Costa Rica
Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months 1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Adults Business Children High School Middle School


Job Description

Get paid to live and work in the fabulous Costa Rica! There is plenty to see and do in Manuel Antonio, and Costa Rica too! The location is ‘Pura Vida’ in every sense of the word. You can experience the natural wonders of both the rainforest and white sandy coastline that Costa Rica has.

The program begins with 4 weeks TEFL certification with a group of students in the exact same boat as you. You'll complete 150 hours TEFL certification, plus observed teaching practicals that provide feedback and support.

There are mainly 2 types of TEFL teaching jobs in Costa Rica. You can work with private TEFL schools and academies teaching in a classroom environment. There are also positions at K-12 schools for those wanting to commit to a minimum of 1 year school contract. Most TEFL teachers work 20-30 hours per week, with salaries ranging from $750-$1,000 per month

The cost of living in Costa Rica averages $700-$850 per month. Meaning you’ll always have enough to live on through your teaching salary.


  • Bachelors degree desirable, but not required if a good level of English is spoken and written


$750 - $1000 USD per month, net. Paid by your employer monthly.