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Welcome To Travel: Melbourne is Australia's most unique, diverse and most of all FUN arrival package. It couldn't be a better intro to this wonderful country!

Welcome To Travel: Melbourne founders Adam and Darryl left the UK in 2010 and after backpacking the Australia, made Melbourne their home, now they want to welcome you to this fantastic city.

Your Aussie bucket list will be ticked off as you feed a kangaroo, grab a snap with a koala and even have a go at surfing.

You'll also be treated all week as you go wine tasting, dine by the Yarra River, indulge in a food tour and get taken on a bar crawl.

You'll also have the simple things sorted, including a personalised airport pickup, 7 nights accommodation and your Australian admin needs (bank account, tax file number and employment help) if required.

  • 2 day / 1 night trip including surf, wine tasting, kangaroos, koalas, penguins and more!
  • Airport Shuttle, 7 night YHA Accommodation and 12 months YHA Membership
  • Welcome Meal, Bar Crawl and Farewell BBQ
  • City Exploring and Beach Time
  • Bank setup, Tax File Number Set Up, Phone Sim and Lifetime Membership to our Employment Service

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  • Value 9.9
  • Fun 10
  • Staff 10
  • Safety 10
  • Organization 10
  • Housing 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Value 10
  • Safety 10
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Ideal First Week in Australia

The week in Melbourne with Welcome to Travel really was everything that I could have hoped for and more! It was packed with cool activities and we were always out doing something interesting. There were fun beach activities like paddle boarding and surfing (which was particularly amazing) and we also got to see the Australian wildlife at a park with kangaroos and koalas and then watched penguins at the beach. They also took us on a food tour one day and to other cool restaurants and bars throughout the week. Lastly, the week ended with a bar crawl on Saturday night which was fun to experience Melbourne nightlife before a nice, relaxing barbecue and hangout on Sunday. It was great to be able to do all of these things just in the first week and in an enjoyable atmosphere with a group of other travelers as well as with experts like Adam and Darryl as guides. They really are so knowledgeable about Melbourne and Australia in general and they’re both such fun and friendly guys too so they are the perfect people to start an Australian journey with. From the assistance dealing with banking, phones, and jobs at the start, to all of the info and recommendations that they gave during and since that first week, and then to them creating a custom trip for the rest of Australia for you if you want, they truly give you everything that you would need or want to know. Without a doubt, I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone looking to come to Australia.

Yes, I recommend

Deserves more than 10

My week with welcome to travel! What an amazing week!
my welcome to Australia was more perfect than I could have imagined. Iv met some of the greatest people who also just arrived in Australia. People who I have made plans to carry on traveling with. And of course Adam and Daryl the two most lovely, fun amazing guys. They completely made the trip with there amazing enthusiasm and of course Daryls amazing fact! (Ask him all about koalas)
So we started with a meet and greet getting to know everybody followed by a tour around Melbourne . This was fantastic. We were shown a lot of things I wouldn't of noticed walking around by myself. Make sure you have plenty of charge in your camera or phone for amazing photo opportunities. We finished the day with a big family meal. (It was like a big travel family by the end!)
There's heaps more things you get up to during the week such as skydive! This was extra but what an opportunity! This in my opinion is a must do! Its the best view of the trip!!
My favourite two days by far was heading out the city and into Mornington bay and Phillip island. Not just because of the wine tasting but also watching the little fairy Penguins waddle home and getting up close with koalas and kangaroos! I done my first surf lesson too and if they got me standing they can get anyone standing!! It was incredible. Those two days felt like a true Aussie experience!
Not only surfing the next day back in st kilda was more of a relaxed day. Catching some sun on the beach and of course a bit of stand up paddle boarding! It's a must try.
So not only do these guys plan awesome activities they set you up ready for Australia. They set up a bank and help you out with work. And once that's done it's time to party! We went on a city bar crawl. Another great way of seeing the city! And finally BBQ! A true Aussie cuisine on the roof top of the hostel with a cold beer! Perfect way to end a perfect trip!

Yes, I recommend

Top trip

Honestly the best two day introduction into Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We had a group of mainly girls and not only did I meet some really great friends but we got to see some amazing things, including penguin parade (AMAZING but wrap up super warm) surfing lessons, wine tasting and even got a cheeky chocolate factory stop. There were a couple of surprises thrown in along the way which I thought was a really nice touch. Adam and Darryl put in so much effort to make this trip amazing for everybody and it definitely paid off. They're not your standard tour guides, they really get involved and genuinely have fun with you. I could not recommend this tour company enough, you are guaranteed to have a good time and I am looking forward to booking on to the next event.

Yes, I recommend
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2 in 1 deal mornington and phillip Island

The trip was well planned out. Overall experience was great made a lot of new friends in a friendly atmosphere. Adam and Darryl know all the great places to visit and have managed to involve fun activities like surfing and visiting kangaroos!

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore Australia. Safe and reliable way of interacting with new people and finding out the best places to visit rather than researching alone.

