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Silk Mandarin's real-life online course makes you feel like you are actually in the classroom together with your teacher and, in case of group class, also together with your classmates.
You can literally log on from any place and at any time to have class improving your listening, conversational and character reading skills. And last but not least the shared blackboard with you and the teacher can be saved for after class review.

  • Face to face contact with teacher and classmates
  • All courses ware on screen available
  • Digital blackboard with house developed PPT’s, audio and video materials to enhance communication

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This program is ideal for parents who want to give their child a head start at becoming a global citizen by learning Mandarin in China!

We will teach students our innovative Slow Motion Technique, a popular method at our school, which teaches Mandarin with just one rule instead of dozens.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Silk Mandarin Online Class

Since the outbreak of the covid 19, I have taken online classes. Personally, I think there are more benefits than face to face classes. First, it is more flexible to adjust the class schedule. Also, the platform is quite a user friendly that the student improves their Chinese skills by writing Chinese characters themselves and sharing the screen with teachers. Even communication with the teacher is good because of a good internet connection. I am really satisfied with the online class. I would definitely recommend the online class to my friends.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gemini’s lecture

She provides a wonderful experience for Mandarin learning. When I face some troubles, she gives me excellent examples to solve the problems. Also, she chat about some dairy topic in the introduction, so I can concentrate on the learning. After the class, she gives me the moderate amount of homework and feedback to each lecture, that enable me to understand the content. Overall, she is adept at teaching non-mandarin student in good way, so I recommend the student to learn Chinese by teacher Gemini.

What would you improve about this program?
If I have some chances to meet other learners, that is better.