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Angloville is one of the biggest providers of free educational volunteering / cultural exchanges in Europe. We offer ESL-related volunteering experience during which students can discover 7 European countries for free, having their board and lodging in beautiful countryside hotels covered, while helping young European students practise their English. The programme is free to join. We welcome 8000+ participants / year. Featured in: Lonely Planet, Forbes, Fashion Magazine, Travel Magazine, Glasgow Guardian.


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Being a mentor in Angloville was one of the best experiences I've had in the past years. I work as an engineer in Hungary and I decided to go for this volunteering because I do like to work with kids and I wanted to have this different experience for myself, teaching English, helping others to master a new language for the matter of communication, and of course being away from the numbers and calculations for a bit.
What I wasn't expecting, to be honest, is having such an amazing time, where learning English became just a conclusion from connecting and meeting incredible people from all around the world. I am now part of the #Angloville family!

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Volunteering was a great experience for me. I enjoyed all different activities they offered and meeting amazing people. The schedule was consistent/clear and ran smoothly.
The program was all about conversing and you will not be required to offer traditional teaching. Your conversation partners will change each hour. You must be ready to talk for 12 hours a day, but don’t worry as each day is fun-packed !
I have also become TEFL qualified with Angloville after completing 120 hours of teaching + the online course.

How can this program be improved?
Register more volunteers than participants in order to ensure 1:1 ratio.
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The program was a lot of fun. The kids were the best part-- really excited to learn English and really enjoyable. The work is kind of hard, you're essentially speaking all day, but it's rewarding as the students definitely are appreciative. Through talking with the kids, I got to learn quite a bit about Polish culture/history. Moreover, you get to work with and meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures, too.

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I had a great time volunteering at Angloville and met many great people from all around the world. The program is very hard and you speak a lot but In the end it is very rewarding! Lots of the kids were eager and excited to learn English which made it very fun. It was a fun way to combine traveling and volunteering at the same time. The schedule was very consistent and clear so everything ran very smoothly. Overall it was a very fun experience and if I ever have the opportunity again I would like to go back and do it again!

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Volunteering was a great experience for me. I enjoyed all of the different activities they offered and meeting amazing people. I spent three weeks with angloville. I did two junior programs and one adult program. They are quite different but they are both amazing. All of the venues are great and unique. They are all in an area of Poland i wouldn't of seen if it wasn't for Angloville. I am glad I found this program and I will probably come back in the future.

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