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Wanderlust Au Pair China Program integrates educational travel, Mandarin learning, childcare and English tutoring together for overseas youngsters to experience China with an authentic touch by staying with Chinese host families.

By offering 30 hours of live-in childcare and English teaching per week, you have an opportunity to explore Chinese culture through weekly Mandarin classes, culture immersion activities held by Wanderlust and your day-to-day colorful life with your host family.

We are culture enthusiasts, we love different languages, we love the tenderness in your eyes when you see children's smile. Fundamentally, we love what we do: helping you go through an off-beat experience that could potentially change your life.

Find your second home in China!

Program fee: 0 $

  • Experience authentic Chinese culture through living with a host family!
  • Flight stipend up to 1800 USD
  • Mandarin course paid by your host family
  • Monthly culture activities
  • Scholarship up to 1300 USD for TEFL certified participants!

Questions & Answers

Hello Joanna, Thank you for your question and interest in Wanderlust Au Pair China Program. I would like to answer your questions in three aspects: how au pairs can get ready for their trip to China; what support they will have from Wanderlust; what's to be expected of your daily life with the host family. In regards to how au pairs can get themselves prepared for the trip to China, here are some...


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My first time in China and as an Au Pair

Mhhh... China. I have been for very long time dreaming of discovering its land. Shanghai is the city that I decided to choose.

A warm host family that I had the chance to be with, a charming 4 years old gentlemen, delicious food everywhere, a bit of language barrier, some culture shock experience and have a very colourfull fried dumplings that you enjoy at every new bite (Shanghainese specialty is fried dumpling).

With the very complete welcoming and sightseeing days (two days) a good communication was yet well established, the help and advice needed to make plannings adapted and multiple exemples for how to make activities with the kids is provided from Wanderlust at the first week, and all along the stay with the family if needed.

I really feel that the Au Pairs' interest is taken seriously and that I could count on Wanderlust if any difficulties are encoutered.

Neverthless, to fully enjoy my experience, I had to be open-minded and often go out of my comfort zone, either at the house with my host family and outside during my free time. I also had to be very organised all the time as the families can be spontaneous and you are asked to be flexible.

I consider myself a foodie and was blessed with my host family as the grandparents were cooking almost every evening home made Chinese dishes.

The agency was very fast in answering my e-mail (24h). I unfortunatly had never been in China before and had no experience as Au Pair, but totally recommend Wanderlust and for those who are still hesitating... Take your chances, there is everything and anything that you could imagine here (beside skydiving at this very moment I am writing this post).

Activities for the Au Pairs are plannend and tailored to have as many Au Pairs as possible in a monthly basis. It goes from town visits to tai chi or kung fu classes.

Helpfull information:

Public trasportation has Nothing to envy to others big cities (Mexico City, Moscow, London) and with a simple card you can travel with public trasportation and officials taxis for a very resonable pricing (this card cost at this very moment 20 yuan deposit plus the amount you want to charge, I recommend 100 yuan)

Other recommandations. If you are too used to have Google (gmail as well) to help you anythime or you are addicted to Facebook, or Instagram etc... (you can find on internet all the websites blocked in China) you have the fallowing choices:

VPN: Either free (not sure that you will have the data flow you are use to having) or to pay for a VPN, this will not guarentee you to have access 24/7 (as for the free VPN), the acces can be very slow (very very very slow, forget about streaming) and the "great fire wall" of China can block your VPN as it is constantly beeing update. (Please acknowledge that I am not expert and I am giving my experience to be use at free will, you are very wellcome to do your own research befor arriving in China)

Get use to chinese app: (I give you here a list of apps you can get before arriving in China)

Baidu which is the chinese Google, or if your chinese level is not good inof you can also use Bing.cn as search engin.

Wechat, this app does almost everything, it is the chinese WhatsApp, Facebook, can send your exact location or activate the GPS to apears in someone else device in realtime (very useful when you are meeting someone because here it is very crowded and huge), you can also connect your bank account and make any payment in almost every place, even sometimes for some street food (but take you wallet with you anyways) and much more, but I let you the joy of discovering all its secrets.

Pleco, which is a very helpful app to learn chinese for english speakers.

Baidu map, the Chinese Google map

Baidu music store, you guessed it!

How can this program be improved?
Give to the Au Pair pre-departure tips: VPN or/and Chinese apps, awarnees of the "great fire wall" and its alternatives.
Response from Wanderlust Exchange

Dear Ochoa,

Thank you for sharing all the details of your experience with us, we could see how much you love the food and the culture here, and we are so pleased that you could overcome all the challenges you faced, be more open-minded and come out of your comfort zone while you stay. We are glad to hear that you enjoy this experience and establish a good relationship with your host family.

Thank you for your suggestion, we are working on survival guide for our future au pairs, we will list all the special stuffs that future au pairs need to pay attention before they arrive to China (for example, Google/Facebook is blocked and need VPN) in the guide, we will also recommend some useful apps to help them better prepared.

Hope you all the best and enjoy your stay in Shanghai!

WAC Team

Yes, I recommend this program
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A new world

After finishing my degree in education, I decided to do something exciting and different. My parents told me about their friends' daughter who had gone to China as an au pair and the daughter had great things to say about her experience. I had always wanted to visit China and experience its culture. This seemed like as good a time as any and so I started looking for au pair positions online. One of the organizations I came across was Wanderlust Au Pair China. After talking with Hazel, the program director I felt really confident about choosing her organization. She prepared everything for me, including the visa and all the information I needed. Throughout my stay with the host family she helped me when I had questions. The family was very courteous and I really felt appreciated while with them. Their child, a boy of 7 was full of energy and I helped him with his homework and prepared some English exercises for him that we practised together to improve his English. I got to live in Shanghai, a vibrant and metropolitan city. Like the oriental New York I suppose..... but much more exotic. I got to learn Mandarin in weekly Mandarin classes that were part of the program. I'm hoping to return to China in the future to see the friends I made there and maybe live there for a year. Anyways, a great experience and unforgettable.

How can this program be improved?
I had to make my own English lessons, but the program director did provide activities for me to do with the child each week.
Response from Wanderlust Exchange

Dear Mason,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Wanderlust Au Pair China program is designed for people coming from all over the world who are willing to experience Chinese culture and we are so pleased that you enjoyed the time you stay, made new friends and would like to come back to visit some day.

Hope you all the best and wish you come back!

WAC Team

Yes, I recommend this program


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