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Jan 07, 2021
Dec 24, 2021
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Silk Mandarin's real-life online course makes you feel like you are actually in the classroom together with your teacher and, in case of group class, also together with your classmates.

You can literally log on from any place and at any time to have class improving your listening, conversational and character reading skills. And last but not least the shared blackboard with you and the teacher can be saved for after class review.

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Program Highlights

  • Face to face contact with teacher and classmates
  • All courses ware on screen available
  • Digital blackboard with house developed PPT’s, audio and video materials to enhance communication

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  • Content 9.7
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  • Value 10
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Major A
Yes, I recommend this program

Read this if you are serious about learning Mandarin Chinese

As a first time language learner, I naively thought I could teach myself Mandarin using mobile apps, books, flash cards and tutors. But my progress was slow and my weakest skills were not improving. I concluded I needed help from a professional Chinese teacher. I came across Silk Mandarin and met the director, Amy. She gave me a free consultation over the phone to gauge my Mandarin level. Afterwards she assessed my strengths and weaknesses and, with great accuracy, identified the skills I had been struggling to improve. She demonstrated Silk Mandarin's slow motion technique, and then prescribed a training program to help me improve. I signed-up for a couple 1on1 demo classes, where I meet my current instructor Sisi. Sisi is a specialist at teaching foreigners Mandarin, a true professional teacher with the qualifications to prove it. She is patient, accommodating of my schedule, and even creates additional study materials tailored for my specific needs. Hopefully documenting my experience here will help the next person save time and energy. If you're serious about learning Mandarin, I recommend you start with Silk Mandarin. Cheers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Study with interest

I have studying Chinese about 1year in online and face to face lesson.
My teacher (Christina) always teaches not only along the program but also keeping students interested!
For example, I have a poor listening ability, so I'm sometimes less motivated. In such a case, she introduce my favorite films translated into Chinese, keeping me interest!
And she If I'm poor at grammar in a ​class, she lend animation books translated into Chinese.Because I like animation books.
Thanks to her, I'm now studying with interest. I can talk a little with my Chinese colleagues using Chinese.
I still have a lack of study, so I will continue to study with interest !

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning Chinese at Silk Mandarin, Suzhou

I have been studying at Silk Mandarin in Suzhou for three months now, both in online and onsite classes. It has been a great experience, thanks to my teacher Christina, who encourages conversation beyond the textbook and helped me to activate much of what lay dormant as I had previously only learned from books. Silk Mandarin has a friendly and supportive team, and classes can be flexibly arranged to fit my busy schedule. The local manager, Siqin, organises a lot of extra curricular activities as well.

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Yes, I recommend this program

American Student Online Class Review

Coming into the Silk Program, I had 0 experience in Chinese. The only language I could speak was English. I started in the middle of July with no knowledge of speaking, tones, or writing, and now I am studying for the HSK3 test. That being said, studying Chinese as an American has been extremely challenging, but studying at Silk has made the process quite enjoyable. They tailor the classes to your schedule to help you get the most out of their program. I personally work two jobs so I don't have the time to dedicate myself full time to studying Chinese. My teacher understands this situation, so we set up classes and workload accordingly.

Lastly, I want to speak a bit about my teacher Yanqin. Starting my first class I felt so uncomfortable with myself because I didn't know anything. Really, Yanqin made me feel very comfortable from our first class. There was no judgement on my abilities, but rather patience and understanding. We are taking Chinese step by step and I can feel the improvement each month. Our first class we could only talk about what our names were, but today we talked about the Coronavirus vaccine.

It really has been an amazing journey to learn Chinese and I think that learning at Silk (online) is a great investment of time and money. I highly recommend this program 10/10 for everything (staff/teachers/program).

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Mandarin Language School for Foreign Students!!

I’ve been a student of Silk Mandarin since 2017! My first experience was when I enrolled in the Summer 4 week immersion course. I flew over from Australia especially to live and study in Shanghai so I could fully immerse myself in the language and the culture. This truly fast tracked my learning of the basics enough for me to continue my lessons online and now have progressed to HSK 4! My most recent teacher, Gemini has been instrumental in my improvement and confidence with the language. Her teaching style and patience with me has contributed to my progress immensely and I truly appreciate her! I have grown very fond of Silk Mandarin and all of the staff over these 3 years, so much so I consider them all, my friends...

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Yes, I recommend this program

Silk Mandarin Online Class

Since the outbreak of the covid 19, I have taken online classes. Personally, I think there are more benefits than face to face classes. First, it is more flexible to adjust the class schedule. Also, the platform is quite a user friendly that the student improves their Chinese skills by writing Chinese characters themselves and sharing the screen with teachers. Even communication with the teacher is good because of a good internet connection. I am really satisfied with the online class. I would definitely recommend the online class to my friends.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gemini’s lecture

She provides a wonderful experience for Mandarin learning. When I face some troubles, she gives me excellent examples to solve the problems. Also, she chat about some dairy topic in the introduction, so I can concentrate on the learning. After the class, she gives me the moderate amount of homework and feedback to each lecture, that enable me to understand the content. Overall, she is adept at teaching non-mandarin student in good way, so I recommend the student to learn Chinese by teacher Gemini.

What would you improve about this program?
If I have some chances to meet other learners, that is better.
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