Capital Placement - Internship in London, England
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Capital Placement - Internship in London, England

London is it is the perfect place to enrol in an internship; it is a fast paced city of culture, diversity and opportunity. We work with a range of companies, ranging from large multinationals to start-ups working on cutting edge technology. Whether you're looking to further your career and learn priceless skills in, our list of London firms have plenty to offer, and with so much to see and do in this city, there's certainly no time for boredom.

At Capital Placement, we give students and recent graduates the opportunity to put academic theory into hands-on practice and gain priceless practical experience and skills which allow them to thrive in today’s tough and bewildering world of work.

Law, investment banking, management consultancy, Marketing, IT and Journalism are just some of the 25+ different sectors we provide internships in.

  • Here at Capital Placement we are extremely proud of the programme we have created for you. We have all been in your shoes, we understand how long and painstaking arranging an internship abroad can be and that is why we took our time to create a programme
  • The range of firms we offer cannot matched by any of our competitors. We work with firms ranging from large multinationals with over 150,000 employees to some super cool startups with just the founding team. With over 300 companies across 35 different ind
  • An internship programme with Capital Placement is not just all work, we love our social events! Our socials start on day 1 with an induction of London on a open roof bus followed by a cruise on the historic river Thames and we finish the day off with cock
  • We don't charge any fees until you have been accepted on to the Capital Placement programme and guaranteed an internship. That's right, we don't charge you to make an application or for us to interview you. We think it would be unfair to charge our applic
  • We are extremely proud of the entire team here at Capital Placement. We are a small team with backgrounds in law, banking, medicine, IT, Media, Journalism and many more. We are dedicated to help and serve you and we promise that we will always go the extr
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
International Business
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Travel Insurance
Be a full time degree level student or recent graduate (within the last 12 months at the start of your internship)
Online Application
Phone / Skype Interview
Language Requirement
Weekly Hours
Weeks Min.
Weeks Max
Age Min.
Age Max
Application Fee
Starting Price
Price Details
Here is a comprehensive list of everything that is included as part of our programme:

The important bits:
Guaranteed Internship- If you are accepted on to our programme, you are guaranteed an unpaid internship, no further applications needed!

Accommodation- Our city centre properties come fully equipped with everything you need, including wi-fi, inclusive bills, kitchenware, bedding, 24/7 security and leisure facilities.

Visa Sponsorship Certificate- We will take care of all the paperwork and issue your certificate of sponsorship for your Tier 5 visa. We will also fill out all the forms for your visa and even book your biometrics appointment for you!

Skill Development Classes- We offer a wide range of special interest classes, designed to ensure you get the very best out of our internship programme.

Other inclusions:
- Airport Transfer: Pick up and Drop off
-Travel card: Travel anywhere in London
- Local SIM with credit
- Health Insurance
- Travel Insurance
- Emergency Insurance
- Gadget Insurance
- Pre-departure pack
- Orientation and welcome Pack
- Induction and tour of the city
- Welcome dinner
- 24/7 Local Support
- Networking events
- CV review and edit
- Career Support
- One-on-one career consultation
- Membership to our Alumni Network
- Reference letter
- And a few other surprises.

What is not included:

- Flight ticket from your country
- Food during the programme
- Visa fee which is directly payable to your local British embassy.

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  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 10
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Legal Internship in London

I had a great internship with a LegalTech startup in London. I worked directly with the Founders during the internship, the team members and the working environment were great! Everyone during the internship were always more than happy to take the time to help and offer advice when needed.

Capital Placement were very helpful throughout the whole process and I had a great time in London overall. I look forward to coming back next year for another internship in London!

Yes, I recommend
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Do not hesitate

I was part of a summer group where we all worked for different firms including NGOs, property firms, FinTech, HealthTech startups, etc. I interned at an accounting firm in East London. During my internship, my Supervisor and the other colleagues were really nice and friendly, they helped me a lot with adjusting to life in the UK and were especially helpful in the first week, which made me feel supported and welcome. The single most important thing I learnt during the internship was not be afraid to ask for help when you are unsure. The more you asked, the more you gain from the internship. I am so glad I did this programme, I had an opportunity to live and work in a great city like London, made some great friends and learnt a lot professionally throughout the programme.

