Warriors Academy Gap Year Program
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Warriors Academy Gap Year Program

Warriors Academy Autumn Quest 7th April - 25th May 2018

The highlight of this Quest is the journey to Ponta do Oura in Mozambique for the two week ocean open water diving course. The Autumn Quest is rounded off with an unforgettable four day wilderness hike in the northern Kruger National Park.

The Warriors Academy Gap Year program is aimed at developing each individual participant through a series of four 7-week adventure Quests. Each quest has a flagship adventure activity and is supported by numerous secondary activities. This is a highly dynamic and active program designed to create an exciting environment for personal and emotional growth. Participants can choose to do any one of the Quests or to do all four as a full Gap year program. The Second Year Multi-Activity-Instructors (MAI) course is aimed at those individuals that would like to pursue a career in the Adventure tourism industry equipping them with all the needed skills to become a professional Instructor or guide.

South Africa
South Africa
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What an adventure

Best year of my life, changed it all for the better, and still 10 years on feel a part of the family as I did when I was there.
I cannot recommend Warriors enough for everyone looking for a change of direction, a break from the norm, or a chance to find their passion.
This is an adventure you will never forget. The friends you make will last forever, and you'll become part of this (now global) family.

Yes, I recommend
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Warriors 2010

Warriors is a great program that helped me bridge the gap between high school and “the real world”. Warriors gave me the opportunity and skills to reflect on who I wanted to become, evaluate my options and focus on what I wanted my purpose to be. The TOLTEC portion of the gap year offers all the tools for self improvement and have been invaluable to me over the past 8 years. Coupled with the many excursions we went on both inside and outside of South Africa this is a truly once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Yes, I recommend
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There Is Nothing Like It

It is hard to quantify the experience I had at Warriors purely through the medium of a keyboard. The lessons that I learnt over four years ago are still as relevant to me today. You are pushed to your physical and mental limits - something that I don't think people of my generation do enough of.
If you want something different that will force into situations where you thrive as person, the Warriors Academy is the perfect place.

Yes, I recommend

Best gap year out there!

I did this course the first year that it opened, its fantastic!
Its like a modern version of a finishing school/army - perfect for school leaves who need more direction and need to get to know themselves and what they truly love.
It takes you out of your comfort zone constantly and teaches you true appreciation for life itself.
A MUST DO for all late teens before university perhaps, thats what I did.
Highly highly recommended!

How can this program be improved?

healthier food options available

Yes, I recommend

The biggest gift ever given to me!

Life gives you opportunities and it is up to you how you use them! I was given the opportunity to be part of the Warriors Program and I was hesitance at first yet I am grateful for having chosen this route.

The Warriors Academy gave me a lifelong gift of egniting my passion for sport, for running in particular.

This program is what I believe every young person need to take on before dribbling on to life. The lessons I learned then are all coming to play now in my sporting career!
Because of the tools and learning gained from the program, I am rouf to say that I am an elite sponsored athlete for my country!


For The Adventure Of Being Alive!

Yes, I recommend
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If not now then 30 years ago

There are pockets of brilliance in this world and The Viljoens are right up there in having that magic touch. They have helped me make sense of my power, and they have liberated me from so many self-imposed restrictions it has been like how I imagine coming out of prison must feel.
What I most fondly look back on though is the astonishing gift they have given to so many young adults that pioneered the WASP programme. My favourite quote from one of the participants went something like this:- “I went to South Africa with a confirmed medical diagnosis of claustrophobia; you told me I would be encouraged to see where my limits were but never forced to do anything I really didn’t want to. I went into an environment that was safe, non-judgemental and enriching in so many ways. I smashed through limits I truly believed were unbreakable. I faced up to and overcame what I thought were permanent barriers only to realise that I had been living the labels slapped onto me by others. They don’t apply – in fact they never did. I have simply made that choice and Warriors showed me how.”
Don’t wait until you’re fifty to find out. Discover who you are and realise the perfection that’s already in you. Yes I recommend Warriors to people of all ages and backgrounds.

How can this program be improved?

More of Rudi please.

Yes, I recommend
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How Warriors Changed My Life

How does one describe a year of exillerating adventure, physical challenges, emotional highs and lows, personal reflection and putting your life in the hands of people you don't know who will ultimately become some of the most important people in your life in only a few words?

My warriors journey started when I was 20 years old after I decided to take a break after two years of studying. When I joined the programme I was in a very negative emotional state and my confidence was as low as it has ever been. The the fact that most of my fellow warriors were three two to four years my junior also made me doubt if I would fit in. All these aspects ultimately ended being inconsequential as I probably had the best year of my life up to that point.

The warriors programme exists in four components that is pread throughout the year in seven weeks a piece and I would strongly reccomend signing up to all four. We travelelled throughout South Africa and they took me to places, which even as a South African I didn't know about and took my breath away. Warriors challenges you as a person and each individual will be challenged in their own unique way. For a lot of people it is the adventure that attracts them towards the programme and admittedly that was the case for me. What made the programme special for me though is how it enabled me to find out who I was as a person and motivated me to live my live each day to its fullest potential. The programme forces you to step out of you comfort zone ragardles of where that zone is in your life, whether it be facing a fear of heights, being comfortable in your own body or putting yourself out into the world with th risk of people getting to know the real you. This is what makes the programme different for me from others as it is for every type of person from all spheres of the world.

