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Dec 09, 2019
Mar 30, 2020
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Could you imagine yourself leaning on Fukuoka’s sand beach while studying your Japanese? Don’t hesitate anymore, summer is a great opportunity to realize your biggest dreams!

In this course, you will have 20 Japanese classes in a group per week, plus 4 private classes every week so that you can focus on your own needs together with your Japanese teacher! Let’s enjoy the summer in Japan while working on your Japanese skills!

After class, you will have time to join various social events and explore the pretty city of Fukuoka! Fukuoka is the perfect place to study Japanese as you experience the Japanese summer alongside your new friends. Meiji Academy and Fukuoka are your gateways into Japan - Adventure awaits!

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Program Highlights

  • Focus on your Japanese skills while experiencing Japanese summer
  • Study Japanese in small classes and take private lessons from dedicated teachers
  • Find new friends from all over the world and discover everything Fukuoka has to offer
  • Experience the Japanese way of life, choosing between a Japanese host family, an international share house, or your own apartment
  • Take part in social events and day trips all over Kyushu, the Southern island of Japan

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study Japanese the right way~

This a great program to completely immerse yourself in the studies and Japan's culture, landscape and beautiful summer. I had a very fun international group of friends with whom I went to some group trips to visit the region. It was a truly unique experience thanks to the nice staff who was organizing the activities and the teachers who were exceptional. There were small class sizes and lessons for every level: beginner, advanced or business. I did an intensive course for 4 weeks. After a month, I was thinking and dreaming Japanese! It was already months ago, but I will never forget this amazing experience. Chilling on the beach thinking "Yes, I am in Japan right now" was just the best feeling ever. Really good Japanese vibes! ;)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer vacation under the sun, studying the language I love!

I am studying Japanese at uni and one of my senpai who went to Meiji before recommended me to go there. At first, I was like "Fukuoka? But it's so far from Tokyo!" But then my senpai convinced me to go so I went to Meiji Academy during the summer vacation. Now I understand why he recommended this school! My goal was to focus on my Japanese all summer to be ready for September and... yes I was ready!! I made so much progress at Meiji! It was a good balance between the group classes where we could train with others and have discussions all in Japanese with some games, and the private classes to focus on the parts we didn't really understand or other things we wanted to focus on.
We also had some outside activities like the barbecue. That was heaps of fun! Everyone at Meiji was so nice and caring, and I made very good friends during this month in Fukuoka.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer of my life!

久しぶりです!It's been a while Meiji!
My last summer was so perfect, I'm often thinking about it. I miss Fukuoka so much! I had a lot of fun and it was a real kick-starter for my Japanese skills. I don't want to lose the incredible knowledge I gained while studying with Meiji so I'm still studying hard now. It was the right balance between Japanese classes and activities like language exchanges, bbq on the beach, etc. My stay was enjoyable, and staying at the sharehouse with the others was fun as well. The house was comfortable and clean. The air conditioner was also a valuable asset lol!!
I could experience life in a community, and being so far from home helped us getting closer I think. As the school was always organizing all kinds of activities it was easy to get to know each other.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Home sweet home ^^

Meiji Academy is a family! I spent 1 month with them and already miss everyone like craaaazy. If you ever wanna do a language course, Meiji should definitely be your first choice. Fukuoka is a beautiful modern city with tons of culture. I absolutely recommend checking out all the shrines and Canal City. You can even walk everywhere! You will not only have the cool opportunity to learn Japanese with fantastic teachers, but also explore my favourite city in Japan. I had the best experience and improved my Japanese speaking and writing skills a lot. Probably my english skills as well because I often talked to my new friends in English. The friends you will make and the staff are awesome.
You will not regret going! Even after “just“ a month, Fukuoka and Meiji Academy felt like home!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with Meiji

I promised that I would leave some comments about my experience, I'm sorry it took so much time, but here I am!
I've been studying with Meiji Academy for 5 weeks this summer. I had already some notions in Japanese, but I wanted to improve my skills before starting my new job (which is related to Japan). I have to say that those 5 weeks paid off! I did not only got confidence in Japanese but also could meet with really nice people, that I believe I might meet again in the future... who knows!
The business workshop was also a good point and helped me get into the right mood before starting the classes. There were lots of good advice and funny tips. Basically everything went well with Meiji Academy, and if I had to, I would do it all over again!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I studied japanese during summer vacations

Hey everyone!
First of all, thank you, Meiji staff, for those wonderful weeks! And also thank you to all the beautiful people I could meet there ;)
At first, I wasn't sure about Fukuoka. I have a friend in Kyoto so it would have been cool to go there too. But... definitely no regrets haha!! Fukuoka is a nice city and the Hakata ramen is sooo good. As it was my first time in Fukuoka I was a bit worried, but they came to pick me up at the airport, and then I was placed in a share house with other students of Meiji. It was a relief for me because my Japanese was really bad at the beginning. Now I can speak about daily life matters, and I'm confident I would be able to travel to Japan on my own! I'm super happy about that, cause it was my dream since middle school to learn Japanese!!
Anyway, I can recommend Meiji, the teachers are cool, the staff too, and I improved my skills beyond expectations. Thank you!
PS: summer in Japan is REALLY hot lol

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Yes, I recommend this program

A summer well spent!

Japan always fascinated me! This summer, I wanted to do something different from my usual summer holiday which I would spend chilling by the beach. So I decided to save up and come to Fukuoka to chill by the beach here :lächeln:
Of course I didn’t just waste my time at the beach but also studied a lot. The summer intensive course that Meiji offers allowed for a fantastic balance between relaxing in the Fukuoka summer heat with a bottle of Pocari sweat (yes, that’s a drink here and it’s surprisingly good) and studying hard to improve your Japanese. My teachers were awesome! One of them even invited me to a BBQ party. What better way to practice Japanese than with locals, aye?
Apart from my teachers, I also got in touch with a lot of other students from a long list of different countries, cities, age groups, educational backgrounds etc. At first I was a bit confused to see 18-year-olds study alongside 25 or even 35 year-olds. But it’s the best thing! I am still in school, indecisive about what to study once I graduate, so talking to all these people about their studies/education/jobs was a huge plus for me!
Thanks Meiji for everything! Japan? I will be back!

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