Global Experiences Internships in Florence, Italy
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Global Experiences Internships in Florence, Italy

Experience Italy with the award winning Global Experiences internships in Florence. Interns in Florence can take advantage of all the beautiful history around them, as well as enhance their resume to reflect newly acquired skills in an international workplace. In Florence, Global Experiences interns will develop their language skills in Italian and gain a global perspective while enjoying all that Tuscany has to offer.

Global Experiences allows its participants to understand their careers of choice with internships that are specifically matched with one-on-one consultation. Florence is full of opportunities in fashion, event planning, journalism, marketing, business administration, and other exciting fields. Global Experiences offers support and years of experience to make your internship in Florence unforgettable.

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. Starting from the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you
  • Immersion Language Classes: For the first few weeks of the program you will take part in immersion-style Italian courses to help jumpstart your internship experience in Florence
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinator lives in Florence year-round and provide interns with an insider's glimpse of the city. The Location Coordinator is there to provide 24/7 emergency support and host all of the interns
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship
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International Business
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Program fee includes: guaranteed internship, social events & excursions, Italian language courses, centralized housing, personalized support before and during the internship program, support and orientations from local staff, medical/travel insurance, and mobile phone.

Questions & Answers

Hi Mandie! There are plenty of Advertising and Marketing internships available in Florence. I myself did a marketing internship abroad there for a Tuscan wine touring company, and my roommate did her Advertising internship with a student travel company. My placement was very English friendly and was a great opportunity to learn Italian as well. Your options (and English friendly placement...
Hi Danielle! Many of our GE interns and alumni have graduated college before going on their internships abroad. In Florence, Italy and many of our other global cities, you can be visa eligible to intern abroad without needing to be a current student. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Grace! Airfare is not included in your program tuition. Janissa had great advice to book early and look for the cheapest and shortest flight. We have a partnership with STA Travel, who can offer student discounts and deposit options. Hope that this helps! - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Coty! Many of our GE interns and alumni have graduated college before going on their internships abroad. In Florence, Italy and many of our other global cities, you can be visa eligible to intern abroad without needing to be a current student. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator

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  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 9.8
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My time in Florence was amazing! I met so many people that I immediately connected with because we were all in it together. There were social events provided by GE that helped us get to know each other and a chance to travel. This was exactly what I was looking for!

The Global Experiences staff was incredibly helpful and supportive along the way. :) I would recommend this experience to anybody looking for growth in their major and personally. I'm incredibly grateful that I was given this opportunity!

How can this program be improved?

If you have more italian classes.

Yes, I recommend
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Grand adventure

I enjoyed every minute of my internship with global experiences. Though this experience I have not only learned my about my career path but also myself. I have made such great friends though this program, and have had a ton of memorable adventures. I am eager to see what door are opened up in my career due to this amazing internship and hope that I get the opportunity to do it again, with global experiences.

Yes, I recommend

Going Beyond Your Average Study Abroad Experience

When I first arrived in Florence I felt like I was in a Medieval Disney World. As I walked along the cobblestones in the city center I was greeted by breathtaking architecture, world-famous statues, and a violin's serenade. This city is truly special as it has all the attractions of a large city while being completely walkable and safe.

Like the city of Florence itself, Global Experiences is also unique. Most of the Americans in Florence are studying aboard with other people from their University and, as a result, the vast majority only hang out with other Americans. However, because Global Experiences partners with a language school that has people from all over the world and places you in real Italian work environments you will inevitably meet and talk with people who are not American. I believe that this is extremely important because the whole point of going abroad is to go outside of your comfort zone.

The internship that Global Experiences placed me with was perfect. I wanted an internship within the field of Journalism. I was paired up with Florence News, a publication for American students and tourists in Florence. While I thought I would just help edit, I actually got to write articles! I learned about what makes a good lead, how to write hard news stories, and the ins and outs of AP Style. While I was not enrolled in a University class while here, I believe that the experience I gained from my internship has taught me more than any journalism class would.

All in all, because of this program I have become friends with people from completely different cultures, tasted wine properly, eaten my weight in gelato, overcome language barriers, and developed into a more self-sufficient and globally aware person.

If you are considering this program, I would suggest that you stop thinking and apply for the program today.

How can this program be improved?

