fronteering
    Travel to British Columbia in Western Canada and live and volunteer on a Indian reserve. This volunteer abroad project gives...
  • Fronteering
    Have the great opportunity to volunteer and work with many different species of Canadian Wildlife! Our programs specialize...
  • Volunteers working in fields in Canada
    Red Leaf Volunteer Programs
    * Animal Care Volunteer Program: Animal Shelters protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic animals and pets. They...
  • Fronteering
    Have the awesome opportunity to volunteer and care for Huskies and go dog sledding! We offer the unique opportunity to live...
  • Volunteer playing with a young child in Canada
    The volunteers will learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how to support these children in a social/recreational...
  • Banff National Park Volunteers
    GO International Work and Travel Providers
    Volunteer. Travel. Grow! Go International's world of connections will make a world of difference to your future. Our amazing...
    Volunteers will contribute to the quality of life of the elders by taking part in a multifaceted program involving residents...
  • Forest trail
    Rocky Mountain Escape
    Operating in a relatively remote, subalpine valley amongst the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies and adjacent to Jasper...
    1 reviews
  • Latitude International Education
    Volunteer in Canada in this unique full-time internship program that provides professional experience at a registered...
  • Program Teaser Default
    Clear Sky Retreat Centre
    Zen and a Food Forest: Farm Manager Position, 2016 Clear Sky Meditation Centre in the East Kootenay of BC is offering two...
  • Earthwatch Institute researcher
    Earthwatch Institute
    Melting glaciers, shrinking sea levels, and less snow- what does this mean for us and the Arctic? Be a part of a research...
    3 reviews
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