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Virtual Internships: Remote Global Programs

Guide to online internships

Getting an online internship, also called a virtual internship or a remote internship, means that you can work from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop and strong wifi. Virtual interns can build their resume while still studying or working a day job! It’s a great alternative to the traditional internship, which comes with additional expenses and a less flexible schedule.

Remote internships are offered in a variety of industries across the globe and can generally be started anytime throughout the year. On Go Overseas, there are a number of well-respected program providers and organizations that offer virtual alternatives to traditional internships.

Top fields for remote internships

Many industries lend themselves to online internships. Seek out positions in trades that have a digital component or that are entirely online. Here are some of the leading fields that offer online internships:


Much of marketing and advertising takes place online. Potential remote internships in marketing could include managing social media platforms, creating or curating digital content, or running analytics for campaigns.

Graphic design & UX

Virtual interns undertaking graphic design and UX/UI internships can look forward to being included in a wide range of interesting projects.

Graphic design interns may help design logos for businesses, improve website branding and color schemes, or work on social media materials.

UX/UI interns may conduct user research, troubleshoot ineffective app or website interfaces, or participate in design sprints with experienced team members.


Online news publications are often looking for remote interns to help with content creation, copyediting, or research.


An excellent industry for online options, you can find tech internships in technical support, front- and back-end development, engineering, and more. And as a plus, many of the big tech companies pay their online interns the same as on-site interns!

Law & public policy

Law and public policy interns help support remote teams by drafting memos, editing documents and motions, performing legal and policy research, and attending legislative sessions.

Business & finance

Many finance departments within businesses or finance service firms seek out virtual interns to support with different tasks. You might help with market analysis, financial modeling, or summarizing reports.

Data science

Data is everywhere and the demand for analysts is growing exponentially. Data science interns may work on data visualization and modeling, develop code through programs like Python and R, or analyze large datasets to present to other team members.

How to get a remote internship

The easiest way to get a remote internship is through a program provider. Here’s how to find and apply for the perfect position.

  1. Decide which field you want your remote internship to be in. It could be in your field of study or a new industry you’d like to try. Some internships have prerequisites but many allow students (and even non-students) to apply for what interests them.
  2. Select your program provider. Rather than applying directly to individual companies, signing up with a program provider means you will work one-on-one with a recruiter who will arrange interviews with preferred employers or companies within your field.
  3. Fill out an online application. This will generally ask for background information on your education and any prior work experience.
  4. Attend an interview with the program provider. Be ready to tell them your preferences for your ideal remote internship like top industries, whether you’d like to work part-time or full-time, and how long you envision your internship to last.
  5. Get matched and interview with potential employers. Skilled recruiters set up interviews directly with them for you. This will allow you to gauge if the internship meets your goals.
  6. Start your online internship!. Once you find the perfect fit, you’re on your way to gaining valuable skills and experience!

Why use a program provider for remote internships

Program providers, like those featured below here on GO, connect you with employers all over the world who are looking for interns. The perks of going with a program provider for your virtual internship are numerous:

  • Guaranteed placement. Forget sending out hundreds of applications to employers who never respond to you. Paying the program fee guarantees that providers match you with the right employer in your chosen field.
  • Continuous support. Program providers are there to work for you. They want to not only prepare you for your internship but address any questions or problems you may have. If your internship is not a good fit, they can help arrange an alternative.
  • Connections to top employers. Many program providers have established themselves with many popular global companies like Airbnb, Marriott International, and Apple. Getting your foot in the door with these companies can be hard on your own.

To do an online internship through a program provider, you will need to pay a fee but they will do all the hard work of finding a position for you. That is priceless!

Benefits of remote internships

International remote internships offer a wide range of benefits – some that even in-person internships don’t provide!

  • Cheaper than in-person: remote internships mean no costs for travel, accommodation, food, or international insurance. If you’re already living with your family, your remote global internship can fit in seamlessly around your current life circumstances with no extra expense for relocation.
  • Flexible: virtual internships tend to be a lot more flexible than internships held in an office. Many positions allow you to choose when you work, whether that means early morning or late at night.
  • Demonstrates you can work on a remote team: if you hope to work remotely in your future career, showing you can function on a remote team is a big advantage. Your remote internship will teach you the time management skills you need to impress remote-first employers.
  • Can connect you to remote-first employers: it’s not uncommon for interns to be offered employment contracts after their commitment to the company ends. If you’re keen to continue working remotely following your internship, a remote internship could be the connection you need to make it happen.
  • Allows you to work abroad without going abroad: if you don’t have the time or money currently to go overseas, interning remotely gives you the opportunity to work with international teams, learn about another country’s business culture, and gain skills in intercultural communication.
  • Offers more independence: remote interns have a lot more independence to manage their own schedules than traditional interns. Another perk of this – no managers hanging around your workspace micromanaging you!

A virtual internship will give you the experience you need to kick-start your online career. What are you waiting for? Check out the great program providers below to start your remote internship journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you prepare for a virtual internship?

    Make sure you have a designated space at home to work from, like a desk or office, that is free from distractions. You should also create a schedule for yourself to establish healthy work-life boundaries.

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  • Do I need a visa for a virtual internship?

    Nope! Since the work will be done from home (entirely remote!) and you will not be doing any international travel, you will not need to obtain a visa.

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  • What are the pros and cons of virtual internships?

    During a virtual internship, you'll build your resume, gain real-world experience, and grow your professional network. However, working from home will also require you to hold yourself accountable to focus and minimize distractions. You may also miss out on the social aspect and workplace culture, in comparison to in-person internships.

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  • What does a virtual intern do?

    Virtual internships are done entirely remote. The interns complete tasks and projects from home and may participate in meetings via video call or engage with other team members through email and messaging platforms. Similar to an on-site internship, you'll receive project-based work and have time to learn new skills related to the industry.

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  • Is a virtual internship good for your resume?

    Yes! Having internship experience, either remote or on-site, can be beneficial for highlighting your industry experience and proving that you've acquired the necessary skills to be successful in a job.

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