Global Experiences Internships in London, England
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Global Experiences Internships in London, England

An internship in London provides you with the amazing opportunity to live and work in a fascinating global city. London is one of the most culturally, socially, and professionally diverse cities in the world. This booming metropolis is home to hundreds of business ranging from gallery management to international law.

London is the ideal place for young professionals looking to enhance their resumes with international work experience, and learn about British life and culture. Interns in London are kept busy with exciting placements in their respective fields, while also participating in a range of social events and excursions. Ready for the work hard, play hard life?!

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. From the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you need.
  • Centralized Housing: You'll be living in the heart of London with other Global Experiences participants in a student-residence close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinators live in London year-round and provide you with an insider's glimpse of the city. The Location Coordinator provides 24/7 emergency support and hosts all of the interns on a range activities.
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship!
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The program fee includes: Guaranteed internship, centralized housing in London, social events & excursions, medical/travel insurance, mobile phone, and personalized support before and during the internship.

Questions & Answers

Hi Melissa! As with many internships, the vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid. We look for opportunities that allow our interns to gain the best possible experience while adhering to local laws and visa restrictions. If an employer offers you a stipend or other form of compensation you are welcome to accept it. Hope that this helps. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing...
Hi Kelly! We're happy to offer internships in the entertainment industry in London, such as in the fields: Music, Communications, Event Management, Film & Theatre, Marketing/PR, and Video Production. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Misty! We advise our interns to expect one interview. Majority of students only need to interview once. We do a good job of matching you up with a host company from the start. However, on the off chance the interview doesn’t go well or they don’t offer you the placement, we’ll discuss and move on to set up a second interview with a second company. Personally for my Florence internship abroad...
Hi Jamie! Our GE alumni have provided excellent responses to this question and we agree with all of them. For further advice on living like a local in London, check out our blog that our London Program Advisor Jen wrote: - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator

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  • Safety 9.5
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Unbelievable Experience!

My internship with GE was amazing. Not only have I excelled in my professional career, I also grew as a person. I was terrified to go across the world by myself, but I wouldn't have done it any other way. I met so many amazing people, and learned a lot about myself and other cultures around the world. I couldn't have asked for a better job placement. GE helped me developed lifetime friends, references, and comfort in knowing I can to do anything I put my mind to!

How can this program be improved?

The price was a little steep, but it was definitely worth the money!

Yes, I recommend
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I was placed in a fabulous internship that fit me perfectly, and it has only given me the resume boost that led me to other internship and job opportunities that I could not have done without Global Experiences. The onsite staff made it more comfortable for me during my stay, and I felt like I always had a person to talk to about every obstacle and opportunity that I was given. I am thrilled that I was apart of Global Experiences.

How can this program be improved?

Housing, not great.

Yes, I recommend
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Fall 2013

Overall, I had an amazing experience in London.
I interned for a drug and alcohol support service and I loved it. I learned a ton, and the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming.
The location of the Nido housing was great. Kings Cross / St. Pancras station was a 5 minute walk down the street, so it was very easy to travel. The building had lots of amenities including a gym and cafe.
The GE staff was very helpful with everything. They truly try to help you make the most of your experience. They organized a number of optional social events. Also, there were three of us that arrived in London later than the rest of the group, and one of the GE staff members took us all out to dinner to welcome us, which was so kind!
I felt that I got a lot out of the program and I would strongly recommend it.

Yes, I recommend
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The perfect summer

After I was accepted to Global Experiences they guaranteed an internship placement. My first choice interview went well and I got a marketing position in a company I really liked. For the months leading up to the program, they hosted regular interactive webinars and called us individually to help us through the interview and visa application process. Mine went smoothly and I didn't really require much extra help, but it was nice to know it was available.

When I arrived in London at our housing facility, the advisers I had been speaking with the last few months were waiting to help us move in and give us some advice about settling in. We had a orientation session, icebreakers for the people in our groups and two tours that weekend.