Yes, I recommend
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London Accounting Internship

This programme is a great opportunity to experience London life and experience the London work environment first hand. Working in a medium sized company helped me meet and get to know every colleague in the company. This in turn help me get more exposure and how the various departments work. I want to say a huge thanks to my colleagues who always found time to help me and answer my endless list of questions! This experience has definitely had an influence on my future career path and it has taught me to push myself beyond what I am usually comfortable with.Once I am back, I am sure I will miss living in London, it is such a great city!

I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking on applying.

Yes, I recommend
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Angel Chan

A great chance to experience life in the UK

As part of this programme. staying in the UK for nearly 2 months allowed me to get to know more about the country's culture, people and politics. Doing an internship programme like this is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of the career you wish to pursue. Although the working environment and future prospect may differ in different countries, by actively participating in discussions with colleagues you will gain a lot of insight into your career path and how things can work in alternatives. Supervisors are always willing to teach and share, so do not hesitate to ask questions!

One of the best experiences during the programme was the international party that the accommodation provider threw. We were invited to taste homemade food from the country's were other residents came from!

My best tip would be to plan ahead before you arrive and have plans for every weekend you are in London so you can make the most out of the experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable Experience

After this internship, I know more about the working environment in the United Kingdom, it is so different from what I am used to in Hong Kong. In the United Kingdom, the working environment is more relaxed due to not many restrictions during office hours. For example, staff can choose to have lunchtime whenever they prefer, etc. which is not the norm in HK and there is a real emphasis on work life balance. I was pretty fortunate that my office has a number of free before and after work activities such as Monday Yoga Class, Wednesday Pizza Day and Friday drinks night, which was a great way for me to meet people and socialise. This internship has given me an unforgettable experience and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of applying for it.

Yes, I recommend
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Financial Analyst in London

I did the 8 week London internship programme after my first year of university and I would not hesitate to recommend this programme to anyone thinking of interning in London.

This programme was my first internship and it helped me identify my weaknesses, strengths and provided me with a direction for my career, which I really appreciate as I still have time to work on them in the next few years. I learnt a lot from my dedicated boss and being a Financial Analyst, I was given meaningful work and was able to apply my knowledge learnt from my degree into practice. I was given the opportunity to work and communicate with different people from all parts of the world and I was even given the opportunity to make investment decks for the firm!!

In terms of Capital Placement or CP as the staff refer to it, their help started before I departed for London, they gave me suggestions and advice on how I can best start preparing for working and living in London, which came in very handy. During my two months in the UK, they were very helpful and Niran went above beyond and helped me fit in quickly, he spent a whole day showing me around the city and towards the end of the programme he even helped me apply for my Schengen visa. For future participants who are not used to working/ travelling abroad independently, you can be assured CP will take good care of you.

Also, the farewell dinner was unforgettable and I was very happy to have this experience.

How can this program be improved?

Overall the program is awesome.

Yes, I recommend
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6 Months in London - Accounting Internship

I cannot stress enough how easy Capital Placement has made the whole process for me. After passing the Skype interview, I was asked to send over a list of documents and once that was done, they took care of the entire process of finding the internship, sorting out the visa and everything else around the internship, it was a seamless process.

I worked at an accounting firm for 6 months, it was a great experience and I took away a lot from it. Throughout the internship, I learned many things including the British tax system, working culture, dealing with clients and also, I had the privilege to work with an incredibly diverse and social team which taught me many things apart from the work experience. I received constant support from my supervisor, he sat down with me every week to assess how I am progressing with the internship and assigned tasks on a weekly basis which helped a lot!

I spent 6 months in London so I had plenty of time to explore London! During the weekends, I visited all the main attractions such as the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, British and British Museum, etc.- most of the Museums in London are free to visit!

