Learn Spanish, Dance & Adventure in Havana & Viñales - 4 weeks

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Corazon Cuba volunteering in Paseo del Prado
Corazon Cuba volunteering in Paseo del Prado
Corazon Cuba adventure in Viñales
Corazon Cuba adventure in Viñales
Corazon Cuba Salsa lessons in Habana Vieja
Corazon Cuba Salsa lessons in Habana Vieja
Classic car tour in Habana Vieja
Classic car tour in Habana Vieja
Corazon Cuba horseride in tobacco plantation in Viñales
Corazon Cuba horseride in tobacco plantation in Viñales
Corazon Cuba Spanish lessons in Cuba
Corazon Cuba Spanish lessons in Cuba
Classic car tour in Habana
Classic car tour in Habana
Corazon Cuba adventure in Viñales
Corazon Cuba adventure in Viñales


Four week full cultural immersion based in Old Havana & Viñales. Spanish classes are supplemented with dance classes, cultural tours and adventure activities to explore, enjoy and experience this amazing country!

Three weeks – 1st, 2nd & 4th week – are based in the atmospheric heart of Old Havana. Spanish language lessons take place Monday to Friday in the mornings, and in the afternoons you receive dance classes and ‘Discover Cuba’ cultural excursions. Two weekends feature a trip to the beach while during the third week we change the setting and pace with adventure activities in Viñales.

Accommodation, breakfast & lunched INCLUDED in licensed Casa Particulares; shared single sex dorm rooms with other program participants (couples or friends booking together automatically upgraded to private room with en suite/private bathroom) OR upon payment of a single room supplement you have the option to stay in another nearby Casa with your own room and private en suite bathroom.

  • Live in the heart of Old Habana & Viñales and enjoy a full immersion into Cuban life – city and country / past and present – and an opportunity to really understand what makes this amazing country so special.
  • Busy program including accommodation, breakfast & lunch and Spanish lessons throughout, transfers to/from Viñales, dance lessons and cultural activities in Habana and adventure activities on horseback, foot and bicycle in Viñales.
  • Starts first Sunday of EVERY month and includes 28 nights but you are welcome to arrive early and/or extend for extra nights... we are open 365 days a year!
  • 18+ program with no upper age limit (minors welcome if accompanied by an adult - this program is family friendly also!). We welcome all nationalities!
  • All Cuban crew and Program Managers will help you feel at home providing 24/7 support.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Piece of my heart, baby!

Take it! Take another little piece of my heart now Cuba! (sung to the tune of Janice Joplin's 'Piece of My Heart). I honestly think I left a piece of my heart in the country. My stint there ignited in me a great love for Latin American culture - the sumptuous sights, sounds and energy of Havana's city streets are still throbbing in my veins. The local's gave us a royal welcome....fun, adventure and broad smiling faces never more than a few feet away. The teachers on the Spanish programme were incredible; they offered a window into the culture that I wouldn't be able to get through a guide book. They were friendly, accommodating and altogether encouraging in their teaching style. I learned lots!!! Not just about the language, but through the leaning, a whole different experience of Havana and broader Cuba. And I can dance a mean salsa now and haven't broken anyones toes since! ;P

I can't wait to return xxx

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Yes, I recommend this program

An eye opener

I've travelled solo for a few years, making holiday itineraries on my own watch, doing the things that I only wanted to do. It's a nice way to travel and for the most part - you can create the exact kind of holiday/travel experience that's right for you.

I've always wanted to go to Cuba and I thought for this trip I wanted to go a little deeper with the travel experience. Normally for me I'm pretty happy if I can take some cool pictures and some videos but I thought for this trip I would step outside of my comfort zone a little and try immerse myself into the culture and genuinely learn about a new culture in a deeper way.

After spending 4 weeks with the guys at Corazon I'm really glad I decided to do this program. For one, I feel like a did get a proper insight into what it means to be Cuban. Hanging out with Cubans is the best way to do this and I was really happy that there was so many Cubans as part of the team - along with that, they were all super interested to share their experiences and offer some insight into their country.

I also realised I am not a horrific dancer as I thought! I do say this modestly of course.

Now - to be fully honest - Cuba can be quite a frustrating country. Terrible internet, minimum selection for certain things, food is so-so... But it good to know these things AHEAD of coming to Cuba so that you enter into the experience knowing you are putting your western comforts to one side and are opening yourself up to a completely different cultural experience.

There is so much that I enjoyed in my trip and I really do thank Corazon for much of this. The girls and guys who run the program are super friendly and nice and the way the programs are structured it's easy to come away improving a ton on your skills going into it... I would recommend this program.

Now I'm still not fluent in Spanish (to my girlfriend's continuing disappointment) however I don't completely suck in conversation, but more importantly I feel I found a better frame of reference when it comes to talking about Cuba, Cubans and latino culture......

What would you improve about this program?
Faster internet would be awesome but tbh I actually liked disconnected from internet during my time in Cuba. There's no many places left where you can do that these days....

Improve the Cuban food generally! I liked the food at the casa (hands to the chefs!!) but overall Cuba kinda sucks when it comes to modern food sorry haha Apparently it is getting better all the time though
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best way to experience Havana and Cuba

I feel very lucky to have found a program which provides an authentic experience where get to know the real Cuba but is at the same time safe and allows you to meet great people.

Famously Cuba is difficult with food but the food at the cubicle result was outstanding. Amazing accommodation in the heart of old Havana.

Also, the Spanish teachers with quality for the first time and months to actually use my Spanish and communicate with the local people. It was also to wait to dance salsa of the local people!
Kuba Corazon team was very helpful and fun.

Vines was truly magical - One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen - We really enjoyed the crossroads, and bike rides and visits to local tobacco farms.

I will be definitely coming back!

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Yes, I recommend this program

SImply amazing

I would recommend this programme to anyone! But especially to (first time) solo travelers. Everyone is very welcoming, the staff is great and the environment they create is amazing. You will make real friendships and memories to never forget. You will learn Spanish in a very fun and free environment and can use and practice it right away! The culture walks are great, it feels like going on a walk with friends and in the meantime you get to see a lot of Havana in a fun and NOT boring way!
And the Spanish teachers are the best! They really try to help you in everyway possible and make it so you can immediatly use your Spanish in the streets of Habana Vieja.
The dance teachers are great too! They're very skilled and professional, you will be dancing at Salsa clubs in no time!
I loved it so much I actually went back this year!


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Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and has a long history with the United States. Cuba, regardless of their past, has a very colorful presence today; from their classic cars to the boldly colored houses, you can feel the island atmosphere everywhere you go.

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Corazon Cuba are based in the heart of Old Habana where we run programs combining learning Spanish, 'dance & discover' cultural excursions and meaningful volunteering to help you maximise your time in this amazing country. Cuba is a country like no...