United States of America
Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Student Level
Early Childhood High School Middle School

Job Qualifications

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree or above related to education major
  • At least one year of teaching experience (Preschool children 3-6 years old teaching experience preferred)
  • Speaks native English

Job Description

Desirable -
Passionate about education and creative with teaching.
Able to be very expressive with your voice and gestures.
Able to evaluate, analyze, and solve problems with small children.
Must be able to multi-task with children and other responsibilities

Work Responsibilities -
To carry out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require and in accordance with the school’s policies:
Collaborate with Curriculum Department, making lesson plan.
Have a teaching plan to achieve progression in the children’s learning.
Provide clear structures for lessons, maintaining pace, motivation, and challenge.
Assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and record children’s progress systematically.
Display enthusiasm, understanding, and commitment to ensure the children’s experiences are positive and underpin their educational lives.