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JLPT (Japanese)
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Private Lessons Small Class (1-7)
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Some Activities Airfare Domestic Airfare Meals Transportation Visa
Jan 02, 2020
Jun 06, 2020
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About Program

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is an important diploma you can get to ensure your Japenese level and help you find a job opportunity in Japan. If you are planning on taking the JLPT test, don’t wait any longer and come to Meiji Academy in Fukuoka to prepare!

After verifying your Japanese skills, you will be placed in a group. You will have 20 Japanese language classes in this group per week, plus 4 JLPT private classes every week to help you succeed during the JLPT test. Those private JLPT classes adapt to your study rhythm so that you can focus on your priorities!

After class, don’t forget to join various social events and visit the pretty city of Fukuoka! Fukuoka is the perfect place to study Japanese as you experience the Japanese way of life alongside your new friends. Meiji Academy and Fukuoka are your gateways into Japan - Adventure awaits!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying Japanese at Meiji... and remotely

When I applied to Meiji Academy back in 2019, I thought that I was going to study there for three months, but instead, I could only stay for two months because of the virus ... but I continued with my classes remotely. So the first two months were really great. It was fun, we had classes every weekday and I made amazing friends at the sharehouse and during school events. Speaking of which, I had a blast every time we had an activity and I could experience the Japanese culture which was one of my biggest dreams! The classes were really interesting and I was working on the N3 JLPT level. Unfortunately, I had to go back to my country in March because of the coronavirus, I feel like I would have been stuck in Japan. When Meiji Academy asked me about that and about how I wanted to proceed, they said that they were going to offer online lessons for those who wanted to study Japanese remotely. I switched to this online program when I came back home. I have to say that it was a really good idea and that I also had a lot of fun studying from home!
It’s fantastic that Meiji managed the virus situation that well and offered us good and safe services. They supported me when I really needed it and I won't forget all the things they did for me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great school located in Fukuoka's downtown

Taking part in this program was a unique experience and a fantastic opportunity to travel to Japan and learn Japanese efficiently. Meiji Academy was helpful, friendly and cheering. I learned and experienced a lot about Japanese language and culture. The classes were truly high-quality thanks to the professors who were very invested in our improvement. Studying alongside other motivated international students was great. We are still in contact with my friends from Meiji and I was so pleased to spend time and to study with them. I tried to take advantage of every situation to practice my Japanese and use what we learned at school and it was an effective technique. It was also a good way to meet Japanese people and make friends. The city is not as huge as Tokyo, but Fukuoka is still a big city with many cool spots and stores. I will miss so much all the delicious meals I had at restaurants and the laughter with my friends.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Having fun while studying

This course was exactly what I needed in order to stay focus on my goal: passing the JLPT N3. I was already studying at home, but going to Japan to study was a chance to learn about Japanese culture at the same time.
Meiji Academy staff is amazing and helpful, they provide many opportunities to discover Fukuoka. I really recommend you to take part in the weekend trips and activities they organise on weekdays because it enhances your experience. Fukuoka is a great city with a lot to offer, you won't regret going there.
I chose to stay in a sharehouse which was nice, it was a chance for making friends and having breakfast together!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My rewarding time at Meiji

I studied at Meiji Academy for 3 weeks. Let me share some comments with you:
- It's easy to communicate with the school staff at any time, and they are very friendly.
- The classes were focused on our personal needs, for me, it was mostly oral comprehension.
- The teachers are really really nice and it was not the same teachers every day, so it was cool to get different working approaches.
- There were often events organized at the school, like the takoyaki party, where we could have fun with everyone and eat Japanese food.
- The language exchanges were a very good opportunity to practice and make new friends.
- I went there in winter, so it was a bit cold, but the kotatsu at the sharehouse was awesome!
- Fukuoka is a nice city and lots of nature spots around and many activities to do.
So I had a great time at Meiji Academy and I feel ready to take the JLPT test!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A valuable time

I challenged myself to study for the JLPT test on my own in the past but it wasn't a good idea... this is why I decided to take classes in a language school. And omg I should have done this from the beginning! The teachers have a special notebook for every student so that they can focus on everyone, I thought it was a very good way to keep an eye on each students' progress. Speaking of them, I loved my teachers! They had a good sense of humor (which is important to me), they were very friendly and had a strong will to make us succeed! Besides this, the whole program was totally safe. The airport pick up, the sharehouse, all the practical information they gave me... Thumb up!

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Yes, I recommend this program


The school has a great reputation for a reason. During the time I spent there my skills have improved more than all my previous educational efforts combined.
The staff is purely awesome, the lessons are delivered in a structures, dynamic and fun way. Depending on your level, exercises and classes are structures around either vocabularies, conversation or grammar. It could even be Kanji or Keigo if that’s what you would wanna focus on. My course focused on helping me prepare for the JLPT 4. While I spent most of my day at school, I was never bored or disengaged. The classes and teachers helped me get comfortable with Japanese which eventually helped me pass the JLPT! Don’t mean to brag, but I am minoring in Japanese at uni and most of my classmates who took the test failed. Good thing I attended Meiji!
The school is centrally located, which means everything is at hand - from good places for a lunch break, to touristy places, to your quick-bite 7-eleven.
When I finished my course, I already knew it would be a “see ya“ instead of a farewell.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying for the JLPT test

What better way to study for the JLPT test than going to Japan ? I planned on having the test this December (N3) after studying at Meiji for 3 weeks and... that's what I did ! I'm still waiting for the results but, Sensei, I think you can be proud of me !
My experience at Meiji was for the best, the classes are well organized with some group classes and some private classes. The teachers are talented and fun ! I loved the language exchanges, it was the occasion to train and use what I learned during the classes, and also make friends ! I studied Japanese in France for almost 2 years already, but those 3 weeks in Fukuoka helped me getting confidence and finally using my knowledge in actual situations. It was the first time for me to travel to Asia, this is why I let them organize the accommodation and all this stuff. They did the job perfectly by the way. So yes, I recommend Meiji Academy if you want a real immersion. And I am not a fan of big cities, but Fukuoka was really welcoming!
Merci Meiji !!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The silence in the subway... I knew it before but I didn't realized Japanese were so quiet in public transportation !!
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