I wish that this program was a month longer. I know that a VISA is required for a stay over 90 days in Italy; however, I would be willing to apply for a VISA to stay a month longer. Three months go by incredibly fast and most of the people outside of the Global Experiences program stay for 4 - 6 months.

Yes, I recommend
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The Experience of a Lifetime

As an Art Education intern for Global Experiences, I could not have chosen a more appropriate location. Florence, Italy has been amazing to say the least. Combining the artistic location with friends and a great work environment, I have had the experience of a lifetime over these past three months. Throughout my internship I have grown immensely as an individual and gained a diverse set of skills. This program encouraged me to not only explore other countries and make new friends but allowed my education and career to grow along with it. What I will be able to take away from this experience I will be able to use for the rest of my life. And the memories I have made here could never be forgotten. This internship has paved the way for my future, and I could not be more eager to see what it holds.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Opportunity to Grow Professionally & Personally

Interning in Florence is great because the city has so much going on, but yet still has that small town comfort and charm to it. It doesn't take long to feel right at home in Florence, and everything I needed (grocery store, gym, internship office, bars etc.) was no further than a 15 minute walk from my apartment. It's so easy to explore different parts of Italy from Florence also, it's a very central city. My internship taught me a lot about flexibility, communication, independence and self-confidence and I know I'm returning to home to Canada with a more profound mindset that has both personal and professional benefits.

How can this program be improved?

The program is well-rounded.

Yes, I recommend

Fun In Florence

This was one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of my life. Global Experience placed me in the perfect internship. I really had the opportunity to become immersed in the Florence lifestyle. I had so much fun exploring not only the city, but was given the opportunity to travel all of Europe. The staff was extremely caring and was there for me whenever I needed them. I also could not have been happier with my housing situation, which was accommodating and cozy. I made so many lifelong friends and went on so many new adventures. I would not trade this opportunity for anything.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps more historical tours, something to truly absorb in all the art and history of the city we live in.

Yes, I recommend
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Fall in Florence

There's no better way to achieve growth personally and professionally than working abroad. I'm so grateful for the opportunities Global Experiences has given me. They were incredibly helpful and supportive, from helping me select my location, to finding an internship, and overall allowing me get the most out of my experience here. Travelling and working in another country came with serious challenges and incredible adventures. I know I'm a better person because of both. My housing was always clean and comfortable, the group excursions were fun, and I made wonderful friends. I can't recommend this program and this city enough!

How can this program be improved?

Maybe, scheduling in a bit of vacation time similar to most study abroad programs, so that we don't have to request that time off from employers.
Also, I would've liked to have learned more about the cities history through standard tours or museum visits.

Yes, I recommend

My Semester Abroad

This was easily the greatest decision I️ have made in all 23 years of my life. Through this program I️ have made the greatest friends and discovered the most beautiful city in the world. My internship with the film company was so enjoyable and educational, I️t granted me with the opportunity to come back and help shoot a film in the spring which has always been my dream. I️ was never sure that working in film was all I️ wanted to do until this internship and know I️ know I️t is perfect for me. Global experiences not only have me an experience for a lifetime but I️t has also helped guide me in figuring out exactly what I️ want to do with my life. I️ wouldn’t trade this experience for anything !

How can this program be improved?

More group activities, they were all so fun I️ couldn’t get enough !

Yes, I recommend
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The best way to experience Italy

My summer in Florence was my second experience with GE, and I cannot recommend them enough. From my first contact with the team in the US, to the on-location support from Rachel in Florence, they are so friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about helping people live and intern abroad. I studied in Florence my junior year, and came back for my internship after graduating from university. Interning here has been such a great experience, and I feel like it gave me an even more authentic Italian experience than when I studied here.

The social events here (including wine tastings and cooking classes) were a great way to meet other likeminded people, and it was so much fun getting to explore Italy together in our free time. I cannot think of anywhere back in the US where I would've had these kinds of opportunities (professional or personal), which is why if you're thinking of interning in Italy--DO IT.

