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    • Cusco
2 to 24 weeks

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Year Round
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  • At least one year of relevant college/university study in a related field


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- Dedicated intern support
- Comprehensive internship guide
- Reflection learning course
- Pre-departure interview
- Flight and travel insurance deals

Program fee:
- 24/7 in-country support
- Airport pick-up
- Program orientation
- Internship placement
- Learning support service
- Accommodation
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Accommodation Meals Wifi
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Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
Mar 14, 2022
Jul 23, 2019
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About Program

Are you looking to gain international career experience while immersing yourself in a new culture? Intern Abroad HQ offers the most flexible and affordable internships in Cusco, Peru, starting from just two weeks duration.

Choose from 9 unique placements in Peru, all customized and tailored to meet your course credit, academic major or career path requirements. Internships are available in the fields of dentistry, education, psychology, animal care and more, with flexible start dates available year round.

Once you've completed your internship, you’ll receive an international reference from your host organization that will help your resume to stand out in front of future employers. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your internship sets you up for a successful global career.

*Please note, internship placements in Peru require varying levels of Spanish speaking proficiency.

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Program Highlights

  • Choose from 9 unique internship placements in Cusco
  • Placements in Peru begin every Monday throughout the year starting from two weeks duration at just US$994
  • We source and arrange your internship placement from start to finish with fees including airport transfer, orientation, accommodation, and 24/7 local support
  • All interns participate in our reflection-based learning curriculum that fosters the development of transferable soft skills that employers value
  • Explore Cusco and the beautiful surrounding valleys in your spare time and experience Peruvian culture

Popular Programs

Dental Internships

Dental internships in Peru offer the chance to assist practicing local dentists with general clinical checks. Interns support real patient treatments, including promotion of good dental hygiene, and get realistic and well-rounded dental work experience, while also sharpening Spanish language skills.

Marketing & Communications Internships

Marketing and Communications internships in Peru involve hands-on promotion of a wide range of companies, including tourism agencies, hostels, hotels and NGOs. Interns can help with digital marketing, content creation, social media and communications to support businesses to grow and boost their visibility both locally and internationally.

Midwifery Internships in Peru

Midwifery internships in Peru provide a privileged opportunity to gain experience assisting at birthing homes and clinics for new and expecting mothers. Interns are placed with local midwives, supporting and assisting them as they work with expecting mothers at various stages of their pregnancies, as well as with new mothers and infants.

Psychology Internships in Peru

This Psychology internship in Peru offers a unique opportunity for psychology students to learn from a qualified professional working in a clinical setting. Interns shadow and assist local psychologists as they work with patients with a wide range of mental health challenges, including traumas, diagnosed disorders and developmental issues.

Youth Development & Education Internship in Peru

This Youth Development and Education internship in Cusco has a broad scope for interns to assist young people with a range of learning and activities. Interns can help in the classroom, with tutoring, role-modelling, playing games or tending to specific developmental needs. This is a highly customizable internship working with young people in ways that benefit both you and them!

Program Reviews

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  • 4 rating 20%
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  • Growth 4.8
  • Support 4.7
  • Fun 4.7
  • Housing 4.7
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience I will never forget!

I volunteered in Cusco, Peru for 4 weeks at a clinic. In the clinic I worked with a Physiotherapist and worked with the patients they saw. The tasks included doing pain management with hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, laser, and ultrasounds. The therapist taught me a lot I did not know and working in the clinic was very hands on. Prior to departure, my program coordinator was very responsive with anything I needed. There was an internship manual that explained everything I needed to know so there was not any surprises when I was there. The home stay were extremely friendly! I always felt safe and they were always there if I ever needed anything. I definitely will be doing another internship with InternAbroadHQ. The only mistake I made was not staying longer!

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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Hi Manal,

Thank you for your kind review! We really enjoyed having you as an intern in Peru and it was a pleasure to work with you. You came prepared and made the most of your time abroad from day 1. I know the local team in Peru will miss your daily contributions and hopefully you made some great friends along the way.

