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Why choose Bushwise Field Guides?

Bushwise Field Guides offers world-class safari guide training in the African bushveld, gap year experiences, wildlife conservation internships, as well as online nature enthusiast and field guiding courses. You can join Bushwise to gain experience with wildlife conservation, start your safari guiding career, or just to have a unique and memorable gap year.

Graduates of our Professional Field Guide program become qualified safari guides, ready to enter this competitive industry with the Bushwise name behind them. Our trainers include experts in entomology, ornithology, conservation, rifle handling, botany and beyond. We also have award-winning trainers on our staff, including Nico Brits, winner of Hospitality and Best on Camera in the Safari Guide of the Year 2022 competition.

Bushwise students continuously receive high pass marks in their FGASA exams. As a result, the Bushwise experience can’t be matched. And that’s why we deliver field guides of the highest caliber.


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Yes, I recommend this program




Bushwise has grown to be my home, my family and I have without a dought learnt so much and gained so much experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Starting the course seemed Scary at first, and I felt like the six months on campus would feel like forever, but now, closer to the end, it felt like yesterday that I walked through the doors, clueless about the bush. Its also been everything but scary. Yes the assignments seem like alot sometimes, and halfway through the course you are going to feel so tired of hearing the same things,( community spider nests ) . But It has been the best six months of my life and I would do it all over again if I could. I've proven to myself time after time that I'm capable of so much more than I thought. I've met so many people with the same love for nature and friendships that will last a life time

I wil always recommend Bushwise if anyone is thinking of becoming a researcher, a conservationist, a field guide, or just loves the Bush.
Saying all this, I will just add that this course is alot of hard work and dedication. It will test you and is not for people that just want to go out and have fun, and not work or study at all. But the amazing thing is that all that hard work pays off every time. And If you love the Bush and bring you're all every single day, it's not even going to feel like hard work at all.

The amount of things the trainers have learnt me in just six months, is crazy. They have every student at heart, and are people you wil have in you're life forever. Every trainer wil have their own way of teaching/guiding, and one of them wil always for work for you. They are not just trainers and at the end of the course you wil call them part of you're family.

If anyone is Struggling to find a good place to study the bush, or stuck between training providers , I wil say Choose Bushwise, and I'll say it over and over again. It will meet all you're expectations and more, and you wil not want to leave the campus at the end. I will alway thank Bushwise for the guide they've made me today, and for the experience I will take with me forever.

Kayla Bloemhoff.

  • It meats all expectations
  • Learnt more than i could imagine
  • Leaving with a whole new family and friendships for a life time
  • Its not for those who dont like to work or study hard
Response from Bushwise Field Guides

Hi Kayla

Thank you for this heartwarming review. Starting something new in a new place can be scary, but also exciting! I'm glad that you had fun and pushed through the work - I'm sure it was worth it! It's great to hear how much knowledge you gained in these six months and glad that you felt at home and made great connections with the people around you!

All the best,
Tiffany (Alumni Team)

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Wilderness

Coming to Bush Wise was the best decision I could have made. The course, at times, was challenging, but what is life without a good challenge? The trainers always give 110% to all students, enabling them to achieve the best of you. There is always a new purpose to wake up the next day, to wake up to the sound of birds you've never heard before, lions roaring and hyenas laughing. There's just something that drives me to want to be out here, and once you find that, there is no stopping the endless possibilities of what you could become And make out of The Bush Wise Field Guiding Course. The best aspect of the course is the people you meet; the six months you are here will end with a lifetime of friendships you will never forget.

  • Level Of Training Done
  • Tent
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great course

It’s been super cool, I’ve learnt a ton and got to meet really cool people.
Pines is super knowledgeable and makes the experience that much better! You have a great support structure and will find that you will learn so much but yet you will still have a lot of fun. Darryn and Claudia are awesome and will basically be your mom and dad, they always there when you need them. Just be prepared for the heat and occasional cold, just because it’s Africa doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold.
Mahlalha is the kiff campus ;)

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Course for Nature Lovers!

Doing Bushwise was the best decision I could’ve made. Coming from Canada I’ve always had a fascination with the African bush and wildlife so by doing Bushwise it allowed me to follow my dreams and pursue my passions. All the staff and trainers are very friendly and professional. Student life is great as we get plenty of time to relax and spend time with each other in between learning. Every student gets a fair chance to learn and participate in all the activities. Coming from overseas I feel very at home here and everyone is very supportive and welcoming.

  • Excellent training
  • A variety of opportunities in different fields
  • Very laid back campus life
  • Eskom
  • Wifi isn’t the best
  • Weather is hot sometimes
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Yes, I recommend this program


It was a really great experience. I enjoyed every moment and made so many friends for life I would highly recommend to come and join Bushwise as soon as you can because you wil not regret it. When feeling you need some adventure or an escape from daily life, coming to the bush and spending time between animals and friends and fresh air makes the whole experience memorable for everybody. Life experiences are created and life challenges will be overcome. Bottom line, join Bushwise, it’s great fun.

  • Track and Sign
  • Game Drives
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Loadshedding
  • Wifi is not great, but manageable


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