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CareerUp | Internships Abroad

CareerUp (formerly SK Pacific) is the leading provider of internships abroad in Southeast Asia. We connect talented students with world class organizations. Our all-inclusive program offers premium housing, transportation, travel, and networking opportunities.

At CareerUp we personally work with all our candidates to understand their goals, interests, and experience. We then match candidates with our network of world class organizations. Our partners include Baker & Mckenzie, The Red Cross, Ernst & Young, General Electric, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Our internships abroad include positions in finance, law, marketing, public relations, information technology, tourism and many more. Work with us to accelerate your career and have an amazing travel experience.

  • Unlike other internship companies, we tell you which companies you can work for before asking you to commit to our program.
  • Add Great Value to you Resume: Increase your prospects for future employment by adding significant value to your CV or resume with valuable experience in your desired career path.
  • Support: our on-ground coordinators will assure that your internship experience is fulfilling both inside and outside of the workplace by offering 24 hour support to address your needs.
  • Accommodations and transportation: We offer world-class, furnished accommodation that is located close to major transportation lines and to metropolitan centers. We also provide daily shuttles to and from work.
  • Travel: we organize trips for out interns to some of the most amazing destinations in the world.
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International Relations
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The program fee includes internship placement at a company in a desired job sector, high-quality and conveniently located accommodation, 24 hour staff support, induction day training, cultural and professional events, pre-paid mobile sim cards and MRT cards

Program fee doesn’t include airfare or insurance. However, we offer recommendations for both well-priced flights and comprehensive insurance plans. We also offer no guarantee of future employment with our corporate partners, but outstanding performance during the internship may lead to employment opportunities which are to be negotiated independent of SK Pacific.

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Career Up Experince

My internship abroad was a excited and challenging experience for me. Prior to my internship in Singapore, I had never traveled away from home for more than 2 weeks. I had just finished my second year at university and I knew I needed to gain business experience to improve my CV. My university's professional advisor recommended I contact Career Up. They were very professional and organized. The process of obtaining my internship took just 4 weeks. It was certainly an exciting experience to travel to Asia and work alongside the locals. The Singaporean people are very friendly and I always felt welcome. On a number of occasions I was invited to birthday parties and other events. Overall, I had a wonderful experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Career Up Internship

There are a lot of intern abroad programs but I choose Career Up because they are the only company that actually tells you what internship you will get in advance. I know other companies will take you money even if you do not get a good internship.

The internship was very interesting. I did research for a company that made investments in solar energy projects. The others interns were from the US and all of the world. It was a lot of fun to travel with them. I think this is a good program overall for someone that wants to travel and get work experince.

Yes, I recommend
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My internship in Manila

I recently finished my event management internship in Manila with Career Up. It was really a great experience. I worked at a super fun company. They did all sorts of big music events and events for companies. There was always something new happening. The program was really easy. The people in the Philippines are really nice too. If you go make sure that you do a trip to visit Palawan island. It is so beautiful.

How can this program be improved?

I think it was good overall.

Yes, I recommend
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SKP Internship

I did an internship with SK Pacific last summer. It was my first time living outside of the US and it was a big decision for me to go to Asia. I recently landed a great job and I wanted to write this review for other people like me who may be considering doing an internship abroad.

I was graduating in one year and I knew I needed to get internship experience in my industry. SK got me an internship at a good firm in Manila and made the process very easy. There were times that is was difficult living in a new country and working as an intern. However, now that I have found a great full time good, I can see the value of what I did.

After my internship, I returned home and completed my last year of college. This summer I started applying to jobs and my experience in Asia was the main thing that was discussed during my interviews. I had experience working at the same type of firms I was applying to and I know it made a big difference.

I wanted to write this review for other people like me who are considering doing this program because it is worth it. If you have a opportunity at a big firm back home or at your dream company you should of-course do that, but if you don't have a great internship you should seriously consider doing an internship with SKP.

Yes, I recommend
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Singapore Internship

I did an internship with SK Pacific in Singapore. It was an amazing experience overall. I was looking for an internship back home, but my career counselor suggest I think about doing a internship abroad. SK Pacific made the process very easy and I did not have to do any planning. I just had a skype interview with the company and the rest was arranged for me. All the interns lived in a nice condo appartments building. It was a fun experience to live with other students and travel around during the program. Singapore is a amazing place. I didn't know much about it before my trip, but it is one of the most modern cities I have ever seen. The architecture and food is amazing. There is also a very cool beach area called Sentosa where we would go almost every weekend.

Yes, I recommend
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My internship in Asia

I come from France and it is was very challenging to find a suitable internship there. This program was very helpful for it connected me with a highly reputable corporation in Asia. I did not think I could have found this internship on my own. It was also a very enjoyable program for we had the opportunity to travel many times on the weekends and also after we completed our internships. After participating in this program I moved back to France and I was able to obtain a very good job here and I think the internship was very important for my success.

Yes, I recommend
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A great way to travel and build your resume

Last year I went to my University career center and they recommended that I look into this program. I applied on their website and they had a admissions coordinator work with me and figure out what kind of internship I wanted. I think they did a good job of being transparent about what positions were available for me because most of the other companies like them do not tell you anything and just want your money. The internship was really great and the housing other services were nice and what I expected. I'd recommend taking a look at this program if you want to travel and also get ready for finding a job after college.

Yes, I recommend
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I definitely recommend it

I had a great time doing my internship with SK Pacific. I wanted to share this here because the program was a huge help to me getting a full time job in the US. I had been turned down by a bunch of companies for an accounting position, but after doing my internship abroad I was offered an great job in the Bay Area. I am honestly very thankful for the service that SK Pacific provided me and I HIGHLY recommend that any other college student give it a try.

I even got to travel to the most amazing island I've ever seen. Check out my picture...

Yes, I recommend
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Great internship and travel oppotunity

Doing a summer internship with SK Pacific was one of the best experiences of my life.

I was able to build on my skills and add work experience to my resume, while traveling the region and meeting new people.

Having never traveled prior to joining the program, the package they offered made it easy for me to acclimate to a totally new environment. The housing they offered was comfortable and closely located to the central business districts. The other interns in the program also made the experience more fulfilling, as we were all able to explore and learn about a new culture as a group.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in gaining internship experience and expanding their cultural horizons!

How can this program be improved?

Daily transportation to and from work could be a bit more streamlined.

Yes, I recommend

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Would you like to gain international work experience and strengthen your prospects for post-graduation employment? Consider working as a Business or Finance intern in one of the world’s fastest growing regions with CareerUp (formerly SK Pacific)!