Intern Abroad with a Startup in Dublin, Ireland

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We know your type — the independent thinker, self-starter, and creative problem solver who isn’t afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You wouldn’t be on this website trying to find a global experience if you weren’t.

We get it — and we think that’s pretty cool. Welcome to Sage Corps. We are a global entrepreneurship program that sends top college students abroad to work with premier startups.

As a Sage Corps fellow, you’ll experience more than a traditional intern abroad program; you’ll gain invaluable international professional experience that will make you stand out to future employers. Our fellows gain and build practical, marketable skills on the job.

You'll also participate in professional development programming — including both an online curriculum and weekly in-person events — to explore and pursue your career goals. You'll do all this with a group of 5-20 other students just like you, making lifelong friendships.

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  • A global entrepreneurial experience: It's an exciting time to work in the startup world. This is your opportunity to enter the industry and tackle real problems.
  • Stand out to employers: You'll gain professional experience that 99% of your peers won't have, giving you a head start after you graduate.
  • Access to the Sage Corps community and network: Sage Corps alumni go on to work at top companies (think Facebook and Google), startups, and even launch their own companies. This network will be available to you beyond your time abroad.
  • Lifelong friendships: Live, work, and explore with 5-20 other students just like you. These are friends you'll have forever.
  • You'll get to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world - Dublin, Ireland!

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Learn, Work, and Live Abroad

I spent my time with Sage Corps abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I was matched with the tech startup Novaerus where I worked as a research and development engineering. Here I was in charge of my own individual project that will actually be further developed into a final product. The experience I gained here will be extremely valuable for getting hired in the future. While the job was great, the best part of the program by far was the people and the living environment. I had an amazing time in Dublin and spent all my weekends traveling the country, the UK, and even got over to Denmark. The CEO of sage corps, Matt, was extremely devoted to us and truly cared about our experience. Living and working in Dublin really made me feel part of the culture rather than just being a study abroad tourist. I would recommend this program to anyone. You are in good hands with Sage Corps.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Awesome experience, both in and out of work

I'm currently a student at Penn and I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. I had the chance to go back and work at a bulge bracket bank, and set myself up to work for them and make great money. I turned it down because I wanted to experience abroad life and working at a startup and I happily now know I made the right decision.

First, Dublin is an amazing city with great social life and startup culture. Everyone is a hustler out there, looking for the next unicorn. That gives you the chance to learn from everyone you talk to. Secondly, Matt and the Sage Corps program did an awesome job setting up events and activities for us to meet the right people in the VC/startup community and have fun. We got to visit and speak with people from a top VC firm, the NDRC, and the Google office. On top of that, the quality of startups that Sage Corps is partnered with there are the best of the best.

Sage Corps made the introduction very easy and placed me somewhere they knew I would succeed. The startup where I was placed as a Business Development intern, Popdeem, is a social rewards platform. They not only had the most potential out of all the startups I saw in Dublin, but they are an amazing team which was always willing to help me learn. I learned everything from day-to-day operations of startups, culture, financing, business development, etc. I even became a pro at using Adobe Photoshop for design!

Sage Corps also has a program coordinator based in Dublin that you speak with every week just in case you ever need anything and he also helps coordinate great social events. There is also great opportunities to get jobs at the startups you work. Many of the fellow Sage Corps I went with either got return offers, one ended up even starting her own company there. Overall, Sage is an amazing program and it's a program I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Great job, Matt, it was an experience I enjoyed so much.

How can this program be improved?
My only recommendation is that orientation be a few days longer just to help get better acquainted with the city. Still, it was an awesome program overall and the best one I've been a part of.
Yes, I recommend this program

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We know your type— the independent thinker, self-starter, and creative problem solver who isn’t afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You wouldn’t be on this website trying to find a global experience— and voluntarily go to a foreign country to work...