Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months
Classroom Audience


Job Description

Our Virtual Impact Program connects volunteers from across the globe with students throughout Latin America, who attend our after-school Virtual English Academy free of charge.

Applications are now open for our volunteer English Teacher position to serve young students enrolled in our Virtual English Academy during the fall 2021 semester. This position is ideal if you are taking a Gap Year. Learn teaching and leadership skills while gaining education experience and making a lifetime impact on young students throughout Latin America. You’ll connect 5 days a week for a weekly total of 15 hours of virtual service-learning to provide our students with English instruction and enrichment and inspire them to create opportunities for their futures. If you have native or advanced Spanish skills, you may have the opportunity to lead Spanish enrichment activities. Join us as we bridge cultures digitally and inspire and empower each other to reach our full potential. All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, and a passion for service. To learn more and apply, visit:

Knowledge of Spanish is not required for this virtual volunteer position, though it may be useful since most of our students are young beginners and we offer Spanish enrichment activities.

Previous experience is not required.

Dates + Times

Fall 2021 Session

September 7th - December 17th (15 weeks)
5 days a week, Monday-Friday
First 2 weeks will consist of mandatory training
3:00 PM to 6:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
3:45 PM - 6:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
90 minutes each week of independent professional development

Job Qualifications

  • Be 18 years of age or older (by September 2021)
  • Have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Be interested in learning teaching and leadership skills
  • Be a native or near-native English speaker
  • Be available to commit to 15 hours of service-learning each week for the full semester
  • Be proficient in the use of Zoom (tutorials are available online)


This is a virtual volunteer teaching position without any salary/stipend. You will gain invaluable teaching and leadership skills as well as experience working with children - specifically English Language Learners. If you are considering a career in education, this is an excellent position for you, and if you aren't, you'll grow increasingly prevalent skills for any profession: creativity, adaptability, initiative, public speaking skills, confidence, and comfort working virtually.

​How will Outreach360 Virtual English Academy students benefit from my service? English is a highly sought-after skill for our students and their communities. Opportunities to learn from native and near-native English speakers are few and far between, not to mention costly, so this is an unparalleled service you can offer. The time you spend with students will have an incredible impact on their education and inspire them to get excited about furthering their English learning. Not only that, but the funds you raise provide this opportunity at no cost to our students' families. We can guarantee that taking time out of your week to serve our students will make a real difference.