During the internship our advisers held office hours, visited us at work, spoke with us about any issues that may have cropped up at work. They also had lots of social events for us from bar crawls to day trips around England. Our adviser was very knowledgeable about life in London and had suggestions from cheap pubs, to free museums and unique cultural events around the city.

The other interns in the program and I quickly became friends. Several months later, some of us are planning a bit of a reunion back in the US.

My actual internship was great. My manager gave me a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility after proving myself early on. I got experience in the sales and advertising side of marketing and realized which I like best. My work was actually put to good use in the company. At the end I had a great letter of recommendation and a lot more confidence in my decided career path. It was a lot of hardwork, but I definitely grew over the course of the summer.

Night life is obviously fantastic in London. While I hung out with my GE friends a lot, I broke out and made local friends, which really made my experience something special.

A few months back in the US, and I still keep in touch with my GE advisers, former employer and of course my friends I made in London.

How can this program be improved?

Housing. Nido London is safe and new, but very cramped and hot. But location was perfect. That's my only complaint.

Yes, I recommend
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The program was better than I expected given the fact that my work environment was extremely friendly and informative while at the same time having the chance to live in London. The only problems I encountered were very much a part of life and thus I cannot blame Global Experiences for the little things that go wrong. Much of the growth one achieves in these programs are directly correlated with dealing with conflict and differences. It is an aspect which many complain about without realizing it is simply a part of life. My employer was a perfect match for my field and housing accommodations were more than satisfactory with the added bonus of an extremely tentative staff. The program delivers exactly as it promises but your mindset is the major determinant of what kind of experience you have.

How can this program be improved?

I did not encounter any issues during my program, at least none which were noteworthy to me. The career services such as CV/Resume aid are extremely useful and the trips help unify the group. The STRENGTHS were an added bonus which I don't believe many programs offer and really stood out in my perspective.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience; I'll never forget it!

I definitely enjoyed my internship experience abroad with GE. London is a fabulous city, but I can't imagine what a difficult time I would've had there on my own. First of all, they placed me in an amazing place which was the biggest plus right there. I got to work doing something I love, which, if you're doing something for free, you really want to have. I also felt like the program supervisors were very accessible and if I had a problem--thankfully I didn't have many of those--that I could come to them. The accommodations where we were staying were safe and for the most part, nice, but there were a lot of technical problems like the water going off, the refrigerator occasionally dying. I also would've liked if we had the option to choose what kind of room we wanted, like the studio flats they offered. Otherwise, this was an incredible experience and I'll never forget it.

How can this program be improved?

I would definitely change the structure of the social excursions. We all paid the same price for the trip, which included the excursions, but not everyone got to attend either because of work reasons or the really annoying cap. I think either refund people's money or make a trip available at more than one time so that everyone who wants and can go, gets that opportunity.

Response from Global Experiences

Glad you had a great time Kelli! We're upgrading our housing moving forward, so hopefully we'll have fewer hiccups in the future. Also, thanks for your feedback on the social calendar. We try to get the biggest back for your buck when it comes to trips and excursions, and making sure that everyone is able to make the most of each one is something that we strive for. Let us know how things are coming along back home!

- EO, MV, GP, and Global Experiences

Yes, I recommend
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Life changing

I was so blessed to get to experience a summer internship in London through GE. From day to day we were provided support from all ground staff and given advice if needed. I am a very independent person and loved that could have my independence while still having support when needed. I could experience London the way I wanted to but still have the social events to join as a group and make life long friends. Throught the experience the GE staff was sure to check with us to make sure we were happy and provided help and advice when needed. They listened to our input and used it to make changes as needed.

For social events we were given a wide range of choices between weekend day trips to areas we wouldn't have been able to go to otherwise, walking tours of historical events and landmarks, nights out to the hot spots in London, high tea, and shows or musicals. The events were always optional therefor allowing you to target your interests. We were also provided with professional development which in turn allowed me to get hired back in the states. I was taught how to directly apply all that I was doing and learning to the professional world. As a recent graduate this was enormously helpful.

