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India is a very interesting place and its eclectic mix of new and old makes for a truly amazing experience - and there's never a dull moment! To give you a little taste of what life is like in India, here is a brief insight into two of its most notable cities-

As the financial capital of India, it's fair to say that Mumbai is fast-paced and, therefore provides the perfect environment for a young professional looking to make it in the world of business. Its deep natural harbour, stunning national park and array of historic architecture are just some of things that make this city great, and Mumbai's vibrant nightlife is something to be admired too!

Commonly known as "The Silicone Valley of India", Bangalore is one of the nation's leading entrepreneurial hubs, making it the ideal place for a business, technology, law or investment banking based internships. Its incredibly reasonable cost of living, consistent climate and excellent street markets make it an excellent place to intern

  • Here at Capital Placement we are extremely proud of the programme we have created for you. We have all been in your shoes, we understand how long and painstaking arranging an internship abroad can be and that is why we took our time to create a programme
  • The range of firms we offer cannot matched by any of our competitors. We work with firms ranging from large multinationals with over 150,000 employees to some super cool startups with just the founding team. With over 300 companies across 35 different ind
  • An internship programme with Capital Placement is not just all work, we love our social events! Our socials start on day 1 with an induction to the city followed by many socials throughout the programme that will give you a true representation of what Ind
  • We don't charge any fees until you have been accepted on to the Capital Placement programme and guaranteed an internship. That's right, we don't charge you to make an application or for us to interview you. We think it would be unfair to charge our applic
  • We are extremely proud of the entire team here at Capital Placement. We are a small team with backgrounds in law, banking, medicine, IT, Media, Journalism and many more. We are dedicated to help and serve you and we promise that we will always go the extr

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