Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months 6-12 Months
Classroom Audience
Children High School Middle School Pre-School


Job Description

What we offer:
Pay Range: $14 to $25/h

Monthly bonus for April: $1.2/h
Semester bonus: up to $7.2/h
Semester bonus=base (class numbers) X percentage (teacher levels)

Working hours:
Minimum 6 peak hours per week
Available slots: Monday to Friday 17:00 to 21:00 Beijing time

Why Choose Xueersi Online School 1 on 1:
1. Stable income
12-week rolling semesters allows you to have stable bookings with regular students. Enjoy a high booking rate!
2. Easier teaching
All Xueersi Online School 1 on 1 classes are one-on-one to make your teaching easier.
Simpler lesson preparation
3. We use animations in our courseware to make the class more interesting and interactive. We also utilize the dual-textbook system of Cambridge Primary Path and Reach to make your preparation simpler.

Who we are:
Xueersi Online School 1 on 1 is a Chinese online education platform that offers Cambridge primary path and Reach textbook to Chinese students aged 4-12 years old.
We are part of Xueersi Online School, and quite famous for education quality and technology. We have many campuses in more than 300 cities across China.

Quick Interview:
1. Prepare the slides
You will need to teach both lower level and higher level students. Also, please make sure you prepare the slides in advance.
2. 30mins interview
The interview takes around 30mins, including basic information check and Mock class.
3. Get started
Sign the agreement
Upload your documents
Finish onboarding training
Choose your time slots


  • Native English Speaker from the UK, the U.S, Australia, Canada or New Zealand
  • Hold a BA degree or above
  • Teaching certification is required (TESOL/TEFL/CELTA/PGCE/Local teaching certificate/ etc.)
  • Internet speed requirement: upload ≥ 3mbps; download: ≥ 20mbps