As far as the internships themselves I was extremely impressed with the placements and the ability of the GE staff to ensure we were happy by both checking with us and our placement. They were very specific to each of our needs.

How can this program be improved?

I would look to change the housing. My concerns with housing had nothing to do with GE and therefor did not reflect my feelings on GE or my time in london. The housing staff was very unhelpful in general.

Response from Global Experiences

We're thrilled to hear that you had a great experience in London this summer Julee, especially because you were able to come back to a job! We have new housing for 2014 and behind that we think our interns will enjoy more, and are gathering lots of good feedback from this summer. Keep in touch with your new role, we love to hear how our alimni are doing!

- Team GE

Yes, I recommend
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Best experience of my life thus far!

Last summer, after looking over my resume and realizing I had little to no internship experience I began to panic! I researched high and low for international internship programs and Global Experiences felt like the perfect fit. During the time leading up to departure the staff coached us on resume, cover letter, and interview prep, and also walked us through the internship and pre-departure preparation via webinars, all of which were very useful. As far as my placement goes, I feel I got extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to intern at the organization I did. After a short amount of time and earning my spot, I was given a mass amount of responsibility. I grew to love not only the city of London, but also the people I worked with. I learned so much about not only the field I am studying but also about myself. The greatest thing I will take away from my work in London would have to be the confidence it gave me. To be considered (by your boss) a major asset to the team is an amazing feeling, and to be told that you have brought some success to the company is an amazing one as well. London, along with my coworkers, will always have a special place in my heart.

How can this program be improved?

Bunac process is extremely stressful.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Nicole, we're thrilled that you had a great experience! The visa process can be a serious headache for London, but we're glad we were able to help you during the preparation stage. Keep in touch with your employer, and be sure to join the GE LinkedIn group, so you can connect with fellow alumni, and possibly secure a job! We'll be giving regular career advice and tips on how to leverage your great experience.

We love hearing where our alumni end up, so be sure to keep in touch with us!

-Melissa and Team GE

Yes, I recommend
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GE in London 2013

My internship itself was great, it was a small non-profit company that focussed on teaching animation to children. The work environment and team there was great and I was able to befriend a few of my coworkers. I walked to work which allowed me to see more of what was around the neighbourhood and be more exposed to the locals rather than tourists.
I had no problem with my accommodation, Nido, only that the rooms and washrooms were small and my bed was not comfortable. Aside from that, the wifi was reliable and the kitchen was completely functional. The cafe and patio were I spent most of my time, and hung out in the TV/study lounges as well.
London, in general, I did not have much trouble adjusting to the culture. I grew accustom to the pub culture (it's normal to have a nice cold pint in the 10 in the morning). I did, however, have trouble keeping tracking of all their coins and ended up having too much that it broke my wallet.

How can this program be improved?

In terms of GE, I felt like there was a problem with communication between the internship and the staff. My case in particular, I did not receive anything about my placement on directions or information of any sort. Social events were done only Facebook, which was inconvenient for those who do not use Facebook that often. I feel like an email should have been sent out with a calendar of the events. I did not like how the main means of communication was through Facebook, it was very unprofessional.
Although, the social events themselves were successful. We could have used more time in places at certain day trips, for example, going to Canterbury and Dover. We did not need to spend as much time in Canterbury as we did because once we got to Dover we only had time for the tunnel tour. We didn't really get a chance to look around and see more of the exterior of the castle.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for leaving a review! We really value your feedback, and I'm happy you enjoyed your internship so much and didn't mind the housing. All in all, making sure you have a great time abroad is our main goal.

I'd like to take a moment to address your feedback. Every intern and employer receives a confirmation email with all of the placement information. I just checked our database and yours was sent on March 21. If you didn't see that email and were worried you didn't have the info, we would have gladly provided it to you arrival weekend. We will take extra time to double check again if everyone is feeling prepared for the first day. Also, we're sorry that Facebook was inconvenient for some in the program, but with the large number of people participating it was much much easier than email and more interactive than evite. We also did send a calendar of events by email at the beginning of the program. Did you get it? If not, we would have gladly resent arrival weekend and will double check in the future. Regarding events, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get as much time in Dover as you would have liked. We will give that info to the tour company that operated the day trips and see if they can alter their itineraries for us.

