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Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable internship opportunities in Samos, Greece! Whether you're interested in Marine Mammal Conservation, Sustainable Aquaculture, Environmental Law, Film, Media & Communications, Microplastics Research or Environmental Conservation, the diverse programs provide an excellent platform to boost your understanding of how scientific careers come to life. Get ready to contribute to the conservation experience of a lifetime!

Greece internships through Intern Abroad HQ are flexible and affordable. All internship programs include a guided reflection course, to foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for better employability and a resilient career.

Applications are accepted year-round for rolling admission dates! Your experienced Internship Manager will ensure you feel supported every step of the way as you plan and prepare.

Have some questions? Feel free to reach out to us for more details or just chat about your ideas.

  • Affordable program fees and flexible scheduling; rolling admission dates available year-round.
  • Entry-level internships available, from just 4 weeks minimum duration.
  • Guided reflection course included for resume development.
  • Explore a variety of fields which lead to rewarding careers.
  • Internship activities take place in Samos and surrounding Greek islands.

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My experience at Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

I absolutely loved my experience at Archipelagos. I learned real professional skills from the environmental conservational realm. The scientific directors and staff are wonderful people with the passion to influence future generations about the value of ecosystems. Additionally, they are true activists that dedicate their lives to conserving the ecological heritage of both marine and terrestrial services.
Although some students found their management frustrating because they have deadlines for their masters or phD, I had the honor to see their true motives which are to protect, conserve and spread awareness through monitoring ecosystem services with academic studies. I was disappointed when I realized I would not be taught to scuba dive, due to time frame issues I wish could've been addressed before I arrived. However, I gained a much broader experience in assisting in plenty of projects that matter for sustainable development.
Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation have locations on a couple of islands for research. I absolutely love the Lipsi location because it is the perfect authentic Greek experience. You can experience a lot on foot, the locals are kind and the food is forever imprinted on my taste buds. Samos felt more like summer camp, it was hard to explore without a car, so I recommend getting an international license before you go abroad! Both locations are among the world's biodiversity hotspots. In my whole entire life, I have never felt so harmonized with nature and my self from being geographically located within organic balance. The abundance of species is something everyone must experience because this exemplifies diverse functionality. I am forever grateful for the alignment that I harbored in the Aegean Sea.

How can this program be improved?
More clarity on what to expect. Some students believe they will be taught how to dive when really they should expect to be helping with PhD or masters projects.
Yes, I recommend this program

My Greek Adventure

If I were to describe my Media internship in Greece in two words it would be - 'valuable experience'. It gave me everything I needed in a way I did not expect.

I applied for my internship about six months before the departure date and throughout this whole time, I've been in contact with Dallas Boyd from Intern Abroad who has been a huge support and patiently answered all my questions and made sure I was prepared to leave.

I came to Greece with a lot of expectations about how will it work and was originally disappointed with the reality. However, it turned out to be a benefit because I had to learn how to adjust and mainly how to work independently which I'm certain will be useful in the future. Archipelagos are a very friendly organization who are doing an amazing work and I felt proud to be part of them even for just 4 weeks. I came to Archipelagos to specialize in Photography and boost my portfolio with wildlife and nature images but I ended up doing much more than that. I got to document all the amazing surveys other people were doing which helped me learn more about conservation etc. I photographed dissections going on in the lab which has definitely been a new experience for me. I edited a video for Archipelagos and I helped improve their website and reorganize their image library. I felt like I was really making a difference and getting experience in my field which was the whole point of the internship.

I'm very grateful that Intern Abroad are making these internships affordable and helped me get the experience I needed. I would definitely consider this organization if I were to do some other internship in the future.

How can this program be improved?
For the Media internship, it would be a huge benefit if Archipelagos hired a Media manager as sometimes our work was quite unclear and unorganized.
Yes, I recommend this program

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