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EduCARE India, a non-profit NGO is currently offering opportunities to university students and young aspiring professionals tin volunteer-internship and experiential learning program in development sector in India. Majority of positions are available in our sustainable rural development projects based in India. Since our establishment in 1994, we have aimed to create social equity and empowerment in rural areas through spreading awareness and information, education and developing skills and self-employment opportunities. We do this with the help of local and international volunteers-interns. Over the past decade, hundreds of interns from various countries and various academic backgrounds have worked with us on several rural development projects.

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Great Professional & Personal Growth Experience in India

EduCARE India is an organisation where you can a learn a lot. You grow because you're given a lot of autonomy and independence and thus have to find the best way to carry out your projects yourself even though that doesn't mean you can't seek support from your mentor. You learn how to research, plan, execute, follow-up and ensure continuity of your project. If you're able to succeed here you're probably likely to succeed anywhere given the challenges inherent to development work.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Very affordable and ideal for those who wants freedom to develop own projects

I had joined this organisation way back in 2014 for 4-months internship in alternative energy and after school program for children. I had chosen it as it was very affordable and gave freedom to design and develop own projects. I developed a solar thermal project and was happy to see the device was intact when I was revisited the location during my holiday trip to India this year. It was sad to know that some international interns did not fit in the organisation and its work culture well and spread wrong information and abandoned the ongoing projects. The issue of fee has been wrongly interpreted as to undertake such internship for 4-months my other options included paying more than 1200 euro. It was in our times that international applicants recommended online cash transfers as easy and cheaper option to the bank transfer for the internship admin charges. I was happy to get support of the local volunteer to refit the broken part of the device and make it work again. I saw the wonderful women empowerment and forestry project happening in another location. I would recommend such people to come and work in this organisation who want to work without much supervision. A lot of support is available from the Mentor, technical resource persons, and local volunteers.

How can this program be improved?
The recruitment of international volunteers and interns should be improved to void getting interns like above who do not fit the organisation's different management and work culture.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Do not join this organization

I was supposed to start my internship in Rajasthan with EduCare India in February 2017 as an alternative energy volunteer, however the internal situation in the organization made me change my mind once I was already there.
After a long journey and spending a considerable amount of money, I arrived to Rangmahal center in India, initially completely motivated to start a project in solar energy with the support of EduCare India. All of a sudden my plans changed completely, as soon as I was informed about the current situation in the organization. Some volunteers found out that the organization was lacking a legal structure, thus nobady knew where the initial payments were going or from where the project funding was coming from. This fact posed a situation of serious doubts about the real intention of the organization when charging almost 600 € to each volunteer before arrival, giving a feeling closer to a Scam rather than an organized NGO. On top of that, there was a suspicion that EduCare India owed money to local people and old volunteers which financed their own projects. When I arrived all volunteers stoped their projects and the introduction curses were cancelled, leaving us with no more chances than leaving the country, since our Visas were linked to the organization.
EduCare India does not have a real NGO structure, the volunteers are in the reality doing all the job, from writing to new volunteers, to organizing the introduction curses. Each volunteer has to finance its own project and wait later for refunding. It is mandatory to make an initial payment (paid by Wester Union) that nobody knows for what exactly is used. This sad reality makes me write the worst possible review and recommend to everybody interested "Do NOT join this organization" please.

No, I don't recommend this program

Great Cultural Experience and Hands-On Community Development Work

I started with Educare in 2014 as a Project Manager and loved it so much that I decided to stay on as a Fellow through 2015. Educare presents a platform for you to work closely with the community at a grassroots level and get hands on project management experience (but perhaps not in the traditional sense). Definitely come self-motivated with a focus on what you want to get out of the experience. Living and working in India is very different than in most developed countries, so if you are adaptable, open minded and ready for an adventure, than this could be the right fit for you!

One of my favorite experiences in India was living in Punjab and working with the migrant community there. The children's faces would light up from the moment we arrived, and we also always had so much fun teaching the kids and getting to know the adults while lounging in the shade. One time we created relays races and split the kids into teams. They loved it! We also worked closely with the young girls. Getting to empower them and help make them see how strong and beautiful they really are was a life changing experience, one I will not soon forget.

I also learned just as much from living and working with other interns as I did from the community. What a truly international and cross cultural experience to get to live and work closely with people from all over the world. Living in rural communities can be challenging, but with these folks we formed a family creating a home away from home. Some of the relationships I have built are still an active part of my life today.

How can this program be improved?
Continuing to increase man power and more permanent roles from Indian and the community will help the programs be more sustainable, create a stronger network within the community and also give valuable inputs to the foreign interns.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Experience the real India!

Educare India is a wonderful, organic, grassroots NGO. You are placed in a rural community in basic conditions to really experience the true lifestyle of the communities that you are both learning about and learning with.
You are placed with other interns from countries all over the world, working with local communities to help them make small but significant changes in their lives. The communities that you work with a rural poor, either displaced or farmers. People of the lower social castes.
This is not a rich NGO. It is grassroots, running on basic budgets with amazing people who help you to grow. It's an amazing international environment. If you actually want to learn about Indian culture, learn about yourself, and make amazing friends then this is the NGO to go to!!

How can this program be improved?
The NGO is improving each year with very good processes and people in place to ensure amazing intern experiences
Yes, I recommend this program

About Educare India

EduCARE India's vision is to promote pathways to intellectual freedom, social justice, community welfare, economic liberty and sustainable development for individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized Life Dreams.