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Italy has long been considered the country of every traveler's dreams, and TFT will show you why! Our Italy directors have spent years living and working in the country and are sure to provide you with an authentic experience and show you the best the country has to offer! From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the ancient streets of Rome and to the crystal clear shores of the Amalfi Coast, our Italy programs offer something for every traveler!

Adventure & Culture

Classic Italy: Get a taste for the best Italy has to offer while you visit all of the countries highlights!

Ultimate Italy: Discover one of the world's top destinations on the ultimate journey through Italy! Indulge in mouthwatering food, be inspired by world famous art, and experience tranquil villas and charming vineyards. From Venice to the Vatican, and the villages of the Cinque Terre to the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, this ultimate Italian program really does have it all!

Service, Adventure and Culture

Italy Service and Adventure: Cinque Terre, Rome and Sorrento: Join Travel for Teens on a service program in the Cinque Terre (Italian for "Five Lands"), Rome, Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast. The knowledge of our incredible guides - the result of years spent living and studying in the country - allows you to enjoy a safe overseas experience filled with abundant options.

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast : Join Travel for Teens on an incredible program as you cruise through Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast. The knowledge of our incredible guides - the result of years spent living and studying in the country - allows you to enjoy a safe overseas experience filled with abundant options.

Photography and Culture

Italy Photography: Learn how to make great photos from our expert photography instructor in the most beautiful of settings - all skill levels are welcome!

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Best trip ever!

This trip was absolutely amazing from start to finish! Everything exceeded my expectations and my Italian dreams came true! I definitely recommend teens and parents and faculty to go on a Travel for Teens trip because they're going to have the time of their life! I was in awe of everywhere we went and I could have not asked to see more since the main points were covered. I loved going on the gondola in Venice and visiting a vineyard in Tuscany. Each city had its own atmosphere and environment so it was a joy experiencing each culture. Siena was very different than what I expected but it was overall a beautiful and history filled city. I'm so thankful to come from an Italian culture and to have taken three years of the language because I got to translate and talk to the locals.

How can this program be improved?
Better organization with airplane tickets. Some reservations went all the way through to the destination but some stopped at a connecting flight which caused a few issues.
Yes, I recommend this program

A Home Away From Home

The sun, radiating down on an elderly woman and glistening off of her pale blue eyes, showed a glimpse of her appreciation for volunteers. She was a local, watching the Travel for Teens Sicily participants work for the Biancavilla community. Our hard work was rewarded with soft smiles from elders and laughs from children. The locals spoke limited English; however, their facial expressions transcended language barriers and were more meaningful than words.

As a member of the TFT team during the summer of 2015, I spent two weeks living with a Sicilian family. I assisted with many aspects of running the families facility, from farming and household projects, to a cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge.

After cleaning out an abandoned tool shed to use as a donkey barn, or picking pappleechaes off 300 plus trees, the true result of service was not the work itself; instead, it was how the work affected the feelings of others.

Travel for Teens Sicily allowed my desire to help others prosper through the service work, my drive to explore soar through the excursions to Taormina, Catania, and Syracuse, and my personal connection to the world to click through my hike up Mt. Etna.

How can this program be improved?
The Travel for Teens Sicily program successfully immerses participants into the Sicilian culture while educating them on service skills. These skills are acquired through various activities such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, property development, and assisting local individuals.

During my participation in the summer of 2015, although the service activities were well coordinated throughout the trip between field trips to cities, beaches, and other tourist sites, there tended to be an a lot of free time after the community work.

At times it felt that my companions and I completed projects with such dedication that we ended early. This free time was given to us to relax, prepare for the next activity, or contact friends/family; however, as the trip progressed, this time felt as if it began to pile up. During that free time, I occasionally wandered throughout the property looking for things to do to, hoping to further contribute to assisting the local family.

In order for this program to be improved, I would recommend having more activities available for the program participants either on or off the host family property. These activities could include exploring the local community, interacting with neighbors, or participating in more service activities.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Travel for... A Life Changing Experience!

I first found this company when I was 17 years old. I went on my first trip to Italy with them and it was a life changing experience! It was clear from the first day that the gudies not only knew tons about this beautiful country, but that they really cared about the culture and place as well. The tours of the museums and monuments were engaging, accessable, and fun! Most days we would spend walking through the beautiful cobblestone streets from our always centrally located hotels to that day's activity. The trips found a good balance between educational activities such as museums and monuments and chill activities like swimming, shopping, and gelato eating!

I feel so lucky to have found this company. I have heard others stories of touristy bus trips that drive you to monuments and pile students into chain or cafeteria style restuants and stay in huge hotels far away from the town centers, and that thought makes me shudder when I think of the intimate first experience of Italy with Travel for Teens. I left Italy feeling completely satisfied with my experience, but wishing that the trip would just go on forever! I would HIGHLY reccomend these tours for any teen!

How can this program be improved?
I know that no program is perfect, but I wouldn't want to change anything about my experience!
Yes, I recommend this program
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My Time in Italy

I had so much fun during my time in Italy. The experience was unforgettable and I made a lot of great friends that I still keep in contact with today. The counselors where wonderful, I always felt safe and never unhappy. There was never a dull day on the trip and every hour of the day was filled with activities.

Yes, I recommend this program


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