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Kayaking Trekking
Fall Spring
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Program fees include all meals, housing, activities and transport within Ireland and the full 24/7 support of the Irish Gap Year team.
For more information on whats included in our program fees please visit our website www.Irishgapyear.com/info/frequently-asked-questions
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Equipment Meals Park Fees Tour Guide Transportation Wifi
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All food, accomodation, activities, travel within Ireland and full, 24/7 support from the Irish Gap Year team are included.
Please see our website www.irishgapyear.com/info/frequently-asked-questions for more details on what's included in the Adventure and Leadership Gap Year Program

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Flights and medical insurance

Jan 19, 2022
Nov 21, 2022
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About Program

Irish Gap Year’s Adventure & Leadership Gap Year Program will take you far off the beaten track, deep into Irish culture and nature where you will learn much about yourself.

You will become immersed in our community and Irish culture, be challenged physically through outdoor adventure and mentally through our leadership course and volunteer in our community.

The rugged natural beauty of Ireland and warm heartedness of the people offer a unique setting for your journey of self-discovery. Our goal is create an environment that nurtures this process.

Throughout this program you will develop a deeper level of self-awareness, independence, group dynamics and self-governance. We hope that you will take with you a way of thinking and self-awareness that will last a life time.

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Program Highlights

  • Expeditions around Ireland: Each expedition on the Adventure and Leadership Program is unique with its own area of focus and theme. The expeditions are 3 to 5 days each and will and bring you far off the beaten track and face to face with Ireland’s hidden
  • Community Immersion: Live in your own magnificent Victorian home on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland's rugged Northwest coast. Your home is cozy, quirky and quaint. Here you'll learn invaluable independence building skills with your peers!
  • Volunteer in the Community: Make a meaningful and positive impact on our community as you volunteer on farms, animal shelters, with local youth groups, Clean Coasts Ireland and other local organisations.
  • Develop your Leadership and Communication Skills: Our leadership workshops are fun, interactive and experiential. You'll learn much about yourself and others as you are challenged to work within a team on a wide range of projects.
  • The People: Irish people are amongst the freindliest and funniest people you'll come across anywhere and our gappers always love getting to know the locals. They're quirky sense of humor and unique outlooks on life won't disapoint!

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4.90 Rating
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  • Housing 4.75
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 4.9
  • Value 4.8
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year Adventure & Leadership

I went into Irish Gap Year hoping to grow and prepare myself for college while also making friends and having meaningful experiences. I came out of it having done all that and more. The program struck the perfect balance between pushing me to challenge myself and creating an environment that was safe and fun for everyone. I felt comfortable relying on the staff when I needed to and encouraged to participate and grow. Most of all, I am truly grateful for the unique and close bonds that were built between us through the experiences we faced and time we spent living in close quarters. I feel prepared to face what college has to offer me and am feel extremely lucky to have had this opprtunity.

  • Student Led Trip
  • Group living
  • Nights out at the Phoenix
  • Being sick
  • Castle park
  • Drinking ban
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership

I was kind of nervous about coming to Ireland because I didn’t know anyone and was scared about the activities that we would do. Turns out it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve made lots of new friends, tried new activities like surfing and hiking, and experienced a different culture! I feel like I’ve grown as a person and found a purpose and gained confidence. If I could I would totally do this program again! The leaders are very supportive and helpful as well. Truly the best program ever.

  • Learning about the Irish culture
  • Traveling around Ireland
  • Making life long memories with the group
  • The program being only 12 weeks. I would love to be here longer
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish gap year review

Irish gap year is a fantastic opportunity for growth. I participated in the adventure and leadership program and feel I grew as a person in the time I spent in bundoran. On the first day Ryan Allan said to the group,”You get what you put in to the program.” That could not be more true. I advise that those who apply that they must be ready to put in effort and be put in foreign or uncomfortable situations. The one piece of advice I would to future gappers is to follow the rule that tells one not involve yourself in romantic relations since they tend to take away from the experience of the program. Overall I had a great time at Irish gap year and if you are ready to put in effort it may be a great fit for you.

