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Program fees include all meals, housing, activities and transport within Ireland and the full 24/7 support of the Irish Gap Year team.
For more information on whats included in our program fees please visit our website www.Irishgapyear.com/info/frequently-asked-questions
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All food, accomodation, activities, travel within Ireland and full, 24/7 support from the Irish Gap Year team are included.
Please see our website www.irishgapyear.com/info/frequently-asked-questions for more details on what's included in the Adventure and Leadership Gap Year Program

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Flights and medical insurance

Jan 19, 2022
Nov 24, 2021
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About Program

Irish Gap Year’s Adventure & Leadership Gap Year Program will take you far off the beaten track, deep into Irish culture and nature where you will learn much about yourself.

You will become immersed in our community and Irish culture, be challenged physically through outdoor adventure and mentally through our leadership course and volunteer in our community.

The rugged natural beauty of Ireland and warm heartedness of the people offer a unique setting for your journey of self-discovery. Our goal is create an environment that nurtures this process.

Throughout this program you will develop a deeper level of self-awareness, independence, group dynamics and self-governance. We hope that you will take with you a way of thinking and self-awareness that will last a life time.

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Program Highlights

  • Expeditions around Ireland: Each expedition on the Adventure and Leadership Program is unique with its own area of focus and theme. The expeditions are 3 to 5 days each and will and bring you far off the beaten track and face to face with Ireland’s hidden
  • Community Immersion: Live in your own magnificent Victorian home on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland's rugged Northwest coast. Your home is cozy, quirky and quaint. Here you'll learn invaluable independence building skills with your peers!
  • Volunteer in the Community: Make a meaningful and positive impact on our community as you volunteer on farms, animal shelters, with local youth groups, Clean Coasts Ireland and other local organisations.
  • Develop your Leadership and Communication Skills: Our leadership workshops are fun, interactive and experiential. You'll learn much about yourself and others as you are challenged to work within a team on a wide range of projects.
  • The People: Irish people are amongst the freindliest and funniest people you'll come across anywhere and our gappers always love getting to know the locals. They're quirky sense of humor and unique outlooks on life won't disapoint!

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9.62 Rating
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  • 9-10 rating 92.68%
  • 7-8 rating 6.5%
  • 5-6 rating 0.81%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
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  • Housing 9.3
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9.6
  • Value 9.4
  • Safety 9.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish gap year

Irish gal year brought so much adventure and peace in my life all at once. A huge majority of my time was spent outside, in the ocean, hiking, and anything out doors. I spent most of my time in such a peaceful environment but learning exploring and pressing my limits. I gained life long connections not only with my new friends but also with the amazing leaders. Irish gap year was just what I needed to move forward in my next adventures. This was the best experience I could imagine and I would recommend this company to anyone needing space to grow before there next adventure.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
The best advice I have is to come with and open mind and be present. Be ready to grow, press your limits, and make life long connections and friends. You have to be open to new experiences and new connections.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership Fall Program

The IGY was the adventure and leadership fall program was amazing. What’s awesome about it is not just a structured itinerary that has activities like cliff jumping, hiking, traveling to cities, shopping, exploring monuments and ruins, and going to the pubs with your friends, but also the freedom you have to make your own choices. The counselors are there to help you and lead you on trips but also treat you like adults. The student led trip at the end where we got a budget and were able to create our own trip was amazing. We went to cork and stayed at a hostel where I met people of many different cultures and had a spontaneous arm wrestling tournament at 1 in the morning with all the foreigners in a common room.

What was your funniest moment?
I bought an airhorn in Galway and when everyone fell asleep on the bus I blasted it and scared the dookie out of everyone.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership: Fall Program

Irish Gap Year provided me some of the most best opportunities of my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this program outside of the provided itinerary list, and I think that’s part of why it’s so great. You’ll be doing amazing hiking, traveling, and workshops, but the rest of your time here is left up to you and your peers to decide what you will do. Irish Gap Year offers students the chance to not only immerse in Irish culture and adventure through nature, but also the freedom to make your own choices. Some things you can expect to do on this program would be cliff jumping, surfing, touring some of Ireland’s most famous cities, lots of hiking, and leadership workshops. For 3 months you will be living with other students from various different places and backgrounds which offers students the chance to grow and learn about each other on a deep level. If you are a young adult looking for a program that offers you activity filled weeks, the chance to experience lots of personal growth, and to make meaningful connections with peers, this is the program for you.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Remember that you only have so much time on this program with the rest of your peers. This program is amazing, but it’s important to remember that how much effort you put in to every day decides how much you will get out of the program in the end.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership Fall ‘21

