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Internships Colombia is a company created in 2012. The main goal of our agency is to provide international candidates, students or young professionals with Internships and Volunteering Programs in Colombia.

We have partnerships with Start-ups, NGO's and charities in many different sectors and are always striving to create new alliances. We pride ourselves on the successful connection between internship / volunteering applicants and placements.

We want everybody to benefit with new skills and ideas being shared between Colombian and the international community.

  • Live an unforgettable life experience with one of the world's friendliest people
  • Experience the Colombian way of life
  • Gain Spanish fluency by living with locals
  • Make memories you will never forget during your time in Colombia
  • Visit Bogota, the Atlantic coast, the Caribbean coast, the mountain, the desert, national parks...

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  • Growth 8.3
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 8.7
  • Safety 8.7
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Internship in Medellin

Doing an internship in beautiful Medellín, in the most innovative city of the world, has been my dream come true. Internships Colombia organized the internship efficiently, in a professional and friendly manner, offering guidance and support during the process from start to finish. They have an extensive network of companies and NGOs on many different fields.
My colleagues welcomed me as a part of the team from day one and I got to multitask in marketing, recruitment and customer relationship management.
Thanks to this amazing opportunity I have been able to advance on my career.
As they say in Colombia: Colombia is magical realism!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Internships in Colombia

I always wanted to go to Colombia so when I found Internships Colombia on internet, I contacted them directly and 1 week later I had a Skype interview which went very well. I explained them the kind of social experience I wanted in Colombia. And 3 months later I was in Medellin starting my Internship. 6 months of my life, I will never forget. I recommend you to go to Colombia, the best country in South America!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Government Internship

I love Colombia! what a great country.

My internship in Colombia has certainly helped me become more independent. Since my internship many people have been impressed that I have worked and lived abroad. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They were available every hour of the day which made me feel very safe.

I interned with the government. This was great and I learned a lot but I needed to be very proactive in finding work to do as I don't think Colombia has a culture of interns yet. For example one day I turned up and was given a tourism pamphlet to translate for the whole day even though I don't speak spanish! They did let me travel to some schools though to work with the education sector of the government which was a lot of fun.

Overall had a great time. The social scene was perfect, lots to do every week and met a lot of people. It was amazing.

How can this program be improved?
For those working in the Government they could get accomodation closer to the government buildings because my commute was very long each day. Usually over 1 hour!
Yes, I recommend this program

About Internships Colombia

Our organization founded in 2012 provides students and young professionals the opportunity to expand their cross-cultural experience abroad through its programs Internships Colombia and Gastronomie France.

Part of our mission is let people meet the...