My advice to future interns going to London would be to make sure you have a strong foundation of basic skills, because you will need it. For example, in my case, although I knew the basics of Excel. it clearly wasn't enough to work in an accounting firm so I almost wasted the first few weeks advancing my skills which I know I should've done earlier.

Overall I had a great time in London and I am still in contact with my employer and the team at Capital Placement. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone considering interning in the UK.

Areas where CP can improve: I had opportunities to meet other interns on the programme, which was great, I wish there were more social events!

Yes, I recommend
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I had an amazing time in London,

It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to write a review for Capital Placement. I interned with a Law firm for 12 weeks in London. Capital Placement ensured that I was placed into a great work place with excellent people (whom I share a great rapport with even today). They event put an effort into prepping me for the interview and the Internship.
With their knowledge and expertise all the required procedures were followed very smoothly and I had nothing to complain about. Right from arranging the internship to booking the visa appointment to ensuring I had an amazing time in London, the team at Capital placement left no stone unturned.

Before my arrival in London, everything was carefully looked into and arranged for. Niranjan was kind enough to show me around London on my first weekend in London. Niranjan and Vinay (co-founders of Capital Placement ) were always accessible and ensured that I had no problems during my entire stay. The accommodation arranged for me was amazing. Provisions for proper bedding, cookware and cutlery was also taken care of. The place came fully equipped with a gym, library, Jacuzzi sauna and other facilities. To say I had a great time would be an understatement.

The team at Capital placement was very helpful, efficient and friendly. They catered to my every need in London and ensured I had a great time during my stay in London. It was totally worth every penny spent and I am very grateful to Capital placement for offering me this opportunity. I am thoroughly impressed by their professional ethics and experience in this field.

I highly recommend Capital Internship for an Internship experience of a lifetime. I am on a second internship in London and all thanks to Niranjan, Vinay and their team who have helped me every step of the way.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Amazing support team!

I interned with a finance firm in London, which was arranged by Capital Placement. I had a great time as an intern and the experience I got was invaluable.

The team at Capital Placement are very helpful and helped me through every stage of the process, they booked everything for me, including the biometric appointment at the British Embassy.

I highly recommend an internship programme with Capital Placement for anyone looking to start a career in finance.

How can this program be improved?

It would have been helpful if they had an office here in the East Coast. Although it is not a big deal but seeing someone face to face before committing to such a big decision would have been helpful and it would have made the job of convincing my parents a lot easier.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience

I applied for Capital Placement’s London program this summer for a marketing and PR internship after my original internship plans in the US fell through at the last minute. After explaining my situation to them, the staff at Capital Placement was extremely helpful and they offered to fast track my application and within a few days of me applying, they got back to me with a list firms and the roles.

Program and price

I found the CP program included more things than other internship program providers. I found it to offer good value for money, especially with the visa sponsorship and application fee included in the program price, this alone can cost over $1000. They have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the programme because the program includes things like bedding, cutlery and cookware (all brand new).


The accommodation offered by CP is pretty central with a local “high street” nearby with plenty of bars and café’s and the tube station being only 2-minute walks away. The flat I stayed in had its own bathroom in the room and 3 other bedrooms. There was a shared kitchen/ living space, which was great to catch up with other interns in the evenings.

The accommodation also has a well-equipped gym, library (great when you need to work from home) and games room onsite so there was always something to do if the weather is not great!


I worked with a great team at a funded startup in Shoreditch. Even before I started, I knew I was going to have a great time because the founder arranged a conference call where they took the time to understand what I was trying to get out of the internship and where my skills can be used best. From the amount of effort they put in even before I arrived, I knew that the company genuinely cared about my experience there. My main duty was to help the marketing team plan and execute marketing campaigns and customer acquisition.


I had a great experience with Capital Placement and I would thoroughly recommend it to others who are looking to intern in Europe.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Amazed by the service Capital-Placement has provided

I met Mr Niranjan Thampu, one of the co-founders of Capital Placement at a networking event in London, he explained what Capital Placement did briefly. I was very pleased to meet him as I have obtained my master's in London last year and after three months of editing CVs and applying to at least a hundred different internships, I was no closer to an internship than I was at the start of the summer.

