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Dream Careers offers an all-inclusive internship programs in Washington DC, complete with a custom internship placement at a top company in your field of study!

As an industry leader in placing students in the field of their choice, you can be assured you are in good hands as you make the transition from home to Washington DC. Our DC Internship program includes summer housing, weekend trips, career development programs, and on-site staff. Spend your summer surrounded by hundreds of college students with a competitive internship in Washington DC.

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  • Custom Internships! Our staff works diligently to ensure you are placed in an internship field of your choice. Once accepted to the program, you are guaranteed an internship in your field before you arrive in DC. Our top internships in Washington DC inclu
  • Professional Development! Dream Careers gives you the whole package, a challenging and rewarding internship, career seminars, academic credit, and exciting excursions.
  • All-Inclusive Program! In addition to a professional staff available 24/7, we coordinate EVERY detail for you, including group housing, weekend trips, transportation to and from work, a meal plan and much more so that you can focus on your time in Washing
  • Weekend Trips! Every summer we outline a great list of intern excursions to the top destinations in the area. Visit our website to see what we have planned for this summer.
  • Extensive Network! You will meet experts in your experience while interning in Hong Kong, leaving you with great references and a strong alumni network!
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The tuition covers summer housing, weekend trips, a meal plan, transportation to and from work, academic credit, internship placement and career development. The program does not include your flight or your visa fees.

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My Thoughts about Dream Careers DC


-GREAT STAFF: The 3 program directors had great personalities and were very helpful in all aspects of the program. Whether the issue involved the internship or personal life, they were often available.

-Exciting and new environment: By selecting the Dream Careers program I was able to live independently in a bustling and lively environment. The experience helped me learn how to properly adjust to living in a place I'm not familiar with, which is a skill I am confident that I will use for the rest of my life.

- Hard work ethic of the directors: During my time as an intern the head director/coordinator worked diligently to find an internship tailored for me. I wanted to work in Tourism (specifically tour guiding), which was something the director had not encountered before. However, because of his hard work I ended up WORKING (yes, I got paid) for a company that I truly LOVED

- Weekly sessions: One day each week all the interns gathered for an hour-long (sometimes more) meeting where we listened to the stories and advice from current professionals. Many of the speakers were very transparent and honest, which helped us find ourselves in them. In simple words, we were able to see that although we were potentially misguided at the time (as the speakers were during our age), we would find our way eventually.

-Personal concierge: EVERY WEEK we had the opportunity to discover a new event and/or restaurant in the city because of the Dream Careers staff. This made it easier to transition to living in the city.


- You're taking a risk: This con deals primarily with the individual rather than the program. As with ANY internship experience interns are going out on a limb to find their career path; thus, you may NOT learn what job is right for you within the 2-3 months of the program.

How can this program be improved?
A lower cost would be GREAT! (As long as this doesn't mean the quality of the program is decreased)

Yes, I recommend
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Dream Careers DC

I had a truly incredible summer in DC thanks to the Dream Careers program. My internship with DC Public Education Fund was one of the most valuable experiences of my life and really prepared me for my future work in education and the nonprofit sector. I met so many talented and inspiring people through this program, both personally and professionally, and had one of the most fun summers of my life. The staff that led the program helped me to explore and grow to love the city and helped to connect me to resources that would help me grow professionally. My summer with Dream Careers was life changing and I will be moving to DC to work in the education field in the future because of my experience in this program.

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Internship Experience

Having spent my 2014 summer with Dream Careers for a business internship, I speak highly of the program they have put together. Everything is well planned out from check in to departure. The location they have for accommodation is prime in the heart of NW DC. The seminar speakers are well connected, successful professionals from who there's much to learn from, especially with regards to enhancing networking capabilities. More so, the program presents incredible professional networking opportunities. The internship itself was applicable to my major and productive from a career and investment perspective. It goes without saying that great friendships were created and there was plenty of time to explore and enjoy the city.

How can this program be improved?
Program is well as it is. They really follow through with you all the way.
Yes, I recommend
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As a 2012 dreamer I had the best summer of my life. The DC program provided several opportunities for my personal and professional growth. The DC staff was more than accommodating; anytime I needed to talk whether it be about my career or personal goals they were open and respectful and truly cared about all of the students. The weekly sponsored activities allowed me to see DC in a way I never imagined; I truly enjoyed my summer in DC and I have Dream Careers to thank for that.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing

I am so thankful for my time with DC. I recommend it to anyone who wants a new experience! If you want to go to a new place and try new things this is the program for you! They really help you see what its REALLY like to live in the city you are in. They help encourage you to be innovative and passionate. The weekly lectures are life changing. This is the greatest thing i have ever done.

How can this program be improved?
Its perfect!
Yes, I recommend
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I enjoyed my internship with Metropolitan Police Department . I was able to choose my own 8 hour work shift. It was an incredible experience working with Criminal Investigations Division. I was able to work and get a feel of the field I received my degree in, Criminal Justice. I essentially shadowed them and assisted them with whatever they needed help with their cases- calling victims/suspects, typing emails, going to court, creating bolos, and going to calls. It was a blast and I would do it all over again.

