Alumni Spotlight: Kelly McCarthy

Why did you decide to study abroad with AustraLearn in Australia?

Kelly: I studied with AustraLearn because they seemed to give you the most for your money and it was recommended to me by a few people at my home university. I decided to study in Australia because I have always been in love with the country. It is an absolutely beautiful country that is known for it's laid back culture, so I thought that would be a really good place to spend a semester in.

Sydney's iconic opera house

What made studying in Sydney a unique and special experience?

Kelly: Sydney was unique for one because it is absolutely massive. Even at the end of my four and a half months there I was still finding new places and things to do. There's so much to do there and it's absolutely gorgeous, I could never get tired of Sydney. Also whats nice for traveling there is the airport is right there and flying around Australia is fairly inexpensive compared to American flight fares. Also the people there are extremely friendly so it is very easy to fit right in.

Sydney's other iconic feature, the Sydney Harbour Bridge

How did this experience impact your academic development?

Kelly: Studying abroad in Australia has impacted me in many ways. It's helped me become an independent adult and now can easily solve my own problems. I've learned how to deal with things by myself. I feel it made me a braver person and now am ready to tackle on even bigger challenges. As for professionally I feel it looks good with potential employers. It shows that I am adaptable, independent, and know how to interact with people from many different cultures. I feel like it gives my resume a little boost and a leg up on my future competition.