The team at Capital Placement were very professional and patient with me and did not hesitate to go the extra mile. They explained all the different possibilities for my career to development in London and even gave their personal mobile numbers so that they could be reached at any time. After a brief trip back to Taiwan, when they sorted out all the paperwork for me, I have now started my role as an Analyst in an Asset Management company in London a week ago. I can't help but praise how helpful and resourceful the whole Capital Placement team have been throughout the process. With their knowledge and experience, all the paperwork was completed swiftly and I had my visa approved the first time around. The team personally checked in with the company I am interning at and myself throughout the process and kept us updated regularly.

To conclude, I am very impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the team and how they have handled my application from the beginning until the end. I really appreciate the opportunity that Capital Placement has presented to me. For those who want to gain work experience in competitive industries like Finance, Capital Placement would definitely be your ticket to entry.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience!!

I did an 8 week internship in Mumbai. I went with Capital Placement to find my internship, and although they seemed very new and I hadn't really heard much about them before, I'm glad I took the chance!
I worked in an investment bank for 8 weeks, located in the Bandra Kurla Complex. this is kind of like canary wharf but in Mumbai, all the big companies are located there. The first thing I want to tell students about is the experience I gained was absolutely fantastic. My biggest concern before hand was about the experience, i was afraid i wouldn't learn anything relevant or be asked to do the really menial tasks, and I'm sure this is the concern of many interns before they actually choose to do an internship. I was so happy with the experience as I was actually asked to work on active projects with senior members of the organisation and make reports for the VP of the firm. I was asked to also find opportunities for us to exploit and generate new business.

We were also provided with socials every 2 weeks, some involved dinner, drinks, and they even took us away for the weekend to the beach! The experience was absolutely amazing! I got to see so much of india as well as working there. I used to fly out on a friday night and spend the weekend in a different city, well i did that a few times! i really got a chance to be involved with india and understand how diverse and multi-cultural it really is!

Overall the actual work experience was amazing and i was made to feel part of the team as well as getting a feel of being part of the company! I would recommend Capital Placement to anyone who is serious about getting a real top quality internship!

How can this program be improved?

The only problem I had with the program was that although the experience was amazing, I found it challenging to begin with but slowly grew into it. The one thing i would say this program could be improved is to be told what additional reading may be useful, and the sort of skills we should focus on improving so that we can work efficiently from the get go. I was provided with books before hand to read and i found them very useful as they gave me an insight into what to expect but if they could tell students in the future what to read further and focus on are the only ways that I can think this program can improve.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing time in Bangalore!!

I did a 4 week internship in India with Capital Placement. The experience was amazing, the place I stayed was amazing - it has everything I needed, swimming pool, badminton, pool, gym, indoor bar, library, cafeteria etc... I worked in an Investment bank which specialised in M & A, its a great firm which specialised in M&A- my actual work was started from the day one and one of the Vice President asked me to conduct some research about particular area also prepare a report to make financial decision also I was asked to do the presentation in front of an internal board, during my research the VP was really helpful and they have an open door policy which truly helped me a lot! Apartfrom my internship Capital Placement provided a weekend break to a beach in Kovalam, they booked an overnight train from Bangalore to Kerala (my best train journey ever) and we stayed in a 5 star hotel!!! its an amazing beach... I'd love to go there again. I couldn't think of negative experience during the internship because the staff was really helpful and also Capital Placement not just provided me an internship also their packages designed in a way to explore the culture and places, which is I think great!! I learned so much about India culture, it was amazing to see so many different cultures within India!!

How can this program be improved?

I think instead of working 5 days in a week - it might be better to work 4days and 3 days for travel... but the programme is designed to do the internship from Monday to Friday - which I think good in a way but when I wanted to travel other part of India I couldn't able to do it during the internship however I then stayed extra 2 week after the internship to explore some other part of India as well..

Yes, I recommend

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