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Intern Colombia connects graduates, students, and young professionals from around the world with first-class internships in Colombia. We provide diverse internship programs in Colombia linked to a wide range of 24 academic disciplines. This means that we can provide an internship that is right for you. We are confident that everybody who takes part in our Program will fall in love with Colombia and gain invaluable employment and life skills.

  • Boost your CV - distinguish yourself from the competition in an increasingly competitive global labour market.
  • Personal, academic, and professional growth - transformative inter-cultural learning experiences through our internships.
  • Discover a new country and culture - attend social & cultural events, join weekend trips, and meet other international interns.
  • Make an impact - our internship programs provide you with the opportunity to leave a real and lasting impact.
  • Become a Global Citizen - Expand your cross-cultural understanding and increase your global awareness by doing an internship abroad, giving you the opportunity to better understand your cultural values and beliefs in a new context.

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  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 9.3
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Perfectly organized internship and great experience in Colombia!

In order to change my career path and to gain both work and cultural experience, I was searching for
an internship for 4 months as software programmer in Colombia.
As I did not speak any Spanish I thought it would be a hard time for me finding a suitable opportunity on my own.
So I decided to get some help and with Intern Colombia I found a very reliable and transparent organization that has partners and opportunities in many different career fields.
The whole process from the application over finding a matching company and pricing and the job interview is outlined very well beforehand and the communication via Skype was always well organized and friendly. For me it was a very positive experience!

When I arrived here they picked me up from the airport, showed me the apartment etc. and while my stay here Intern Colombia organized social events on a regular basis, where I met other interns, which is also a very nice opportunity to meet new people and to exchange experiences.

My impression of the company Mi Águila, where I did my internship, was very positive. The atmosphere was always very nice and friendly there. Most important for me was that the project I had there was very challenging and had nothing to do with the classic internship tasks. So if you hope to find a real learning opportunity, Intern Colombia provided me exactly with this kind of internship, which is not self-evident.

The country Colombia is very different from its general reputation in Europe, the people are very friendly and Intern Colombia will provide you with a lot of general safety tips, dos and dont's for your stay. As the people in Colombia, especially in Bogotá, speak very clear and slow Spanish this is the perfect situation to improve your Spanish, or even to learn it from scratch.

I just can highly recommend everybody, to contact Intern Colombia and start organizing your stay here as soon as possible!

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience with Colombian NGO

I would highly recommend going through Intern Colombia to do an internship in Colombia. I was able to enjoy 3 great months working for an NGO, where I had the opportunity to experience working in various areas of the organization, working with great people and gain a valuable insight into future job possibilities. Bogotá acted as a fantastic base to work and live, I was able to get to know the city well and the accommodation was in a good location which easily facilitated travel to work as well as socializing. Colombia is an exciting country where the spoken Spanish is beautiful and I couldn't recommend it more, especially through Intern Colombia- who made the process so much easier

Yes, I recommend

Challenging but Rewarding

I can definitely say that my experience working in Colombia was the most challenging, but rewarding experience of my life. It wasn't that I wasn't accustomed to traveling, before Colombia I visited Ecuador, Peru, Spain and many other countries... but I never worked abroad before. This is very different because not only do you need to navigate the cultural differences, but you have to fully embrace them to give your 100% at work. Even though the job was challenging, it offered the perfect opportunity to acquire skills I still had to work on: conflict resolutions, problem-solving, communication (specifically in Spanish), and initiative at work. I worked so hard and learned so much that I really feel like I left a small part of me at that foundation, and that the foundation left its mark on me. The country itself is amazing: the various ecosystems and landscapes, the warm welcomes I received from Colombians, the food, the culture... If you want both a challenge and an opportunity to escape and discover a wonderful country, choose Intern Colombia!

How can this program be improved?
The program could offer more social opportunities such as group activities and organized trips.
Yes, I recommend

Amazing opportunity..So happy to have done it.

My experience with Intern Colombia is only positive. From the inital skype interview all the way to when i arrived i felt completely comfortable and trusted Matt and his staff completely with everything they did for me. The internship programs that they run are amazing, with great partnerships at some incredible companies. The opportunity has helped give me experience in my degree field as well as speaking a new second language. I will forever be thankful to the opportunity they gave me and would be back in an instant. Oh, and Colombia is the most amazing, diverse country and i am so fortunate to say i have lived and worked there.

Thank you Intern Colombia.

