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7 Major Corporations You Can Intern With Abroad

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It’s no secret that living in another country is an eye-opening and life-changing experience. The lessons you learn, skills you gain, and personal growth you experience will stay with you long after you return home. While studying abroad is one of the most common ways that young people live in another country, keep in mind that it is not your only option. Another way to go abroad is by doing an international internship, which can also be used for academic credit towards completing your degree.

So why do an internship abroad? When you intern abroad, you’ll receive a lot of the same benefits as studying abroad. You will be immersed in a new culture and can learn firsthand about the local customs and traditions. You can learn or practice a foreign language, which is always a valuable skill to have in the workplace. Interning abroad also provides other advantages: you'll make global friendships and connections and expand your professional network outside of your home country. International internships will help you to develop a global perspective and understanding. Above all, interning abroad is a great way to boost your resume, stand out amongst the competition, and gain real-life work experience in your desired field.

Here are some of the world’s biggest public companies that offer international internships.

1. J.P. Morgan

This American company is a leader in financial services, with clients in more than 100 countries.

  • Types of internships offered: Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Finance, Human Resources, Operations.
  • Program types: Summer undergraduate, graduate, and PhD; full-time undergraduate, graduate, and PhD; pre-internship programs.
  • Locations: Multiple locations in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Japan, and South Africa.
  • More information: Select the region you are interested in working in to find out more information about programs, the application and interview process, requirements, and the role you may play.

2. BP

BP is a major UK company and one of the leading players in the international oil and gas industry.

  • Types of internships offered: Various areas in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Business.
  • Program types: Graduate and PhD programs.
  • Locations: Multiple locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Africa and the Middle East.
  • More information: More information: Explore all BP internship opportunities and find the perfect fit for you. The BP application process consists of an online application and two interviews.

3. Google

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Google and doesn’t use it on a daily basis. The search engine giant is one of the fastest growing and most influential tech companies worldwide -- and, not surprisingly, offers opportunities for international internships.

  • Types of internships offered: Product management and technical internships.
  • Locations: Multiple locations across the Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.
  • More information: First check Google’s intern openings and then narrow them down according to your preferred region. Be prepared for a rigorous application process.

4. BMW

BMW is known worldwide for being one of the leading automobile and engine manufacturers. The headquarters are in Munich, Germany but the company also has many other offices around the globe.

  • Types of internships offered: Engineering, Business, Computer Science, and Marketing.
  • Program types: Summer undergraduate, graduate, and PhD. Part-time and full time.
  • Locations: Germany, South Africa, USA, and China.
  • More information: Check BMW's Career Internships page for more information on all their internships, including their international internships program, search internship opportunities and locations, and, most importantly, to apply!

5. Novartis

Novartis is a Swiss pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the most progressive and successful pharmaceutical companies in the world and a great corporation to intern with for anyone interested in health care and pharmaceuticals.

  • Types of internships offered: Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Business Administration, and Engineering.
  • Program types: Summer undergraduate, graduate, and PhD; full-time.
  • Locations: Switzerland, USA.
  • More information: Search for different Novartis internship opportunities on their website, but be aware that their summer internships are based strictly in Switzerland and USA.

6. Unilever

Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch international company that is a leader in food, beverage, cleaning and personal care production. Their products are consumed by over 2 billion people across the globe, so, naturally, they have a vast array of job and intern opportunities abroad.

  • Types of internships offered: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT.
  • Program types: Graduate full-time (2-3 year contracts).
  • Locations: Multiple locations across North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.
  • More information: An internship with Unilever is long-standing commitment and a perfect way to get your foot in the door with international business on a large scale.

7. L'Oreal

L'Oreal, probably most commonly known for their shampoo and conditioners, is a cosmetics manufacturer. They produce some of the most popular and widely distributed personal cosmetics products on just about every continent in the world. Interning with them is a great way for aspiring young management professionals to explore the world of business and travel.

  • Types of internships offered: Management.
  • Program types: Full-time graduates.
  • Locations: Multiple locations across North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.
  • More information: To get an international internship with L'Oreal, take a look at their Global Opportunity Program.

So there you have it! Seven corporations that offer international internships. Who said you couldn't live abroad and get ahead in your career at the same time? Certainly not us!