Yes, I recommend
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Travel experts

Adam sorted our full trip for the east coast of Australia. He was friendly and knowledgeable and listened to what we wanted. We had an amazing time seeing everything we wanted and things we didn't even know about until Adam suggested. We also had our parents with us for some of the trip so he made sure the trips such as Fraser Island were suitable for them also. We couldn't of asked for more, we had the best time and made memories that will last forever.

Yes, I recommend

Couldn't recommend more!

Adam and Darryl know absolutely everything Melbourne. They know the best eats, drinks and hidden trendy spots. Starting out as backpackers themselves, they have invaluable information about how to best enjoy Melbourne and Australia on a backpacker budget.

Not only will you be guaranteed a great time with these two, you'll be seeing the most beautiful and exciting locations Melbourne has to offer. These guys have tried and tested it all! They're super friendly, easy going and always fun to be around. :)

Yes, I recommend
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Thanks again

Me and a friend booked our whole East Coast through It was amazing and so well organised, all we had to do was show up for the bus and all the accommodation, trips, and travel was sorted. All the accommodation we stayed in was amazing and so close to everything and also close to the bus pick up and drop off.

All the trips we also had with our package were so fun and we got such a good deal!

Thanks again to Adam and Daryl, would definitely recommend using to book with, especially if you are coming to Australia for the first time they will sort you out with everything you need!

Yes, I recommend
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Top lads

I met Adam and Darryl in Melbourne in May 2013. I had no idea what to expect as I'd never been travelling on my own before, so I was extremely nervous. However, after meeting these two mavericks I was left thanking my lucky stars. They were so knowledgable and set up my travel from Melbourne to Cairns in one afternoon. Their enthusiasm for travel was second to none and they really made me feel at home with their attitude and professionalism- not to mention their wit!

I had the time of my life travelling up the east coast and it was down to their hard work and ability to pick the best package to suit my needs and wants. I even had the good fortune of bumping in to them back in Melbourne some three months later where we shared a jäger bomb or two! If they're organising a party bus or pub crawl, then you'll have a fantastic night that's for sure!!

If I was going back to Australia then I would undoubtedly hook-up with these two. 10 out of 10. We are very quick to criticise but these two deserve all the praise in the world.

Although, if you get friendly with Darryl then please shave his head for me. Ha ha!

Excellent travel advice in all seriousness though. Can't wait to book on to their tour when I'm back in January 2018 :)

Yes, I recommend
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The guys in the know for an amazing adventure

I came with a friend to Melbourne and had very little travel experience at the time. I had no idea what I going to do whilst in Melbourne and then I met Darryl & Adam in a hostel and they were absolutely superb, giving me great little insider tips. Things that you could spend years searching for online and still not find the right places.

Turns out Melbourne has some of the best food in the world, even more so if you know where to look!! I had some of the best nights of my life in Melbourne and up the east coast and these guys seemed to know where to go and knew the right people to get us into great pubs, clubs and bars.
They advised also on my East Coast trip in Australia and then onto New Zealand. I can't thank them enough for their help.

Cheers Matt

How can this program be improved?
Not run programme yet but I am sure it'll be a huge success.
Yes, I recommend
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sean og

Dece Blokes

I first met Adam & Darryl in 2011 when I arrived in Melbourne. These two took me under their wing and made my time in Melbourne one I will never forget.
From the best cheap eats around the city to the best night life and culture this amazing city has to offer, these two are the best to show all the hidden gems. If you don't like dumplings like more than likely adam will try and convert you lol.
P.s if you have extra time in Melbourne get them to bring you to dingers in china town DOICEEEEE VENUE

What was even better when I then moved on to travel the rest of Australia they were able to help me get the best deal's and advise me on where to stay longer, and where to just pass on through.

if you are looking some one to help Make the beginning of your trip and make a friend for the rest of your time travelling look no further than these two

Yes, I recommend
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Welcome to Melbourne

I was pretty clueless when I landed in Australia but Adam and Darryl sorted me out with everything.

The hostel organised was in a great location with great facilities and top staff.

They also sorted the things I needed too, guiding me through the tax file and bank account set up.

They knew anything and everything about Melbourne from places to eat in the city to the best beaches out of the city.

Not only did I feel relaxed and organised with the Welcome To Travel guys, I ended up with a great group of friends too!

I would absolutely recommend Welcome to Travel: Melbourne to anyone!

Yes, I recommend

Recommend it 100%

Adam and Darryl made my arrival into Melbourne so much easier than it could have been. They knew the best hidden bars to go for my birthday (which was shortly after I arrived) and for all other occasions as well!

They knew a lot of great spots to visit in Victoria which were off the usual tourist trail. They also gave me some great advice on where to travel in Australia throughout the seasons (turns out it isn't just sunny, hot and dry everyday here!).

All in all they're great people to seek advice from because they have such varied interests - from sport to food and drink to travel - and that's why they love Melbourne so much, as it offers something for everyone.

Yes, I recommend


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Welcome to Travel: Melbourne is Australia's most unique, diverse and most of all FUN welcome package.

Welcome To Travel founders Adam and Darryl are just like you! Why so? Well because back in 2010 they were excited and nervous backpackers leaving...