Yes, I recommend

A Summer in Colombia

After spending a year living abroad in Spain and Italy, with visits to plenty of other countries, I decided I wanted to spend my summer differently needing to quench a new found thirst I had for the unknown. After extensive research online I finally settled on Intern Colombia and I can firmly say they did not disappoint. The team had everything sorted in a very quick space of time and were thoroughly supportive throughout my 3 months in Bogotá. I was offered an internship teaching English in a foundation which was everything I hoped it would be. I developed a connection with my colleagues and students and everyone I came across in Bogotá, thanks to it being such a warm and hospitable culture. Being back in the UK now I feel like a changed person with a wealth of knowledge which assists me greatly in my studies. Not only that, but I hope to take up a career path abroad, quite possibly in Colombia, and I only have Intern Colombia to thank.
I highly recommend everyone and anyone to do an Internship with Intern Colombia. It will be a life changing experience and something you certainly will not regret.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience

I had a great experience with Intern Colombia - moving to a new country can be daunting but with the support from staff and organisation of visas, accommodation etc it was really simple. One of the best aspects of the group for me was the regular events provided throughout my time in Bogota - not only the initial city tour and fruit tour but also the opportunity for weekend trips and nights out which gave the chance to meet people in similar situations doing internships with other companies.
I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of interning in Colombia to go for it, it's an amazing country and the people are so welcoming and always keen to help you have a good time. I made some great friends, explored a lot of interesting places, and overall had an unforgettable experience

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Internship Experience!

InternColombia has been an incredible experience. They helped me find an internship abroad within my desired career field, web design as well as allowed me to meet people from around the world and go to different organized social events. I made great friends through the program and travelled around Colombia with them so you never really feel alone while in a foreign country.

It truly has been an amazing experience and I would hope that anyone wishing to come to Colombia goes for it because it's 100% worth it!

Yes, I recommend
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Best internship company in Colombia!

I was already living in Colombia when I was told about Intern Colombia and had previously looked at other internship companies to do a placement an the honest truth is that they had nothing on what Intern Colombia was able to offer; from support on housing, social activities, to being more financially competitive.

With their help I was able to find a company that suited what I was looking for and has now helped me secure a new international job back in the UK.

If you're considering an internship abroad put Colombia at the top of your list and if you're looking for a company which will help you have the time of your life pick Intern Colombia!

Yes, I recommend
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Very well organised Internship

Very well organised programme. There was a lot of help and effort put in pre departure by interncolombia which made settling in a new country a lot easier and any questions/concerns I had were always addressed very quickly. There were always social events organised with other interns and the placements met all the requirements I wanted to gain from the experience. All in all, this programme gave me the experience I needed after graduating and also allowed to me to drastically improve my Spanish while getting exposure to a different culture. Would highly recommend participating in the Internship programme.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic kickstart to a career change!

I undertook an internship with Intern Colombia from February to June in human rights and prevention of human trafficking. It was an unforgettable experience and has undoubtedly helped my career path transitioning to this field. Intern Colombia made the whole process incredibly smooth and there's no way I would have found an organisation to work with that fit the kind of work I was looking for so perfectly without their help; especially with my dreadful Spanish skills! The application was straightforward, and they were supportive throughout my time in Colombia. The price is extremely reasonable for the service they provide, including being met at the airport and tours upon arrival in Bogota and arranging social events when I was back in the capital. I opted for a placement in a small town far from Intern Colombia's headquarters but it's my understanding for those based in the big city there were regular outings and events which is a huge difference for anyone apprehensive about moving to a new country alone. Highly recommend!

Yes, I recommend

Best time of my life with Intern Colombia

If anyone has any doubt of going to Colombia, I want you to step back away from the media and keep your mind open. Colombia is drastically changing from what it used to be in the 80s & 90s.

With Intern Colombia, I was able to have my dream internship and the best roommates that will forever be my friends for life. The team made me feel very safe throughout the program. Above that, they have events to make you feel included and meet up with the rest of the team. The team will walk you through everything such as to take you to your internship on your first day from your home to helping you grocery shopping and even taking tours around the city (my favorite was the fruit tour), etc. I could not have asked for a better experience with Intern Colombia. I have learned so much from my internship in my career field and personal development. My time in Colombia has been the best experience of my life by far and I cannot thank you Intern Colombia enough.

Mahalo from Hawaii,

Yes, I recommend

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