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Our programme includes :

- Welcome and induction package
- 4 days in Noosa (Top 3 backpacker beach destination)
- 5 days training course
- Paid jobs in rural Australia
- Help with all the necessary paperwork to work in Australia

You will find more details on our website about our programe : http://www.visitoz.org/the-programme/visitoz-programme/
Feb 25, 2019
Jan 03, 2022
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About Program

The Visitoz program provides a short introductory course to Australian farm work and then arrange a suitable job that will match your skills and competencies in outback Australia.

During the training week, you will be shown how to ride horses and motorbikes , how to operate tractors and chainsaws, and how to do a hard days work building fences. We cover cattle mustering and cattle work in the yard with an overall focus on the safety aspects of working in rural Australia. We don’t promise to make you an expert in 5 days, however you will complete the course with the confidence and basic knowledge to prepare you for a real paid job in the outback.

Regional Australian is a tough environment and many experience quite a culture shock at first.

By sticking with it and showing durability and stamina you will come out of this experience tougher and with a story or two to tell about your adventure. You will meet incredible people, learn many things and make lifelong memories.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Exploitative organisation to avoid at all costs

Organisation to avoid at all costs (and the costs are high)!
The "training" does not really bring any value, this is more like a holiday camp in the bush. Despite collecting hefty fees, and constantly attempting to charge extra to attendees (selling boots, bus or flight tickets at inflated prices), they fail to deliver proper jobs that are not the below-minimum wage exploitative positions, so easy to find otherwise. I would add it is a dangerous organisation as it facilitates and supports the exploitation of vulnerable overseas workers. Many end up in remote locations with no support, little ways of communicating, and visitoz ALWAYS sides with the farmer, even when he/she breaks the law. I have emails from Joanna supporting a farmer who refused to pay my tax and superannuation, adding misleading comments (it was possible at the time to get tax and super back when leaving the country). Many nightmare stories exists about the role of owner endangering young people to maximise their own profits.
I found local rural job agencies way better at providing farm jobs paid at living wage with farmers respecting their obligations as employers. There is better choice of jobs and support in local agencies than visitoz's supposedly national network.
The organization is desperately trying to keep negative feedbacks away (reason for the recent change of name for the program?) and you will find many disturbing stories about the organisation on the facebook group "Visitoz Feedback" https://www.facebook.com/groups/225934000929717
I welcome anyone interested in the program to get in touch with me for further insights.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Make your own research on the program, and find out what previous backpackers went through using their "services" A facebook group, not controlled by the owners, provides valuable insights as to what to expect.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Australian Farming a Success

I found VisitOz through Oyster Worldwide. After completing the training and saying goodbye (for now!) to the other participants, I took a job placement in the outback of Queensland on a remote cattle station and hay farm. It was truly unique, as I worked with only one other girl and the family of the station. My main duties were irrigation and tractor driving, along with house duties and some small mechanics (basically anything they needed/ asked for I tried). I got over a fear of cows I never knew existed until I was fenced in with them. I learned to drive machines I thought you had to be born into to understand. I learned what it is to live remotely and work for everything you have. I couldn't recommend this program enough, for those looking for either an Australian adventure, farming experience, or to be involved with where you travel. The work is there and readily needed. It's not easy, but it is rewarding in many forms. My life now is my own, I have exceeded some small town conventions and expectations. I have met people and made friends from all over the world, after just one year, my first year of travel - most of which I worked. My advice to anyone considering it is to go, participate, remain open and positive try new things - this was a place that I felt anything could happen, which was extremely motivating when it came to learning and challenging myself without fear of embarrassment, but rather curiosity and confidence.

What would you improve about this program?
The program could be improved I suppose by spending less time on motorbikes and horses - although that was definitely so much fun - and more with technical things such as tractors, maintenance, perhaps with cattle. Although this was just based on my week, and I have seen poss from other weeks where the training differed! But understand as well that in one week they can only cover so much, and it really is just a fun introduction into the various possibilities you could end up following.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Take oz easy !!!

So much to say...
First it could seems a bit expensive at the biginning but you can be sure that you will get it back in 1month or less.
Then it's lot of fun with amazing staff. You learn a lot in short time but its just 1 week so all your previous skills will help you to find a good job.

Things happens like this... You work all day learn how make some fences, you can drive a tractor, ride a motor bikes and quads, ride horses, they show you a bit of cattle work and mustering. I think the program depends on your instructor i think their is 2. When you come back at springbrook after a good shower georgir may come to you if she got one or more employer interested by your profile. So now up to you to choose and call them back to to hopefully have the job.

I spent 1 amazing year in oz and i met so many people losing heaps of time just looking for a job or sometimes some Of them did have to go back home 'cause did not find a job.
After 6month in oz i call visitoz back and they helped me to find a new job. So it makes it easier...

What would you improve about this program?
When i read the visitoz website and then arrived in visitoz i've been a bit surprise about 2things... You do have to call the employer yourself to get the job they make the first contact for you... They never mention it even if it seems pretty obvious (my english was not very good so it was kind of taff for me) but i've been pretty lucky...
The other thing is that you learn and see a lot in 1 week but it doesnt make you the perfect australian farmer so you may find a job relative to your previous skills. But every thing went fine so nothing to complain about just good to know...
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