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NEW! Social Work and Psychology Internship in Cape Town

Join this nonprofit to gain on the ground experience in social work and provide psychological support to children with troubled backgrounds. You’ll work with a community center in a township that hosts children each day to ensure they have a safe and stimulating space to go. Assist with the day to day running of the center and with offering counseling sessions to the children.


Are you studying marketing, business development, or a related field, and would you like to live in Africa for a while? This might be the perfect opportunity for you. Choose from a wide range of marketing internships with NGOs in Africa!

- You will get valuable experience in areas such as marketing strategy, SEO strategy, market analysis, content writing, social media marketing, and web management.
- Internships can often be tailor-made to your skill set and desired learning outcomes.
- All our marketing internships are with NGOs and social enterprises, so you’ll also be making a difference on a grassroots level.
- You’ll also get to work and live in this stunning part of the world.

“I see the world of NGOs as a kind of Pandora’s box: once open, you can’t stay the same, to get involved in the amazing stories it enshrines is inevitable.” - Irene, Italy, Fundraising and Marketing Internship

  • Flexible start and end dates
  • Valuable working experience while making an impact at the same time
  • Duration from 8-26 weeks
  • Opportunity to be a large part of a small team

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  • Growth 9
  • Support 9.3
  • Fun 8.7
  • Housing 6.7
  • Safety 6.7
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Fantastic experience in Cape Town with Roots Interns as a Marketing and Communications Intern.

My internship in Marketing and Communications for Roots Interns in Cape Town has been an exceptional amazing and unique experience. Honestly, I wasn't really excited to do another internship, since I've done a lot already. However, this time it was different. At Roots, I had the freedom to work independently and focus on the kind of tasks that I prefer. I liked to be in charge of the Social Media channels and learned a lot about content strategies, Wordpress, writing styles, project management, engaging with followers, Marketing, nonprofit organizations etc. Cape Town is a vibrant city and the place to be and chose for an international work experience. I learned so much about African cultures and diversity in humans. I am enormously happy with this experience and definitely a lucky one!

Yes, I recommend

Marketing Intern at Greenpop

With my internship at Greenpop being my first internship abroad, I was extremely nervous and excited. When choosing my internship, what I hoped for was an experience to push me outside of my comfort zone, help me grow my personal and marketing skills, and give me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. I can safely say that my internship at Greenpop gave me all three of these. Working and living in Cape Town was an incredible experience that pushed me to immerse myself in another culture. The city is stunning, with lots to do in your free time. The provided housing is very central with many restaurants to eat at. The living circumstances made it very easy to make friends as all of the other roommates were interns working at other local organizations. If you're looking for an internship where you can make long-lasting friendships with people from different backgrounds, develop your marketing acumen while working for a social enterprise, and make timeless memories living in a stunning city, I'd recommend you apply to this internship.

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A Crash Course in Marketing with Penda Photo

I came to South Africa knowing no one and, apart from other transferable skills and work experiences in NGOs, little about the world of marketing. In short, I had my trepidations. What I discovered was a welcoming and warm environment of young and dynamic professionals who were passionate not only about the job, but the underlying cause of the organisation. I found that to be the case with Penda as well, where, despite my insecurities, I was a growing amount of responsibility over the time I worked there, as well as the freedom to take on or suggest new responsibilities according to my interests and internship goals. Above all, I feel that it was through the trust and mentorship of Penda's founder, Marleen, that I was able to rise to the challenges and to learn to trust myself and my ability to adapt and grow to fill my position within a new and dynamic organision. Overall, I am incredibly happy with my experience. I could not have imagined how much I would learn in just a few months, and it's thanks to this experience that I now approach jobs since then with a sense of confidence that has been vital in making me competent and trustworthy in any professional environment.

Yes, I recommend

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At Roots Interns, our mission is to create the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. That’s why we offer internships at NGOs and social enterprises that are adding valuable contributions towards community programs,...