My exsperiance with Irish Gap Year is one that I will never forget. We are not just a cohort, we are a family. I have made life long friends that i would do anything for and I know they would do anything for me. Irish Gap Year pushs you mentally and physically while giving you the preparation and support you need. The volunteering opportunities are meaningful and rewarding. Working with Liquid Therapy was a highlight of my time here. Teaching children with additional needs to surf while creating a relationship with them and their families was refreshing. Overall, Irish Gap Year has far exceeded my expectations. Choosing Irish Gap Year was the best decision I have ever made.

What was your funniest moment?
We went to visit an old castle in Northern Ireland and we went on a walk to a lake. Some of the boys jumped into the freezing cold lake.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership

My experience was unique in the fact that this trip had some of the most interesting and different personalities that I’ve ever met. I made close friends with people I’m not sure I would have had I not been on this trip, as well as taking a class I’m not sure I was interested in beforehand. The amount of activities and events I have experienced definitely pushed my comfort levels sometimes, but always enabled me to take away something positive each time. As far as personal growth, I would say this program certainly allows each participant to come away from this trip with something positive, although it is ultimately up to the person attending about whether or not they are going to push their comfort zones and grow.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you are worried, or possibly unsure about coming to Ireland, and being in a new environment with new people, don’t be. By the end of this trip, you will literally be friends with everyone here. Being nervous is understandable, but my advice is to just be yourself, and you will have so much fun here.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish☘️gap year

I had so much fun and I grew as a person a lot. I learned so much about myself. This gap year program made me realize what I am truly capable of. This program made me see my true potential. I got to see and learn so much about the history of Ireland and Ireland as a country itself. Every hike and trip I went on was so much fun and everytime I was blown away with how beautiful the town/cities and the views on the hikes were. I 100% would recommend this gap year program. I would totally be down to do it again

What was your funniest moment?
My funniest moment was the hilarious conversations I had with one of students I made friends and with the program leaders
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Yes, I recommend this program

We love Sarah and Niall

This program was a truly incredible experience. As an approaching college student, I was looking for a way to spend my gap year where I where I would also grow as a person, gain leadership skills, and be able to work on my weaknesses as a student. This program gave me all that and more. From the incredible, challenging yet always rewarding and beautiful hikes to the educational and fun city trips, Irish Gap Year has been one adventure after another. Perhaps the best thing I've gained from the program is the social connections and friends, as cheesy as it sounds. I was previously worried about going to college and living with people other than my family. This program gave me a taste of how that would go and what I needed to improve on and what my skills already were. The greatest thing about this program is the staff. All the program leaders and staff here were extremely supportive and it's obvious how much they care about the students and how much they enjoy their job. All in all, I must reiterate how much of an incredible experience this was and how strongly i recommend it to other students craving adventure, leadership opportunities, and strong community.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Bring a good pair of hiking boots, rain gear, and a positive attitude and open mind to new experiences and people!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership Program

I really loved this program! The staff is so welcoming and personable. They really made the experience what it is. They always made themselves available to talk if need be. They handled problems with a great amount of thought, grace, and efficiency.
I really grew a lot as a person during this program because the activities we did pushed me. It made me realize that I am a lot more capable mentally and physically then I previously thought.
Also, the Irish people welcomed us with open arms. We really got to know people from local businesses. I met a lot of great people on this trip that I will keep in contact with and I know that if I ever come back to Ireland there are people hear I call up. One of my favorite things that I will miss is being able to walk out of the house, look left and see the ocean and the cliffs, look right and see Aroo Mountain. It is the most humbling feeling. I would recommend this program to people who love the outdoors and are up for anything.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
It is really hard to just pinpoint one thing, but the coolest we did was a cliff walk to the cliffs of Moher. It was so beautiful and breathtaking. My brain could literally not comprehend the beauty of it all. It was something that pictures can only wish to capture.
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