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NorCap China Internships provides an enriched, professional internship experience in China for university students and recent graduates. The company was founded by alumni of Yale and Cornell who who are living in China and focuses on providing professional opportunities in China’s capital that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find coming from the US. NorCap's social and professional networks also guide and support each intern's immersion and development in Beijing. 

You don’t necessarily have to have a “China background” to apply – we look for applicants who are open-minded, focused, and serious about making the most of any professional opportunity. Our positions run year-round and span a variety of industries, including government and public affairs, finance, consulting, marketing, public relations, engineering, technology, film, journalism, architecture, communications, and more.

  • Flexible timing with 2-6 month internships offered on a rolling- basis year-round so students can choose what works with their schedules
  • Customized placement with ongoing mentoring from NorCap staff to help motivated individuals build a strong foundation to succeed in international business operations
  • Opportunities across all sectors including government and public affairs, marketing, non-profit, finance, consulting, architecture, engineering, technology, film, hospitality, journalism and more
  • Unique social and networking events connect like-minded individuals and lay the foundation for those seeking the excitement of social and professional immersion in Beijing
  • Full Service support throughout the entire program to ensure our interns safety and well-being

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Yes, I recommend this program

Changed My Life!

Without NorCap, I would have been a lost cause in Beijing. The expert staff of NorCap was committed to making my experience as remarkable as possible. They treated me like family even before I booked my ticket by informing me of the smallest details. The Managing Director personally welcomed me at the Beijing International Airport and escorted me to my apartment. I met the entire NorCap staff, who are the friendliest group, at my welcome dinner and immediately I had local contacts to speak with in any time of need.

Throughout my six months in Beijing, NorCap held several professional seminars, meet and greet workshops, social nights, and weekend trips. My most extraordinary memory was camping out on the Great Wall of China! These events were not mandatory and this rule set NorCap a part from other internship programs. The program does not 'hold your hand' throughout your time in Beijing. This crucial quality is what helped me build myself, by myself. You can live an expat life during your stay since you will be working full time. At the same time, if you have any questions or need any type of help, NorCap is always there.

Living in China was an adventure to say the least, an adventure that came with many challenges. These challenges only helped me graduate from a naive college student to an open-minded, daring, street-smart young adult. I changed for the better and I had the most unforgettable memories with the kindest souls. I am in the process of interviewing for jobs right now and every employer cannot stop asking questions about my China experience. They are incredibly impressed that I took advantage of this once in a lifetime internship opportunity. I would recommend this experience and the NorCap China Internship program in a heartbeat.

Thank you NorCap!

What would you improve about this program?
I recommend taking Mandarin classes before coming to Beijing since very little people speak English. Also, try coming with a friend if possible. The company will make the experience much more incredible. I commuted to work and traveled around the city via bicycle. I totally recommend investing in one as soon as you reach Beijing. It's one of the quickest way to get around. More importantly, I believe you soak in the true, local energy of Beijing traveling on a bicycle.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly one-of-a-kind program!

I would never have been able to have such a professional internship experience in China without the help of Norcap. The whole process of finding safe yet inexpensive housing in a central location, and getting in touch with an appropriate company for an internship in a city I had not spent much time in seemed overwhelming--Norcap removed all of my worries and made my ideal summer come true! This "package" including: internship and housing placement, airport pick-up and drop-off, cell phone, in addition to cultural activities, networking opportunities, and get-togethers by Norcap made the whole experience very easy, fun, and productive for my future goals, Mandarin skills, and just for meeting new people! I had participated in other kinds of "study abroad" programs before, and this was very different--I was able to be so much more independent, attending the Norcap get-togethers if I felt like it; most other study abroad programs have mandatory events and outings, and as a result, giant groups of touristy Americans end up wandering around a city together and don't end up making local experiences. This was far different! I was able to be independent and go about my own day-to-day routine between my amazing Chinese host family and my office where I mostly spoke Chinese, but had the comfort of knowing that I had the Norcap support system just around the corner if I needed. The Norcap events were also very local and not so "touristy," as the program is led by Beijing residents who have spent lots of time there. There was a good mix of cultural events from shows, restaurants, karaoke, the art district and various museums, historic sites, etc.

My only day-to-day difficulty was getting to and from work. The distance between my office and my host family's apartment was not far at all, but unfortunately required a short bus ride to get to the subway station, and then just a couple stops on the subway. Beijing morning rush hour traffic made it so that it was quicker to walk (45 minutes or so) than to take the bus to the subway stop. As a result, I chose to walk through the pollution for about an hour and a half each day, but this is just the inevitable Beijing traffic situation unfortunately; I would have bought a bike if I had more time in Beijing! Norcap is not to blame for this but just a warning to get a bike or find easier and quicker ways to get around to beat the rush hour traffic! I think this was my only real 'difficulty' I faced in Beijing. Otherwise, my host family was very sweet and made me feel so at home; they always invited me to eat with them for every meal even though I was only paying for breakfast. I interned at a small digital media agency which had just about 10 people working at one long table--a very fun atmosphere! They were all 21-27 years old so I made a lot of friends and my Mandarin improved a lot by speaking with them. I wish I could have been given a bit more substantial work (I did a lot of website content uploading and regular busywork any intern would do), but I still feel that my time with them was worthwhile and that it will help me out with the art/advertising/media path that I would love to pursue post-graduation.

Thank you Norcap for an unforgettable experience!

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