The friends I made will be with me forever and when we see each other it is always a reunion of great laughs and memories. During my time on warriors I got numerous qualifications, like advanced scuba diving, sailing skippers license and to many to mention, but is probably better explained on the warriors website. My most memorable memories on warriors is not the adventure sports or the games, but the moments after a hike or rafting trip when everyone has set up their camp. It is in those moments that you start to reflect upon your life and you really get to know the people next to you as you share life experiences, ideoligies and dreams for the future.

Life was not always easy on the programme and there were times I wanted to leave, but with the help of the friends I made I saw it through and was ultimately rewarded by being a more rounded person. I am currently finishing my degree and my life gets more fun day upon day thanks to warriors. One of the most important lessons I learned on the programme is to keep on living and that even when things are going great to keep pushing your boundries in life.

For The Adventure Of Being Alive

How can this program be improved?

Have reunions, because I miss the people that are far away.

Yes, I recommend
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The Warriors gap year program has been very valuable to me. I have gained confidence, I have met wonderful people from all over the world and I respect myself a lot more than before. During the Warriors program you get thrown into the deep, which is good. It's the way to growth and development. You get to exercise a lot, which improves your overall health. The Warriors family is a tight family, I felt welcomed and at home there although my home is on the other side of the globe. We did things such as charity work, personal development workshops, personal branding. I got a lot of meaningful certifications during the 3,5 months I was there such as my scuba-diving qualification and a sailing certificate. I feel so much stronger now and I got a view of what I want to go do. I would recommend this program to everyone since it is such a unique experience. It is well-organized and totally safe.

Yes, I recommend
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My warriors gap year

If it wasn't for warriors I wouldn't have a clue where I would be. Warriors is probably the best program that I've ever done also the best thing I've done for myself... so here I was 18 years old and not a clue where I wanted to go with no direction what so ever. but then I found out about warriors academy and gave it a shot, at first I was scared because I was away from my family and didn't know anyone, but the best thing is that the minute you walk into the doors of warriors you are welcomed as family... this gap year is so full of fun, exciting adrenaline packed adventure but on the same note you learn so much more about yourself and who you are! Warriors gave me the skill set to accomplish anything I set my mind to. If it was jumping off a bridge or just taking the lead on a hike. If it wasn't for this amazing gap year then I wouldn't have been the person I am today.... I enjoyed this gap year so much I actually work for warriors now and I'm able to help people the way, the warrior staff helped me when I first started out.

You will be challenged to a point where you won't even want to carry on but you have to understand that at this point you will grow the most and prove to your self that you are STRONGER than you ever thought.

Yes, I recommend

Best gap year ever!

As a 17 year old traveling from literally the other side of the world for the first time it was so scary! When I arrived at basecamp after traveling for 3 days it was so nice that the facilitators and my fellow warriors were so welcoming! I was fortunate enough to participate in all 4 the quests. My favorite must have been the Spring quest! That was also where we did the wild coast hike! for sure my favorite hike of them all. Its crazy that when I think back to my first hike where I had so much trouble because of my negative mindset and then when i finally started being more positive I absolutely LOVED going on hikes! For sure Warriors has thought me allot but one of the most important things it has thought me is self love.

Yes, I recommend
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Best year of my life!

I now know who I want to be :)
I have all the tools and know how to use them in life. I understand that daily practice influences my results. The experience and the healing this year brought me will forever inspire me to love more, do more, give more and life with full force.
I am honored to call Warriors my Family and my home.

Yes, I recommend

My Warriors experience

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Four quests I have completed and each with the same goal in mind. To be the best me that I can be. I arrived at Warriors with a mindset that made me pretend to be someone else in order to fit in. It took me a long time to get through that but I then realised, I don't need to be anyone other than myself. I don't need to have accomplished extraordinary events or reached highest of standards to be accepted. I realised that if I am true to myself, love myself and focus on myself before others, the rest will follow.

So many people have come into my life this year and I have learnt so much from every single one of them. I never expected to be a part of such an amazing adventure. With people, that in the beginning, I saw as complete strangers but in the end were the best of friends and family I could ever ask for. I could never be more greateful for them all, because without them I would not have made it through the first week.

I have seen, learnt and experienced so many things in my time at Warriors. I've been on countless adventures and faced more challenges than I had ever thought possible. I've taught myself endless lessons to help nurture my mental, physical and emotional state of being. In only 9 months, I have grown to achieve so much in my life. Obliterated what I had seen as boundaries and thrown all thoughts of limits behind me.

Warriors Academy has been such an incredible experience in my life and I will use everything I've learnt from it in every day, through every challenge I face.

For the adventure of being alive.

Yes, I recommend
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The Warriors Academy

I am a Warrior myself, class of 2016. And with all honesty, this programme has changed my life. IT set me in my future and I have learned to live life to the best of my ability. The Warriors Academy isn't just a gap year, it is a life choice. An attitude. A way of living. IF I could encourage every person to do this Gap year, I would do so with my whole heart. To see in I'm telling the truth you can even watch my personal Gap Year video on YouTube "My Warriors Academy Gap Year 2016" ... believe me. This is the programme for anyone who doesn't know what to do with their life, doesn't know who they are, wants to find themselves and wants a break away from the pressures of society. The Warriors Academy not only changed my immediate life but my parents and family members can see the change in me too.

How can this program be improved?

It needs to be longer- 8 months isn't enough!

Yes, I recommend

About Warriors Academy

Warriors Academy has developed an intensive self development program using a wide range of intrinsic and extrinsic activities. The program is divided into four quests, each with a flagship activity and supported by a variety of secondary activities....