Yes, I recommend

A summer to remember

This summer have been amazing in so many ways, from the beginning to the end... I had the opportunity of getting to know new people with the same interest as me, as well as living the great experience of working as an interior designer in a company with international recognition and works in countries like China and the USA, in which I had the possibility to watch my career from a new perspective, that will allow me be a better designer now that I start my professional career coming home.
This program allowed me to fall in love all over again with Florence and a culture that fascinated me since the first time I studied them in college, I mean the feeling of being in front of buildings that I had only seen in book was amazing!!!
Also I take with me new friendships and work relationships, since the company offered me a long distance job to keep working with them from my country. I've been travelling since I was pretty young but this time it was more than just a vacation, it was a whole new learning experience not just because of the work but also because it is so different to be living in another country even if is just for two months, than just spend a week looking around.

It was so much fun!!! everyone should go for it without hesitation.

Im so glad I did this program and I highly recommend it.

How can this program be improved?

I think that it could be really helpful that one of the social events it's a tour around the city on the first week, and also that the language courses where in the morning so we could have the afternoons free.

Yes, I recommend
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My time in Florence was amazing! I met so many people that I immediately connected with because we were all in it together. There were social events provided by GE that helped us get to know each other and a chance to travel. I always felt safe in the city, and if I ever had a problem I knew my program advisor would be there to help me. This was the chance of a lifetime and it was exactly what I was looking for!

How can this program be improved?

Housing with other GE interns

Yes, I recommend
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A whole new world

Florence is a very artistic place. Since I never been to Europe before, it was a change in scenery I never expected. Everywhere I go, I can find some form of art or history. I got to:

1. try different food that I never ordered before from different restaurants
2. Been to different theme museums
3. Been to different theme Churches
4. Take pictures of old streets

In the end, Florence was a nice working vacation spot.

How can this program be improved?

A general tour of Florence before the internship start date would be nice.

Yes, I recommend
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Go For It!

1. The staff were all so helpful and patient, I never had issues with them
2. I learned how to be more confident, independant, and got a ton of real world experience
3. I got to experience things and places I never thought I'd get to do
4. The high expenses are worth it for everything I got to do and see
5. If you are wondering about doing an internship through Global Experiences, GO FOR IT!!!

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps give the intern a list 2-3 housing options and let the intern decide where they would like to live.

Yes, I recommend

An Experience Of A Lifetime

In summer 2016 I jetted off to Florence, Italy for a digital marketing internship that I landed through the amazing Global Experiences program. Travelling has always been a major part of my life however, I wanted more than a vacation. I wanted to be immersed in an entirely new culture for a prolonged period in order to broaden my world view. This is exactly what Global Experiences gave me. Not only that, I will have memories, stories, and friendships that will last a lifetime. While it sounds scary to move to a country where you not only don't know anyone but you also do not speak the language, it was the best decision I could have ever made while in university. I am a firm believer that only good things come from stepping outside of your comfort zone and, if presented this choice again, I would jet across the world with GE in a heart beat!

Yes, I recommend
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Experience of a Lifetime

I knew from the moment that I went to a Global Experiences interest meeting my junior year, I was hooked (and it wasn't just the free pizza). The idea that I could spend three months doing a credited internship in one of the most beautiful cities in the world was a dream. The team at Global Experiences helped make this dream a reality. The entire process was not confusing due to how organized and helpful they made it. My hometown is the same city as their office, so I stopped by to meet everyone, and their office had such a cool vibe and the people were so welcoming! Later on in the process, they even had a coach call me and help me work on my resume and cover letter for my possible internships. They want to prepare you the best they can for your future endeavors!

As for my internship, they really took the time to make sure that I was matched with one that was well suited for me. I did marketing and social media for a bicycle touring company, and they honestly became my family as I was working for them. I joined many of their tours, biking through the stunning hills of Tuscany, touring through family owned wineries, eating delicious food, and meeting people from all over the world. They taught me so much not just about the touring business, but Italian culture and their language. Also, I can now I can make a mean cup of Italian coffee.

As for the city of Florence, it can seem scary to some to live in a foreign country for any amount of time. Global Experience quickly helped make this city a second home, giving us a coordinator, aka "mom" during our stay (I love you, Rachel!), making many group activities, tours, and always checking up on us. I never felt alone in Florence, and this was because they made us an awesome tight-knit group. I also loved my housing, as I was right next to the duomo and basically in the center of the city. Being able to walk everywhere was such a refreshing change than that I was used too.

I would give Global Experiences a 10/10 overall for so many reasons, but most of all for how much they care about anyone going through the process. You are not just a number, and they really want to make sure that your dreams come true during your intern abroad experience. Thanks GE!!!

Yes, I recommend

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