Good luck in the next chapter of your professional development and I hope the experience you gained in Cusco benefits your future career goals.

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Yes, I recommend this program

"Discover, Immerse, Experience, Grow" - Proyecto Peru

I did an internship through Intern Abroad HQ in Cusco, Peru for a semester study abroad through my university. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life! It has been my dream to study abroad since I was in middle school and through this program, I was able to live that dream.

Intern Abroad HQ did a great job at organizing everything pre-departure as well as checking up on the group of us throughout our time in Peru. The staff at Proyecto Peru were amazing and super helpful with helping you out with anything and everything. I was lucky enough to be able to work with the director of the English department. I assisted him with teaching classes, marketing, program development, and program outreach. Within the first week, the staff already felt like my family away from home.

My host family was absolutely incredible. They were the kindest, self-less, and most inspiring people I have met. They made me feel right at home and never made me feel like I was just another student at the dinner table. Leaving them was so hard and I can not wait for the day I can go back.

My sole purpose of going to Cusco was to learn Spanish. Anyone looking to improve their Spanish, Cusco is the place to go! The Spanish is very easy to understand, and the locals are always willing to help you out. My private Spanish lessons through Proyecto Peru helped me a lot to gain more fluency and proficiency as well talking with my host family every day.

Finally, if you are an adventurer, Cusco is calling your name. The Cusco area is beautiful. There is so many cool places to explore. I promise you won’t have enough time to see it all. Plan your weekends ahead of time because in a blink of an eye they will be gone!

Now quit reading this review and go apply for an internship with Intern Abroad HQ. I promise you will have an experience of a lifetime!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Definitely guinea pig! It may not look appetizing, but you gotta try it while you are in Cusco. It's not as bad as it looks!
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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your review! It sounds like you had an amazing experience and you took this opportunity and made the most of every minute. Congratulations on the completion of your internship and I'm sure you'll be looking back on this experience for years to come. All the best in your endeavors. You were a great ambassador for Southern Utah University in Peru. From myself and the Intern Abroad HQ team, we wish you all the best in your future pursuits.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Lifelong Memories

I absolutely loved interning with Intern Abroad HQ in Peru. I worked with kids in an after school program where I planned activities and games for them and had a blast! We cooked different foods, played Go Fish!, colored coloring pages, went to the park, had dance parties, etc. I loved every minute. It was so much fun to plan these activities with the other interns and then introduce them to the kids. They really loved learning and were always excited to spend time with us. My personal favorite days were the cooking days. We prepped beforehand and then let them do the easier things. They loved eating what they had made! And it was fun for them to try different things from the United States, South Korea, Belgium, and other countries from around the world.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Guinea pig....it tastes like chicken! Very salty chicken.
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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Hi Natalie, thanks for your feedback! It was awesome to have you onboard with us for the SUU semester abroad elective. We know that you, along with the fellow SUU students, will be missed by the placements, host families and local team members. All the best with your studies, Spanish learning and future adventures! Cheers, from Dallas and the team.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A meaningful experience

This experience was so meaningful for me! At the beginning I had a lot of fear and I wanted to return in my home country, because it was very difficult to understand so many differences between my home country and my host country. But after the first week it was really easy to do everything and my host country was so full of things to do. Then I had a great time with my host family that helped me to feel very involved in the country’s culture and I felt that I was helpful for someone during my internship. I made friends and I made a lot of activities during my month in Perù. This experience helped me to be more fearless and to be more brave and confident. And also helped me to become more confident in my professional abilities and to be more responsable. I collected a lot of memories for my entire life!