We'd encourage you the join the alumni group, where we'll continue to support you guys!

-Melissa and the GE Team

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Experience

GE has done an excellent job in terms of making the interns' life memorable. GE has made sure all the money charged will be spent on the interns. All the dissatisfaction is not GE's fault and they have already tried their best to accommodate us at the most convenient and affordable place in the city of London. All in all the program is an excellent one and I will definitely spread the words out about it.

How can this program be improved?

I will be glad to have more control over the place of living.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Wendi, we're so glad you had a great time in London! We heard that you made a great impression on your employer, and it sounds like you really made the most of your experience!

As for the housing, we try to strike the best balance between location and amenities, and we're actually moving to what we think will be even better housing for 2014 and beyond. Be sure to join the alumni LinkedIn page for continued support; we'll look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about all that you'll accomplish!

- Melissa, Grace, and The Global Experiences Team

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

My London internship experience was amazing. GE did a great job at listening to me and applying the information I gave them about myself and my interests in finding me the most fitting internship sight. The process to getting my student visa and all of the background work was a little stressful at times but I would call GE and the staff was very helpful and made me feel more confident. Bottom line the process to getting to my internship was easy and doable with the help of the GE staff. Once in London the accommodation at Nido is..meh. You have to pay money to activate your Nido card online so you can do laundry and the laundry is outrageously expensive, my roommate and I did our laundry in our sink the whole 8 weeks. To be honest it isn't the greatest place to live and it is a bit noisy but it works for 8 weeks. One thing that I would like to make note of is to save for transportation. London transportation (i.e. the tube) is not cheap. If you are able to walk or ride a bike to your internship I would definitely recommend doing that! Another thing with commuting be prepared for large crowds (i.e. New York City crowds) London is compacted with lots of people and lots of energy. Good thing though if you find yourself getting stressed out with everything, there is a GE staff member who has "office hours" at the student living and you can talk to them! Anyway to summarize the rest, I had a great time and GE was a big help, just like anything you get out of it what you put in.

How can this program be improved?

I would make the welcome orientation more interactive it was quite boring sitting there listening to everyone say their name and where they're from just for all of us to forget. The other thing I would change is the planned activities. All of the activities started at 6 and most of the interns didn't get off work until 5.30 or 6 and for interns such as myself who had an hour and 15 minute commute I couldn't make the weeknight activities. The weekend activities were cool but I wish the Brighton trip had been longer! Brighton was so much fun we could have easily stayed another hour or two without any complaints.

Response from Global Experiences

Hey Gwen, good to hear you had a great time! We heard wonderful things from your employer. Be sure to join the LinkedIn alumni group if you haven't already to stay in touch and get more career advice; our support didn't stop when you left London!

As for your concerns, we're improving our housing to what we think will be a better building with nicer amenities, and we'll try to spice up the orientation as best we can. Thanks also for your feedback on the transportation and social events; we'll stress the commuting more on the pre-departure webinars and will be sure to give future interns more time in Brighton. Hopefully we'll have the same weather! Keep in touch!

