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China Study Abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented company offering university language programs, Bachelor's and Master's programs in China.

We pride ourselves on keeping our costs down by offering a standardized set of services to help you get settled in and make sure you have support and a community during your time in China.

Our goal is to make studying abroad in China as easy and accessible as possible.


Room 604-7 Dominion Centre 43-59 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong SAR China

New Program on Tropical Hainan Island

New "Hawaii of the East" Program! We are now offering semester and year programs on Hainan Island, in the capital Haikou.

Semester w/ single dorm - US$3075
Year w/ single dorm - US$5345.


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I decided to go with CSA because I did not exactly know what school to go to and did not have time to organize everything properly by myself. This is the fourth time I have been to study to China in my Summer holidays and I have to say that going there with CSA has been my best experience so far. CSA did everything very quickly and their trips on the weekends were very nice.

Yes, I recommend this program
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CSA is fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough!

The journey starts when you are greeted and picked up at the airport by a friendly and enthusiastic staff member. Everyone at CSA is absolutely thrilled to be in China, and it's hard for the feeling to not rub off! The staff will take you directly to your accommodations and make sure you are settled in properly. The best part about CSA is the people. They really take the time and energy to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your stay.

Also, they are really good about hosting group events and connecting CSA students, so you will already have a group of friends as soon as you arrive. And if you decide to not participate in the group activities, that's fine too, but they are always there as a nice option!

From the airport pickup, to dealing with admissions and housing, to getting my phone working, booking train tickets, etc. etc. - CSA was there to help every step of the way. I actually can't image going to China without them. This is a highly professional and reliable group, yet still fun and easygoing. I would recommend CSA to anyone planning on making a trip to China!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Studying abroad in China was not just learning the language, but it was about immersing myself in the culture and with the people. CSA had helped me to achieve this by ensuring that I felt comfortable with my way around the city, with the homestay family, and introducing me to other students both local and international. I highly recommend the programs that they offer because it is worth every penny.

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps the homestay family can be a bit more interactive
More options for classes
Yes, I recommend this program
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They were able to set me up with Martial Arts classes with some of the best Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) fighters in the country. The hotel they booked was close to their office and conveniently located near public transport.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing agency staffed with genuinely honest and professional people - they made my 3 months in Beijing tremendously rewarding and successful.

After getting over my initial trepidation of working with a China based company I quickly realised how much the CSA team helped me with my experience in BLCU to studying Mandarin. The support was there from day 1, from airport pickup to the welcome pack with mobile phone, from helping me when i was stranded in a taxi to helping me book train tickets outside Beijing.

They took the hassle out of everything and enabled me to focus on my propose of enjoying China and learning the language. I met many friends there who did not go through agencies and I truly believe my experiences were far better because of what the CSA team has put in place to help students in Beijing.

A quick summary on how going with CSA was more beneficial than applying directly or going with another agency:

1. Trustworthy and honest. Really helpful when i was booking all this whilst sat in Japan.
2. Support from Day 1 - pick up at airport, welcome pack, mobile phone, help with my dorms
3. Single room - many students had to share in the dorms because agencies tend to get first pick. Over the 3 months i was so happy i had my own space
4. Much more than an agency - CSA helped me with many random queried both large and small. Great team.

In short, highly recommended. Happy to answer any queries if you have them. I am totally independent from CSA with my only interaction coming from booking this course from them.

Yes, I recommend this program


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