  • Very well stuctured
  • Great social scene
  • Opportunities to mature and grow
  • Activities can get repetitive
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure & Leadership Spring 2022

The Adventure & Leadership program was a great mix between outdoor activities and travel. Some of my favorite memories were from surfing, sitting around the campfire, hikes with stunning views, exploring cities, and fun nights with the whole group. There were many overnight and day trips with a lot of driving, but the travel time was usually worth it for the unique locations we got to explore. There was a lot of free time to relax, and I loved spending peaceful time along the coast in Bundoran or at our favorite cafes in town, especially since the weather was always nicer than expected! The leadership workshops felt a bit incohesive at times, but I enjoyed spending time to reflect in nature. The leaders were great, and if we ever had a concern or problem, the they were there to help and open to our feedback. There was sometimes a lack of communication between the leaders and gappers, but it was never a big issue. Also, bikes were not provided, but it wasn’t an issue at all as it was an easy walk into town. Overall, I have loved my time here and have made great friends!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure & Leadership Program Experience 2022

This program was a really amazing experience for me. I have grown so much as a person, met some amazing people and have done things I wouldn't have thought were possible. The program offers a good balance between adventure based activities such as surfing, hikes, rock climbing and travel to different Irish cities. All the staff was very helpful and supportive, especially our main leader Niall. One of the highlights is definitely Liquid Therapy which is involves teaching surfing to children with additional needs. Overall I would definitely recommend this program.

  • independence/freedom
  • variety of activities
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Yes, I recommend this program

IGY experience

Irish gap year has been an inciteful and wondrous experience for me personally, the last few months have been both a learning experience and tons of fun at the same time for myself. From the get go this program forces you out if your comfort zone in a good way, between the new people on you with the program and the new culture, giving opportunity to learn new things to help. The housing situation, while annoying sometimes due to things breaking down, was really well put together in terms of rooming and other accommodations. For the actual adventure and leadership part of this program, the adventure expectations were definitely met, spanning from surfing to hikes to cities, allowing for most people to do what they want on this trip. For the leadership half, things weren’t exactly what I expected. Overall, really good experience, and I plan on visiting Ireland again!

  • Lots of places to visit
  • Variety of activities to do
  • Plenty of social time
  • Tad uncoordinated at times
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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventure and Leadership Spring 2022

I had a great time with Irish Gap Year and would recommend this program. I loved getting to explore different cities and towns in Ireland while also becoming really familiar with Bundoran where the program is based. The activities were fun and we got to try a huge range of things (surfing, rock climbing, camping, hiking). The one thing that came with doing such a wide range of activities was that there was sometimes a lack of consistency - surfing and hiking were pretty much the only activities that we repeated throughout the program. There was a lot of free time both in towns and cities which was always fun. The leaders and staff are great and very qualified. There were some issues in communication with the staff and the schedule was changed last minute a few times which caused confusion. Accommodations were super nice - any issues were always addressed quickly. The website makes it look like bikes are provided - they aren’t, but the walk to town is pretty quick.

  • Accommodations
  • High level of independence/free time
  • Some communication issues
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gay Pear

Irish Gap Year provided a variety of fun cultural and adventure activities. The staff cared a great deal for our well-being and comfort, and bundoran is very fun for a small town. The food was good and healthy, but would not recommend the trip for foodies. The highlights of the trip were all amazing views, stunning trips out to various parts of Ireland, and getting to go out on the town and experience the culture. A really fun group environment was cultivated by both the staff and students. Also I surf and had no idea there was surfing in Ireland, but Goshdarnit there is good surfing in Ireland! The staff were very nice about giving me as well as the people who wanted to fish or other things like that advice about where to go to keep up our hobbies!

  • Good balance of rural and city
  • Doable adventure, mindblowing landscapes and views
  • Culturally involved
  • Portbeg sus
  • A lot of downtime for some people
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