-Melissa and Team GE

Yes, I recommend
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I must say that the application process with GE went much smoother than I thought it would. Emily Oliver ensured that I had everything submitted in a timely manner and that I was prepared for my interview with my internship placement. I was very impressed with this process as it can usually get very sticky and annoying. It didn't though and I'm very grateful to Emily for that.
I have been to London before with family but never alone...for two months...working. Even though I am a fairly independent person I knew that the onsite GE staff (Melissa and Grace) was always there for me if I had a problem or question. Melissa and Grace (and I suspect GE overall) won't give you the run of the mill feedback when questioned. They genuinely care for the GE interns and will respond to any problem or question in a thoughtful manner.
My internship in London was great. Although it didn't directly relate to my field on study in college, I gained valuable work experience and friendships that will last a life time. I became comfortable in a professional environment and provided the company I worked for with valuable work.
GE is completely conducive to your freedom and living the night life if you so choose. It's truly your summer and you can make it what you want it to be. I honestly had the most fun I've ever had and formed friendships that will continue back in the states. For example, I'm meeting up with another GE intern a couple of weekends from now in NY.
The living accommodations are great. Nido student living (Kingscross) is located in a very central location which allowed my friends and I to go anywhere at any time. Just be advised that the tube doesn't run anywhere after 12 midnight in London, you have to the take the bus (it's very easy- easier than NY). The rooms are a little small but very nice. If your someone who is going to take advantage of your time in London this doesn't matter as you'll spend most of your time exploring the UK and the rest of Europe. Nido does have a very nice court yard and lounge areas that people hangout as well.
There is tons more I can say about my summer in London and Global Experiences but that would make this the longest review of all time. I'll just say that GE is an amazing program that gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I have formed such valuable friendships and professional contacts and am truly appreciative towards the GE program/staff. Thank you for a great summer!

How can this program be improved?

The roommate placement was a little off. Although he was a very nice guy and respected my space we had very different personalities and goals for the summer. Despite not having the best roommate I was still able to do everything I wanted to do.

Response from Global Experiences

Hi Nick, you really made the most of your time abroad! Everyone had great things to say about you, especially your supervisor! Keep in touch and let us know how things are going. We will take another look at our matchmaking process for roommates, and we appreciate your feedback on that. Hop on the LinkedIn page for continued support, and we'll look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments!

-Emily, Melissa, Grace, and GE

Yes, I recommend
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Wishing I was still there

I was excited when my parents agreed to spend this much money for me to go abroad for the summer. The GE staff is really helpful all prior to going abroad and they offer a ton of webinars to get you ready.

I got my internship placement in April and waited for all my visa stuff to arrive. I kept bugging my programme advisor Emily to see if she could contact my placement to see where things were going....TWO WEEKS before I was meant to leave for London, Emily called to tell me that my placement hadn't responded to BUNAC and I would have to be placed elsewhere. So, I was placed somewhere else that didn't actually pertain to my major at all and was under a time crunch for my VISA. My VISA was late and I had to delay my departure 3 days because of this. GE DOES NOT offer any reimbursement of any type for VISA issues. I had purchased a first class ticket as a birthday gift from my parents and because of my VISA being late, I had to buy an ENTIRELY new ticket. Full price. Coach. Goodbye birthday present. This was bottom line the MOST frustrating...besides the accommodations!

Although NIDO is VERY safe. You're literally living in a closet. Smaller than most campus dorms. I think I would have enjoyed my experience so much more if I wasn't living in NIDO. I truly hated it. You don't have your own kitchen and living room like they tell you. It is a bed, desk, and teeny tiny bathroom.

Alright, to the experience itself. I had an AMAZING time in London. I ended up loving my internship. I had the best supervisor and she definitely catered to my needs and helped me get any experience that I was wanting to have. I am an event planning major and I ended up getting to plan and execute my own event for one of the services that I worked for. I learned so much about how a company works and it was a ton of things that I will be able to apply in my future. I absolutely loved London too. It is an amazing city with so many things to do. You are never ever bored. I got to do a bit of traveling as well and I kinda wish I asked for more weekends off so I could travel more. I didn't get as many places as I would have liked to. GE offers a lot of free events (that you pay for in that 8000 package deal) like seeing shows, pub crawls, walking tours and what not. I never went on a walking tour because I have been to London multiple times already. I know people that have never been enjoyed them for the most part.

I had an AMAZING roommate. We found each other on Facebook and requested to room with each other.
We did absolutely everything together and we got along amazingly. She honestly made my experience that much more amazing. I know most people in the programme got along with their roommates but most were not as lucky as me that is for sure.

