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Light and Leadership offers services 2 different communities: women and children. With the kids, we offer before and after school activities for kids before and after school activities. For our women's group, we provide Women's empowerment programs.

We offer programs that will have a direct impact on the women and children of Peru. Light and Leadership's belief is that education is the long-term solution and we want you to be a part of that!


Lote 12, Av. 15 De Julio

Open Now - Art Teacher

Enjoy the opportunity to work with children as a Kids' Program Manager, starting March 1st.


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I spent two weeks working with the Light and Leadership Institute (LLI) staff at the Teen Center and had a wonderful experience getting to know the teens and teaching science classes! The space itself is beautiful and empowering, and the classes offered a range from English & Science to Leadership courses. By providing resources and a supportive staff for the students, LLI creates a space for the teens to grow and express themselves in a safe, fun environment! Furthermore, the organization has other programs including a children's education program, a women's program, and a fair trade program, all of which share the same values. These programs are beautifully run and the tight-knit LLI community offers a lot of exposure and opportunity to collaborate and learn from other program volunteers and directors. Overall, I really enjoyed my time working at the Teen Center and interacting with both the staff and the students, and would highly recommend this group for anyone looking for an authentic, supportive volunteer experience in Huaycan, Peru.

Yes, I recommend this program

I want to thank The Light and Leadership Initiative for placing education for kids and teens in Huaycán Peru and for letting me be part of the teaching, playing and reading for some time as a volunteer! It is important to me to volunteer in a place where there is a positive impact on the community and I strongly felt and saw it happened with LLI. Children in program and their families get enormous help for their living and education that increases wellbeing in the community. This was reflected in their cheerfulness and happiness, enthusiasm and insights in classroom and in sport field and in participation in many activities and not to mention in encounters when exploring the community.

I was taken good care from very beginning and was given excellent information beforehand and was greeted so warmly. I was given a clear arrival instructions and was taken care on arrival. Orientation was warm and super good. LLI leadership members had always time to talk and advise with warm and unhurried way. They also gave feedback and excellent teaching tips and hints to provide quality teaching and creative and motivating games. Living in a volunteer house gives you safety, new friends, exchanging thoughts with staff members and other volunteers and possibilities to plan your free time together. The safety in a house, trips and classrooms were taking in consideration absolutely well. I was told clearly about program fees which was rather low comparing to some others.

My time at LLI helped me develop professionally more than I expected. With LLI I realized it's not a question me to be good at my work but it's important how students receive my input in teaching or how I pass the joy of motivation and learning. In addition I gained so much by learning new insights myself, improving my knowledge of the culture, following work of Artisans' handcraft and simply sensing a genuine caring of others - both volunteers and people in Huaycán. My favourite part about my volunteer stay was when students had an idea or a new insight how the math problem was resolved in homework hour and when they were describing a story or drawing a picture according a book when reading in a library!

I'm sure you appreciate the opportunity to explore the brilliant web sites of LLI in advance! I miss lively students - everyone has his own personality -, fabulous friends, lovely happenings and delicious food! Happy time, highly recommending volunteering at LLI.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I found LLI a few months after graduating college while looking for an internship with a fair-trade fashion label, and ended up spending 5 months in 2017 working for Huaywasi. Huaywasi was born out of the success of the women's program of the Light and Leadership Initiative and involves 7 artisans, all women living in Huaycan.

The majority of my time with LLI was spent with Huaywasi and I am so grateful for this experience. I got the chance to know the artisans very closely, and spent time in their homes 2-3x a week working on patterns and samples for the upcoming collection. I became pretty close with a few of the women involved with Huaywasi and have come to think of them as family. While we were working we would talk about our families, our beliefs, relationships, friends, pets, work and art and so much more.

The one (hopeful) expectation I had before coming to work for Huaywasi was to see, no matter our backgrounds or the countries we reside in, that women have a sort of unwavering and intrinsic bond. I found this and more during my time with Huaywasi. There is a community here that transcends boundaries. LLI truly is a space for ethical cultural exchanges and that is one of the most beautiful things about volunteering abroad that you don't always find.

I returned back to Huaycan this year to do some more work with the artisans and spent some time talking with one of the woman who is involved both with Huaywasi and the women's program about the nature of LLI, and what it feels like to get to know so many different people from all over the world, albeit temporarily. And what she was saying to me was that it was a wonderful and enriching experience to get to know people, of all ages and from all over the world, and learn about our homes and different ways of lives.

So many of the volunteers come back after their time with LLI and I think that says a lot. This experience has an impact. And Lara has done a fantastic job ensuring that this program is for the community first, and for the volunteers second, which is the most important thing. The community in Huaycan is appreciative of the work LLI does and the volunteers of LLI have a really good reputation.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed my time living in the volunteer house. For most of my time, there were about 12-14 people living in the house and while there are definitely some struggles with living amongst this many people, we found ways to laugh it off and bonded over it. I made really close relationships with the volunteers and am still in contact with most of them.

I would highly recommend this experience to people of all ages, but especially to those who find themselves between graduating college and taking the first steps of your career. You will be humbled and empowered, as LLI truly does create leaders. This experience has given me more than I could put into words. Again, I am so grateful.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I flew from Madrid (Spain) to Lima and my first expectation was to stay two weeks in Huaycan volunteering in LLI, but after those first two weeks I decided to extend my time here two extra weeks as I felt that my time here had been too short and because the daily work performed by the volunteers had a real positive impact on the community.
I supported some primary positions (English, Art and Reading classes in the Kids Center) and also had time to help before (planning, scheduling...) and also during different events for the teens, such as the Olympics, science events, game shows, movies... I really enjoyed my time here, despite being -unfortunately- so short I tried to make the most of every day and I felt the affection and care not only from kids and teens, but also from the rest of volunteers. It is really like a small family and I am so pleased to have been part of it.
I really recommend everyone to volunteer with LLI, their work supporting Huaycan community is fantastic and they positively impact on kids education and their future development. That is why everyone here -parents and participants- show their gratitude for their time with them, which makes LLI an excellent initiative to invest your time.

Yes, I recommend this program
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During my time working for Huaywasi and the Women's Empowerment Program at LLI, I had the opportunity to meet so many inspiring and intelligent women, whether they were international volunteers, local volunteers, program participants, or artisans. This community inspired me to care deeply about the work I was given and go the extra mile even if it was not asked of me. Management in LLI allowed me to lead, grow, and expand on ideas in a way that made me feel like I was bringing true value to the program. I learned so many new skills that I am lucky enough to carry with me throughout my career just through feeling I was in a safe and supported environment to ask questions and to learn. If you would like to feel like your work matters and see real impact working with a small and welcoming community, LLI is the perfect program for you!

How can this program be improved?
I think workload management should be reevaluated at least on a bimonthly basis. During my time here I saw many volunteers who were extremely overworked while others were standing idle because they were not given responsibilities. Obviously, this is more difficult than it sounds because some volunteers stay 6 months and others only stay 6 weeks, but maybe even discussing workload as a group every other week could help others feel comfortable to ask for help or to speak up about not having enough work.
Yes, I recommend this program


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