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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Hi Soraya, thanks for your review! We appreciate it and are happy you found the right internship experience, which was was meaningful and rewarding. We wish you all the best going forward. Thanks again, from Dallas and the Intern Abroad HQ team :-)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Midwifery Internship in Peru

I had the opportunity to work with a local midwife in Cusco, Peru this summer and it was fantastic! I worked with her side by side visiting patients in their homes, where we assessed their vitals, monitored their progress, assessed newborn vitals, conducted consultations, and held group antepartum classes/support sessions. I learned so much about the process of antepartum care, birth plans, health and wellness, and ancient Peruvian techniques for pain management and coping with labor and delivery. I worked with the midwife for 8 weeks, traveling with her to the Sacred Valley to see her patients two or three times a week. The days were very long, we usually left Cusco around 7am and got back around 10pm, sometimes later. There were three or four deliveries during the time I was interning, but unfortunately I was not able to attend any of them. I think this was due to the language barrier (fluent Spanish is definitely necessary) and the haste required to travel to the Sacred Valley when delivery was imminent.

I also took Spanish lessons from the school in Peru that organized my internship. The lessons were great, and they organized weekly outings/events/parties for the volunteers so it was super easy to meet people. I made a good group of friends there and we had tons of fun! I recently traveled to the UK and met up with a few of the friends I met in Peru :)

Intern Abroad HQ was wonderful in helping me prepare for my trip. They were always there to answer questions, provide information, help me book excursions, and make sure everything was taken care of before I left. The insurance I got through them was also great, I got food poisoning and had to stay in the hospital overnight and everything was completely taken care of. Everuthing with them was perfectly smooth and easy, I can’t wait for my next volunteer trip!

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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Thanks for sharing a little about your time as a Midwifery intern in Cusco! It's great to hear that you had a fantastic time and it was our pleasure to facilitate the internship experience for you. Awesome also to hear that you've kept in touch with the new friends you made! Take care for now and best wishes for your future plans! Cheers, Dallas.

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time in Peru as nurse intern!!

I had a great experience with Intern Abroad HQ. I did the nursing internship in Peru for 4 weeks. I was placed in a hospital in the pediatric unit and learned a ton about they practice medicine. Outside of the internship I was able to immerse myself in the Peruvian culture by the activities that were involved. My host family was very inviting and welcoming. I would definitely recommend interning in Peru as a nursing student. My favorite memory in Peru outside of my internship was going to Machu Picchu! I did a 4 day trek and it was amazing. I highly recommended getting involved in the community after placement. My favorite memory from placement would be working with the pediatric patients. I did not have a lot of experience with pediatrics before this internship and I learned a lot while there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I learned so much!

I had a wonderful time in Cusco, Peru where I interned with HQAbroad in a small clinic near the Plaza De Armas. The program is very involved with your social life and helping you settle in to your homestay and work place. I learned so much in the 9 weeks I was there and enjoyed every last second. Doing this has impacted my perspective on life in many ways and has helped me decide my career choice. You can’t beat these prices and this program placement. I would recommend to anyone!

What would you improve about this program?
Be active in helping students when needed.
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Response from Intern Abroad HQ

Hi Isidra,
It was great to hear that you had a wonderful time - Cusco is one of my favourite cities in the world and I agree that there are definitely lots of fun social activities to take advantage of throughout the internship too. Being able to spend 9 weeks on your internship was an awesome commitment and I hope that you're proud of your achievement and effort. Thanks again for your contribution at the clinic - until next time! From Dallas and the team at Intern Abroad HQ :-)

Yes, I recommend this program

6 weeks in Cusco, Peru

My experience through Intern HQ was wonderful! I interned for 6 weeks in Cusco at a local clinic, with the Physician’s Assistant Internship. The entire process, from application to completion, was smooth and understandable, and I knew that I had support with my internship the entire time. I learned so much in Peru and got so many opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Getting to practice my Spanish in a medical context and meeting people from all over the world were added benefits! It was really great to be able to experience a foreign environment in a safe and unique manner. It was really interesting to see how healthcare worked in Peru, and the internship lined up with my career goal of being a pediatrician. I worked from Monday through Friday from 8-12 or 1, and the rest of the time, I was free to explore Cusco and hang out with different people that I had met through volunteering dinners and the various activities of the week. Intern HQ provided me with an invaluable experience that I will always treasure.

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