The GE staff is okay when you get on the ground in London but I felt that I was pretty much on my own which was completely fine with me.

Had my parents known that I was going to London to do nothing that pertained to my major they would have strongly reconsidered sending me there for this price.

Overall, I did have an amazing experience. Was it worth $8000? Thats up to you....I would move to London in a heart beat and my company told me to think of them when I begin my job searching, but the experience is everything that you personally make it.

I would recommend the programme but I would strongly consider thinking long and hard about it.

How can this program be improved?

I would change the living conditions, and communication while on the ground in London.

Yes, I recommend
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I still haven't left London!

When I got involved with Global Experiences the summer of 2011, I had no idea just how much it would impact my life. From the very beginning, the GE staff were incredibly supportive and helpful. They knew exactly what I was looking for in an internship and were their to guide me through the whole process, including the frustrating and often confusion process of applying for a visa. It was the first time I had ever lived abroad myself, so I was really nervous. But as soon as I got into London and found the student accommodation, they were there waiting to greet me. While they had orientations and events planned, they still treated us like adults. We were expected to navigate around the city and to our internships ourselves. The internship itself was a blast. In the first week I got to go to a concert for free and hang out with artists and interview them. I was given a lot of freedom to write articles and reviews I was interested in, and I felt my feedback was appreciated. There were some stressful and less glamorous days when I had to do mundane tasks like returning clothes from photo shoots. I would definitely recommend getting a smart phone because I often got lost. But for the most part, the people I worked with were really fun and encouraging, and I'm still in touch with them even today. GE were always checking to make sure I was happy with my placement and doing well. The only negative thing I would say is the accommodation was very small and I had to share with someone who I didn't particularly get along with. But other than that, the experience as a whole was fantastic. I made some amazing lifelong friends, got a real taste of the culture, and loved London so much that I moved back to get my Master's. I'm still in touch with Global Experiences today, and they are very helpful and supportive to alumni!

How can this program be improved?

The accommodation was sometimes miserable just because it was so tiny and I lived with a very messy, very loud flatmate. I definitely would have preferred my own room. It was in a great location though, and I felt safe.

Response from Global Experiences

This is what we love to hear; alumni getting a foothold in a new city, and making the most of it. Emma, be sure to utilize the alumni group during your job search, if you haven't already found a job that is. You'll be glad to hear that we've updated our housing recently; we think future interns will really enjoy it.

Keep in touch on this next big adventure!

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Summer in London

Last summer I interned in London through Global Experiences and had a wonderful time. I knew that I wanted an international internship and GE made the process much easier than if I had attempted to find a position on my own. I had 3 skype interviews that they helped coordinate with 3 very different performing arts based companies before choosing. I throughly enjoyed my internship and working every day, and would honestly love to go back and work with Jamie Wilson again.

Besides being placed, GE helps take care of all the essentials. I was housed just 5 minutes from Kings Cross Station, which is just about as convenient as you can get. The housing wasn't exceptional but it was a great alternative to attempting to find a flat on my own and the small living quarters were worth it for the security of the building and its location.

All of the day trips that were coordinated by the program were really fun and a nice opportunity to get out of the city. I ended up traveling away from London almost every weekend and it was great having 3 preplanned, already paid for day trips that I didn't have to coordinate.

My only advice is make sure you are on top of everything on your own. GE is great at providing you the materials, but you really need to be on top of everything and be in communication with them as much as possible. I made this mistake and almost didn't get my visa in time. But if you're self motivated and willing to check in a lot, its not problem at all.

I loved every minute of being in London and only wish my internship lasted longer. Global Experience made the whole process so much easier than if I had done it on my own and I would happily work with GE again.

How can this program be improved?

Leading up to my departure I felt a little out of the loop with what was going on and what I needed to accomplish. Personally, I would have liked more personal check ups from GE so I knew that I was getting everything done and felt more secure with the process.

Yes, I recommend

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