Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership Program - 12 weeks Fall & Spring
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Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership Program - 12 weeks Fall & Spring

Looking for an exciting Gap Year Program whilst surrounded by stunning scenery in the Emerald Isle? Our 12 week Adventure & Leadership Gap Year Program offers you the chance to really get to the heart of Irish culture and society while learning Leadership skills and having amazing adventures.

The program is built around 4 Cornerstones - Leadership Skills, Cultural Immersion, Outdoor Adventure and Community Volunteering. During the program you will see some of Ireland's top cultural sites and learn about Irish history ancient and modern. You will really get into the landscape through learning awesome outdoor adventure sports such as surfing, sea-kayaking, hiking & SUP on Ireland's rugged Wild Atlantic Way.

We offer our 12 week program twice a year; once in Fall and again in Spring, so it's never too late to join us on an adventure of a lifetime. Visit our page to start your Irish adventure.

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Price includes meals for 6 days each week, all transport within Ireland (international flights excluded), all taxes and entry fees to cultural sites, all accommodation costs, all equipment and related items for outdoor adventure sports, all course work and paperwork.

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3 Months in Ireland!

I have really enjoyed my time on the Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership program. All of the leaders are really kind and genuine people, and very attentive to our needs and wanting to make sure we’re getting the most out of the program. As someone who eats gluten free, all the leaders are very helpful in making sure my dietary restrictions are met. If there was ever a problem or challenge I was facing, I felt totally comfortable bringing it up and asking any one of my leaders for help. It’s a very good program for people (like myself) who are not overly outdoorsy but would like to be, because it allows you to explore nature and try new things in an all inclusive, ‘nobody gets left behind’ kind of way. I have been able to push myself physically in this program through surfing and hiking and I’ve really enjoyed all the adventures I’ve had with both. One of my favorite memories was a day when we went on a sunset surf, the sky was pink behind the rolling green cliffs and the ocean was like glass as the waves rushed toward us. It was an unforgettable sight and experience. We also did a lot of volunteer work in the local communities, and one of the highlights for me was helping a local youth group build a garden. I've loved being able to explore big cities like Galway and Dublin, we saw everything from museums to universities and authentic Irish pubs. I especially liked Galway, and hope to go back there as much as I can in the future. Overall I'd say this is a very worthwhile program that has helped me to figure out a bit more what I want and where I'm going, and allowed me to fall in love with a new country and culture along the way! Would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of doing a Gap Year.

Yes, I recommend
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Irish Gap Year

I've truly enjoyed my time in Ireland over the past three months. I have learned how to surf, gone on many hikes, and made many new friends here. I never thought I would enjoy being as active as I am here. I wasn't such an outdoors person before but now I know that going surfing and pushing myself on hikes makes me happy. My goal when I first started this trip was to feel more ready for college, and although I don't feel completely ready I can say I've grown up a lot from all the new experiences I have had.

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An Authentic Irish Experience

I came to Ireland after already being out of high school for a year, spending my previous gap year on an academic program in England and two culturally immersive volunteer programs in both Asia and South America, so when it came time for me to search for my next program, I had a clear picture of what I wanted. To be in a long-term group setting, to live in one place but still take trips and explore my surroundings. To be active and outdoors, but I also wasn't looking for something too extreme. I wanted balance, something that would be good for someone who wouldn't call themselves "athletic" or "outdoorsy." I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but not too far out! Irish Gap Year seemed to fulfill all of my requirements, and thus far it has met my expectations, and even surpassed some of them! For the first two months of the program we went out surfing at least two-to-three times a week, more if you were really keen! And we usually included two hikes every week exploring the beauty that is Northwestern Ireland. We also ventured out of our little bubble into the wider Ireland, taking three day trips into places like Dublin, Galway, and Belfast, a nice break from small town living especially as the weather turned and it was no longer pleasant for the more "outdoorsy" portion of the program. You get a full picture of Ireland and its people, who, by the way, are five-star. Our leaders too are amazing, easy to talk to and come with a wealth of experience, and are truly amazing people to learn from and get to spend three months with. The town of Bundoran is small, very small. During the summer season and all through September and October this was not a problem as it is a popular surf and outdoor destination. It is therefore full of new and exciting people to keep the town's vibe young and vibrant and your Friday and Saturday pub night's interesting! But as the good weather passed so did most of the tourists, and weekends in Bundoran grew slower. But fear not! Our program leaders allowed for the schedule to be flexible, so if we needed a change of scene, they wouldn't hesitate to see our needs met, sometimes taking us out of town for the weekend, etc. Living in a house with eight other 18 year-old's is been interesting to say the least, and is just as complicated as it should be expected. Kitchen and bathroom habits will always be a point of contention! Living with the same people and doing all of my activities with the same people was, for a self-admitted loner, a challenge, but all in all has taught me many valuable lessons and is not something I regret, no matter how difficult or out of my comfort zone it was. The leaders do try to help in this regard, they are attentive to the needs of both the individual and the group. As one of the guinea pigs in their first gap year program, I can honestly say that the program has been a success and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in signing up for it in the future.

Yes, I recommend
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Irish Gap Year Review

It was a great program that was plenty of fun. If you enjoy adventure this a great program for you. It has a large focus on surfing while also doing other activities. Since it is a new program there are some issues since they have to sort out the kinks; however, as a guinea pig for this group it was definitely worth it. They are improving the program day by day as the learn from their mistakes. The staff is great and friendly and will easily adapt to your needs.

How can this program be improved?

I think it will improve in time when they have more experience with running it. Yet they have been improving day by day and learning from their experiences.

Yes, I recommend

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