How can this program be improved?
I would enjoy a more apartment like housing.
Yes, I recommend
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Dream Careers Washington D.C. Summer 2014: Best Experience of My Life!

I never heard about Dream Careers until one day I googled summer internships and found this program. After applying for the program, improving my resume, learning interview techniques, applying and accepting an internship offer, would I have thought this summer program would have been anything like what I experienced. Not only did they help me prepare for everything before flying out to D.C. but once I got there the staff never stops helping.

The Internship:
I interned with the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department. The first week at this department was rough. When you apply for their internship you pick your top 3 choices for what division in the department you want to intern in. I was lucky enough to get my first choice; however, I ended up being moved around a couple times my first week because of staffing concerns. I did not know what I should do and was really frustrated. Luckily the dream careers staff helped me through it and encouraged me to speak to the department about my concerns and thankfully they understood and worked with me. I was able to move to a division that was in charge of monitoring the city and getting officers the right information which I thought was awesome and very rewarding. The officers I worked with were great and gave me some good advice and as I left I was told I am allowed to come back as an intern if I want to. Overall I was satisfied with my internship experience.

Besides going to work, we had program events to keep us occupied and to explore what D.C. had to offer. We went to a new restaurant every week which was awesome and of course because I love food. Then on the weekends there were some great events as well. We explored the monuments, toured museums, went to a baseball game, and even had a perfect spot to watch July 4th fireworks. Some of the best events came at the end of summer when we spent the weekend at Virginia Beach and going to Kings Dominion amusement park as well as ending it all at our dinner dance cruise on the Potomac river. The events this program has to offer were amazing and you do not want to miss out on them.

We had career-development seminars every week. Usually there was a theme for each weeks seminar so that we had something to focus on. The guest speakers were unbelievable and really were able to connect their professional and personal experiences with ours and did a great job helping us to grow personally and help find our passion.

Being housed at George Washington University meant we were blocks away from all the monuments, nightlife, and of course the metro system so that we can have an easy time getting to work.

I would recommend this program to anyone interested in interning in Washington D.C.

How can this program be improved?
There were a few issues that came up. We were told that our housing facility was one of the universities newer buildings so it came to surprise that their laundry machines kept breaking. Also the lounge had a lot of problems with what was provided. The main T.V. did not work, the ping pong table was pretty much destroyed, and the kitchen was not in good condition. These are little things that I know are out of Dream Careers control but maybe they can work between programs to try and work with the university to make sure the housing facility is up to standards. Other than that I had no other concerns.
Yes, I recommend
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Dream Careers Washington, D.C. Summer 2014: The Best Summer of My Life

This past summer I did the Dream Careers program in Washington, D.C. My internship was at Carpenter's Shelter, a homeless shelter in Alexandria, Virginia and I was the administrative intern to the volunteer coordinator. As an administrative intern, I completed various tasks including contacting volunteers either via phone or email, updating the online volunteer database, creating online meal calendars for volunteers to sign up to volunteer to serve a meal at the shelter and I created a volunteer satisfaction survey using Survey Monkey. I had a great experience both at my internship and participating in program events such as a twilight tour of the White House and the monuments, a tour of the capitol building and congress, visits to the Smithsonian museums and a dinner and dance cruise on the Potomac River, just to name a few. It was great getting to be a tourist around D.C. and live in a city I had never been to before while also gaining valuable workforce skills. I also met so many people I otherwise would not have met from all across the United States and internationally. I'm grateful to have had this opportunity and I encourage other students to do it as well. Doing this program will be the best summer of your life and allow you to put everything else on pause and focus solely on your internship and all the fun opportunities Dream Careers programs have to offer. Because of my positive experience, I am now a part of the Dream Careers family and am working for them on campus as a campus ambassador. If anyone is interested in this program, contact me and I can help you get started!

How can this program be improved?
I think it would be the amount of time the program is run, I think it should go for longer than two months in order to help students better maximize their experience.
Yes, I recommend
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The beginning of the rest of my life

When I first approached Dream Careers, I was looking for a program where I could travel and still get work experience and academic credit, but what I got was way more valuable. Today, the workforce is getting harder and harder to enter, and as an ambitious college student soon to be graduate, I found myself without any "real world" experience under my belt. Dream Careers helped me discover what I liked and disliked about possible jobs in my current field, helping me narrow down what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was shaking hands with important people, shaping my work ethic, and making friends and memories in the process. I still remember waking up until 4 in the morning with one of the girls from the program. We had fallen into conversation and kept talking until one of our alarms went off. We didn't realize it was so late and we still made it on time to work at 8 the next day! The Dream Careers staff was also like a family. We laughed together, cried together, and had some very interesting conversations. I never expected to make such a deep connection with these people. Nothing compares to watching the sunrise from the steps of the Lincoln memorial. It was hard to part, but I've made plans to see some of my new friends soon, and I'm still on very good terms and in touch with many of my previous co-workers. This was by and large the best decision I've ever made.

How can this program be improved?
I would change some of the weekend trips. Maybe they could have put together options for other things to do as a group and we could have voted on them. Also, you have to figure out the bus systems and how to get to work sort of on your own sometimes. They could have taken more time explaining the bus system because if it wasn't for my roommate who was from DC, I may have never made it to the work office on time.
Yes, I recommend

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