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Ninja Teacher was founded in 2013 with the goal of making it easy to start teaching English in Asia.

Our YouTube channel has over 3 million views, features helpful tips and day-in-the-life videos about teaching and living in countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, and has sparked the growth of a community of positive English teachers throughout the globe.

We're also grown to be the leading TEFL company in Vietnam with over 300 signups per year for our programs in Vietnam and other countries in Asia.

Our main offer is a comprehensive program that includes everything from teacher training, accommodation, arrival support and dedicated job assistance that allows you to experience a new culture, save money and make a difference by teaching English abroad.


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We I would definitely recommend Ninja Teacher. Right from the get go they helpfully answered all my questions ... I had hundreds of questions ;). All the staff members that I have dealt with have been very professional, friendly and helpful. They have given great advice and have gone out of their way to help me. The support I received from the start, during the course and help in finding a job has been incredible. The Ninja Teacher YouTube videos have been super helpful as well. If you are looking into teaching in Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia. I would definitely recommend that you use Ninja Teacher. They will make your adventure much easier. They have definitely made my big move less stressful. What a great company full of exceptional staff!

Yes, I recommend this program

I just finished my TESOL course and I am very happy with it. The instructor was phenomenal. He was very friendly and gave excellent useful feedback that helped me really improve my teaching presentation style.

The best part about the course is how it is structured. In the first week we did many 10 minute presentations for the class and got feedback on our presentation style. We also went out to observe ESL classes happening around Hanoi to see other teachers. Some were great. Some were not. But that's very useful to see a range of teachers . As the course went on we did 7 practice teaching sessions for different age groups at different language centres around Hanoi. This is really the most useful part of the course and let me finish feeling confident as a teacher.

I had multiple job offers by the time I finished my course but I was more proactive than most. The job placement support offered to me directly sent my CV to a few centres but I chose to work at a different one recommended by a friend. So it is a proactive process if you want to see the job market but there are good jobs at reputable centres that will be offered to you if you do not take the extra steps I took.

The course was a lot of work. We had to go to class all day Monday through Friday. We had to observe 4 classes and teach 7. These were during evenings and weekends. We had to write an academic essay and design a 4 week course for vocational English. We also had to create detailed lesson plans. In a time when you are looking for a job and an apartment this is a busy time. But I would not have wanted any other course. I feel prepared to teach and I have a well regarded TESOL certification now.

Socially it was great. We all stayed in the same hotel and hung out for meals and drinks and I am glad to have a whole network of new friends in Hanoi with me.

Great course. Highly recommend to anyone looking to come reach in Hanoi. Dont do an online course. You wont learn the real fundamentals of teaching. Dont do it in your home country before coming to Vietnam. You wont learn the specific things you need to know culturally about teaching and working and living in Vietnam.

Ninja teacher also gave me great logistical support before I came out and we have meet ups here to meet past and present ninja teachers living in Hanoi. So it's pretty cool.

Yes, I recommend this program

The Ninja Team was awesome! Every team member is just genuinely kind and it is a pleasure to be around such nice people. From day I signed up, I was continuously asked how things are going. It's a detail but when living abroad, it just feels nice to have someone around.

They told me all details for legalizing documents and authenticating them and how to do it before my arrival. Questions which have so many answers on the internet, they were able to answer accurately.

How can this program be improved?
If there is one improvement I can think of, it would be the following:

On the way to a job in Vietnam, as in any other country, there are many things to consider:
1. Which employers are good to work/reputable companies?
2. What questions should be asked in an interview?
3. What are the differences between employers in terms of payrate, working hours, number of hours, atmosphere, professionalism.
As this information is valuable for everyone, it can be written once and then shared with the community.
Yes, I recommend this program

The Ninja Teacher staff have been absolutely amazing in helping me get out to Vietnam, providing support in gathering my documents, sorting out my accommodations, and of course making sure I was doing well throughout the course, and even after! I don't see Ninja teacher as a company that I payed (even though I did) but theyre really just a group of cool people that are excited for your new adventure, and they do everything they can to make sure your experience here is successful.

I was worried about "teaching"... I'm not a teacher. But the classes you'll take are a fantastic crash course on how to plan and give a lesson. You learn lesson planning techniques, you observe real English classes, and you complete 7 real teaching practices before the course is over. By the time the course ends you're literally a ninja teacher. Just do it already.

How can this program be improved?
Everything has gone pretty smoothly for me.. and I can't think of anything that needs improvement.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I just completed my course on the 13th of September and I definitely think this is one of the best decisions I've made.

I was skeptical of Ninja Tecaher at first because I was curious to see if everything they were saying was true.
But after speaking to someone from ninja teacher and receiving so much support from them, my worries were put to rest.
From the moment I first contacted them back in my home country until now, I have received continued support from the Ninja Teacher team.
If I ever had a question, no matter how silly, Miranda would always provide me with an answer.

The course was quite intensive as I was warned but I still enjoyed it.
I was really nervous to stand in front of real students and teach as I am naturally a very shy person.
But after I got up there a few times, I gained so much confidence.
There's nothing like getting that real practical experience.

I couldn't imagine doing interview demos or teaching in front of students without getting that practical experience first.

I would highly recommend ninja teacher and the TESOL course they offer. They provide a lot of support which is real comfort when you're in a new country.

Yes, I recommend this program


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